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With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we have all been busy prepping our skin and trying to decide on our holiday makeup look that will keep us looking our best for all the holiday parties we have lined up. While we have our usual arsenal of go-to products and looks, we can't help but be curious to see what our Beauty Community has in mind for the coming holidays.

So we reached out to a few of them and asked them about their favourite makeup look for the holiday season and to share a few beauty tips that will keep all of us looking our best for the holiday festivities.


What's your favourite makeup look for the holiday season? 
I think thick winged liner, with pale golden glitter in the inner corners, and a hot red lip is a classic holiday look. It's definitely my favourite! Plus, red lipsticks make your teeth look whiter.

What are the must-have beauty items for this time of year. 
Is perfume considered a beauty item? I think we should all have a scent to remember this season by! This way, when you smell the same scent in future, it'll bring back pleasant memories. 

Do you have any beauty/makeup tips for this time of the year to share with our community? 
Don't be afraid to break out that red lip just because you think it doesn't suit you. After all, this season comes only once a year! #RockThatRed

What's your favourite makeup look for the holiday season? 
My choice of makeup for this holiday season would be exaggerated lashes with red lips. This fits Christmas well as the red lips is pretty much inspired by this season's theme.

What are the must-have beauty items for this time of year. 
My must have beauty items included the Two-faced iphone 5 all in one palette that includes all the shiny festive colours like green, gold and brown! It also has a bronzer and blusher that fits into the entire palette, this way you can easily bring this palette out for any parties or gatherings. I'm also loving the Marc Jacobs red lipstick! My reason goes back to point number 1. 

The Zoeva rose gold make up brushes is another must-have. This is not only a feasible choice for Christmas gift, but also one of the most amazing brush sets I've ever tried. Last but not least, Jo Malone perfume in Wild Bluebell scent! Not only I want to look good, but also smell good for this festive season

Do you have any beauty/makeup tips for this time of the year to share with our community? 
Remember to bring out your lipstick if you're wearing a red lip out, just in case your colour wears out and you want to re-apply it. Also, try using a makeup base that could last like Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen. I believe most of you wil lbe going out more often to meet your friends and family, so it's best to make sure your makeup is set properly and can last more than half a day.

What's your favourite makeup look for the holiday season? 
It's all about Festive Glam every holiday season! I love the look of glowy and highlighted cheekbones, incorporation of glitter in eye-looks. and most importantly, bold va-va-voom lips!

What are the must-have beauty items for this time of year. 
A trustee highlighter that will give you that must-have glow that everyone is vying for. My current favorite is the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face & Body. I recommend the shade Aura for tanned skin and Luminous for fairer skin. 

It's also the perfect season to whip out your bold lips that'll complement those glammed-up looks this party season! My go-tos are Diva & Rebel (MAC), Alabama (NYX), Showstopper (Marc Jacobs) & Violet Fatale (Tom Ford). 

And of course, it's so important for your makeup to stay flawless and long-lasting through the night. My favourite way to set my makeup in place is by spritzing the Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay before heading out. They have a wide range of finishes for each skin type - my pick is the De-slick Oil Control one for my oily/combi skin!

Do you have any beauty/makeup tips for this time of the year to share with our community? 
To easily apply loose glitter on your eyelids, simply dab on some liquid liner on your lids and let it get tacky before tapping on the glitter with your fingertips. The glitter will adhere perfectly to your lids! 

Here's a tip for nail art lovers: Layer on 2 to 3 different colours of sparse glitter nail polishes on top of a dark base for that perfect glittery festive nails that will be sure to catch the attention of the company you're in!

What's your favourite makeup look for the holiday season? 
My favourite makeup look for the holiday season is a sculpted, contoured face, with a shimmery gold smokey eye look and of course, paired with a classic red lip with a matte finish.

What are the must-have beauty items for this time of year. 
Bold Lipsticks - Nothing screams the holiday season like a bold lip! Be it reds or burgundies, there’s always the perfect shade for different skin tones. If I’m in a rush, I like to pair it with a neutral eye look. It looks effortless without even trying too hard. But if I’m feeling a little fancy, I love to do a metallic gold eye look with a red/burgundy lippie! My top picks is Russian Red by MAC and Big Cherry from NYX Butter Lipstick. 

Naked 2 Palette - This palette is an oldie but a goodie. If you are part of the Naked nation, you know that the shades in the Naked 2 Palette is to die for. It is an essential for the holiday season because not only does it contain shimmery shades, but it contains matte eyeshadows too! With this product, you can transform your look from day to night without reaching for any other palettes because this has everything you need. Half-baked and Chopper are my favourites at the moment. Pair it up with a bold lip and you’re good to go. 

Highlighter - Glowing, dewy skin has never made anyone look bad. So a highlighter which complements the tops of your cheeks, cupids bow, nose bridge and inner corners of the eyes is aways a good look. I love the MAC mineralize skin finish in Soft & Gentle. It is a universal highlighter which complements any skin tone, whether you’re cool or warm tone. Not forgetting that it is a powder formula, which means it will last on your skin throughout the day without any touch-ups needed! But if pinks and silver flecks of shimmer is not your cup of tea, MAC’s mineralise skin finish in Gold Deposit is also a highlighter which can also be used as an all over bronze. 

