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Comfortable Shoe Brands You Need To Know About

Bye, aching feet!

Gone are the days when we have to endure pain in the name of fashion. With the rise of normcore and athleisure in recent years, we’ve come to fully embrace the marriage of style and comfort — and that applies not only to clothes but to shoes as well. Sure, there are already tricks you can do to make sure you’re not uncomfortable when wearing sky high heels. But did you know that there are already heels that are comfortable to wear even when you don’t do apply hacks and tricks? 

Here are just some of the shoe brands that offer comfort with style.


This family-owned brand with roots in Austria-Hungary and now headquartered in Switzerland boasts a century of experience in providing stylish and comfortable footwear for men, women and children in every part of the world. With a heritage like that, you can be sure that when it comes to footwear, they know what they’re doing.

Cole Haan

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S. in 1928, Cole Haan started as a men’s-only footwear company. Now, they have evolved to one that offers stylish shoe picks for women as well. From sandals to loafers to boots and more, Cole Haan promises “nothing but good goods.”


Starting with rugs, the company has evolved into a provider of fashionable footwear for lovers of sophistication and comfort. 


Handmade footwear that’s stylish and comfortable? Give ‘em to us! Spur Shoes is a baby when you compare them with heritage brands like the ones mentioned above, but they are not last when it comes to quality. 


Dubbed “the shoe with the beautiful fit,” Naturalizer promises to give women feminine shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for everyday use.