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Community Chat: Working In Style

Tips from the working fashionsitas

(cover photo from SamanthaJoy)

The office seems to be one of the most fashion-limiting places for the working stylista. However, there are ways around the office dresscode that will make your outfit look a lot more exciting and fashionable. Why not get things done in style, right?

Here are some tips from our very Clozetters on how to ace your look in the office!




"My ideal work OOTD is something really simple but chic at the same time. I prefer my clothes with muted colours that display a sense of professionalism, but with a cutting that still allows for comfort and personal styling."



"My ideal work OOTD is something that is both chic yet comfortable. I'm a big fan of that old adage "form must follow function."  It's no use having a gorgeous looking outfit that you can hardly walk in or that makes you feel awkward. In LA where I am based, its sunny and super-casual, so to look polished, I wear outfits that have pops of bright colour or some fun patterns paired with just a structured element. Everything else should look loose or laid-back."



"The Little Black Dress would be my ideal work OOTD. Being iconized as the must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, tiny unique details on the little black dress makes you stand out! Even fashion blogger Jenny from Margo and Me agrees with me. "



"My must-have item for a work ootd would be a pair of black pants/trousers. Black pants are a must-have in my work wardrobe since I work in the IT industry which is dominated by men. Being in pants does not only give me comfort but it gives me courage to move around and be competitive."

What do you wear to work? Snap and share with the Fashion Community!