Dipbrow Pomade - Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products have become an instant hit this year, and it comes to no surprise that it is a must have this season! The pomade is an essential for my brows. It keeps the brows sculpted, plus, it’s waterproof! Just a warning though, once you go pomade, you never go back.

Do you have any beauty/makeup tips for this time of the year to share with our community? 
1st Tip - When it comes to glitter eyeshadows, I like to add eyedrops on my brush before dipping it into the eyeshadow pan. Doing this intensifies the pigmentation of the colour and also the glitter!

2nd Tip - I love dressing up my nails. They’ve got to look good for your Christmas/New Year’s Eve party too, right? If you want to change up a boring, plain dark polish, apply a generous coat of glitter over it! Silver and gold are my favourites.

What are your go-to beauty items this festive season, Clozetters? Upload a photo and share it with our Beauty Community!

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Gone are the days of sticking to one signature hairstyle. From side swept hair, to loose wavy curls, to sleek, straight hair, and to the ever popular Victoria's Secret Angel signature middle parting... there's an array of different hairstyles to pick from whenever you're heading out.

So if you're looking for easy hairstyles to help you #BeautyUp on your next girls' night out, here are 4 hairstyle ideas to try:


Side Swept

There is something extremely alluring and sexy about long, side swept hair that's polished off with soft waves. Re-create this look by curling chunky pieces of your hair with a 2-inch curling wand and setting a deep side part by pinning one of the sides away from your face. Finish it off with hair spray to hold the soft curls.

Big Waves

Soft, big waves are the way to go if you're looking to pull off an easy-breezy look. After washing your hair, add volumizing mousse to your roots and blow dry with your hair flipped down. Then, spritz your hair with salt spray and curl it with a 2-inch curling wand. Loosen up the curls with your fingers and keep the frizz away with a pump of serum through the ends.

Red Carpet Curls

For that polished look perfect for the red-carpet, tight curls loosely draped over your shoulders has been a tried and tested hairstyle sworn by many celebrities. To re-create the look, curl your hair with a 1-inch curling wand, focusing on directing the curls away from your face. Finish off with serum to combat frizz and to keep the curls shiny and bouncy.

Straight Down the Middle

Here's a tip for those who have a penchant for always changing their hairstyle: switch up your parting as well. Alternating between a side and middle parting helps reduce breakage and hair loss. Best thing about rocking the middle parting: you can channel your inner Victoria's Secret Angel. To further strengthen your hair and protect it from hairstyling damage, you can also turn to Cream Silk's Hair Fall Defense Daily Treatment Conditioner. It makes hair softer and stronger by reinforcing weak areas and infusing flexibility to help prevent hair fall in just one wash.



Photographs and Instagram posts aside, one sentimental way by which you can remember a special holiday is through fragrances. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! To get you started, here are our recommendations of fragrances you could wear for different types of holidays. Happy experimenting!


Imagine the long, scenic roads that’ll lure you towards the horizon, the sweet taste of salty air, the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin … These are moments you will relish over and over every time you catch a whiff of the scent you wear on the trip.  

So if you’re planning one, don’t neglect to put perfume down on your to-buy list. It should be light, refreshing, crisp and sporty — something that’ll put you and your vroomies in a chipper mood throughout the journey. We recommend something fruity — with lychee, mango or orange, for instance — or a light floral fragrance that contains jasmine, peony or tuberose.

Our Picks: Gucci Flora Garden Tuberose, Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne
For many people, their honeymoon is probably one of the most memorable of holidays. Some of you may want to remember your honeymoon as part of your wedding, and so it makes sense to wear the same perfume on your trip as the one you wore at your wedding. It’ll save you the hassle of shopping for two different fragrances, too.

But if you are meticulous to a fault, and plan on choosing a scent that befits the destination, or a scent that’s a little less celebratory and a little more romantic, by all means! While a perfume that’s exotic and Oriental at heart (think resins and wood with musk, vanilla, and exotic flowers and spices) is sure to get you in the mood for love, the most important rule of all is really to just go with your heart: Pick the one you love.

Our Picks: Dolce&Gabbana Rose The One, Lanvin Marry Me Love Edition

If you, like us, enjoy that annual, meditative me-time away from everything and everyone — just you and the sea, the spa and the sound of the waves, as well as a mojito and a good book, then we trust that you already have a pretty solid checklist of what to pack.

But here’s a piece of advice: Leave all your perfumes behind. Perfumes you’ve worn to work, to a business meeting, to brunch with the in-laws. Do you really want to pack those memories with you to Bali or the Maldives? So, buy a travel-sized fragrance that catches your fancy at the airport duty-free shop — something that soothes and relaxes your mind, something that reminds you of the ocean, perhaps. Nothing too heavy, that’s for sure!

Our Picks: Escada Island Kiss, Sargasso by Oscar de la Renta