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Today's obsession with #travelgoals is partially born out of the many ventures done by digital nomads and content creators. Back when these were considered more as a hobby than a career, people thought of travelling as a luxury and these influential people helped make it into the self-care ideal it is now. However, recent incidents involving the use of one's social media following to demand free or discounted accommodation or inconveniences caused in the pursuit of Instagrammable content have put content creators in a bad light. 

Content creation is definitely one of the crafts born out of today's digital age and with most of it thriving on the output generated through travelling, we feel that an optimistic approach (rather than aggression and an unending social media battle) is the best way to address these issues. Agree? Then make sure you take note of these pointers for great content creation that follows topnotch travel etiquette. 

Be mindful of social and cultural practices

Women with mehndi

One of the greatest criticisms in today's digital age is that it has so much regard for what's Instagrammable that any other meaning is already lost. People often go to lengths to take the best photos even when it means overstepping on social and cultural boundaries. It is the very reason why tripods and selfie sticks are banned in most tourist areas, as some people happen to injure fellow travellers or disrupt foot traffic to get a great snap even at the inconvenience of others. 

With this, being mindful and always putting value in respect should be the priority of any content creator — or any other traveller, if we're being frank. Some of the things you can do are: head on to a location early to get the best snaps uninterrupted; research whether the place is of religious or cultural importance; do not cross gated or private properties, and ask for permission if unsure; and do not simply take photos of locals (also without permission) with the purpose of making them a spectacle on your social media feed. 

P.S. As a content creator, we're sure you're already aware of this but just to press it on: never pull a Logan Paul. Never. 

Consider the time of those you ask a favour from, especially if they're locals

Woman taking photos

Travelling to a foreign place, especially when you're going solo, leaves a lot of room for making mistakes and getting lost. But while we have portable WiFi and Google Maps at our aide, nothing still beats asking some help from locals. In most cases, many of them would be thrilled to lend a hand. However, asking them to take your photos or vlog with or for you is a whole different plane.

Keep in mind that while fellow travellers may understand your situation, locals have their own schedule to follow. Note that most of them are just too friendly or polite to say no when you request to redo the shot they've just taken, so the best approach is to already work out the angles beforehand and just have them hit the shutter.

When vlogging, make sure you also ask for their permission before interviewing and including them in your footage and do so before you even turn the camera on them. Lastly and most importantly, don't forget to thank them after helping you out, no matter how the result turned out. Remember that while you know how you want your content to look, it's not the locals' business. 

There's a difference between opinions and mockery

Woman paying respects at a chapel

Content creation thrives because of its aim for realness and transparency. Blogging, for example, boomed as an industry because people trusted the opinions and experiences of these 'relatable people' more so than advertisements. Still, there is a line between opinion-making and mockery, and today's world of 'viral-worthy content' should be more sensitive to this. A common case, often made in bad taste, would be making fun of a foreign delicacy and wasting it for the sake of getting 'lols' on your comment section. Another would be overly criticising a traditional or cultural practice simply because it is different from your own ideals. 

Always remember that aside from researching, open-mindedness is something content creators must always uphold. As a personality who has a following, you must always choose your words wisely, carefully, and respectfully when expressing your opinions, no matter how positive or negative they may be. 

Always be professional

Cafe workspace

As a content creator, travelling for work and leisure goes hand-in-hand. So you should always remember to carry yourself as a brand. When reaching out to partners for potential travel sponsorships, always assume formalities and avoid retaliating on social media when rejected. And yes, even if more businesses are already open to influencers and content creators, there still remains to be a grey area in between actual brands, celebrities, and mainstream networks. It is your duty to carry your content as if they are products. Market them based on actual statistics, engagement numbers, and even create a media kit to back it up. And sure, your follower count does matter, but laying out facts to show that partnering with you has a return of investment is also worth a shot. 

Overall, whether you're jet-setting for work or play or both, knowing that you are your brand and your brand becomes you is the best asset you can bring to the table. 



Blake Lively surprised everyone by announcing her pregnancy during her husband Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu premiere in New York. Yes, that’s right. The Gossip Girl actress debuted her new baby bump by donning a metallic yellow Retrofête dress with a pair of high-heeled Stuart Weitzman NUDIST sandals. Now with her third child, Blake is living proof that prego mums can slay. If you’re also carrying a baby and unsure of how to dress your growing tum, here are some of the actress's previous maternity looks you can take as inspiration.


Monochrome dressing

When in doubt, go with black and white. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, Blake shows us that one way to somewhat dress up the bump is to camouflage it with prints that go just a bit past the hips. That way, it’s marvellous enough to distract people from the awaited surprise. 

Body-huggin’, body-lovin’

Blake shows us to not be afraid of the bump. Embrace it with a body-hugging dress that emphasises it. A nice peachy hue will be perfect to show your glow. Pair it with a couple of heels to feel and look fab for the day.


Comfortably sexy

Choosing comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Pair your comfortable sneakers with a floral dress for that chic summer look. Take it up a notch and feel sexier by showing some legs through a high-slit dress.

Lined with stripes

Add contrast to your curvaceous silhouette by wearing a vertically striped ensemble. Blake Lively does this by wearing a striped vest over a shimmery blue dress. Keep your look from being too overwhelming by following a simple colour palette.

The empire rules

Lastly, be confident and feel free to accentuate your figure with an empire-waist dress that doesn’t constrict your bump. Like the actress, who went breezy and boho with a sheer ensemble, make your look a tad bit more interesting by playing with prints.

(Cover photo from: @blakelively)



Fashion is a fickle thing. As they say in Project Runway, "In fashion, one day you're in, and the next you're out." Hot trends can fade from popularity as quickly as they came into prominence. But then, that could also work in reverse. Lately, we have been seeing various former fashion faux pas transform into cool kid favourites. Ahead, the trends that are tacky then but trendy now.

Fanny packs

Fancy Fanny Packs

(Photo from: Theskinniestjean)

Nothing on this list had a more dramatic transformation than the fanny pack. So much so that in order to shed its former reputation, the piece was even renamed "the belt bag". Even luxury brands have been releasing their own versions of this now-coveted accessory. Why the sudden change? We're guessing the appeal of going hands-free never really faded and it was just a matter of time before the fanny got a chic makeover.


Logomania Outfit

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)

We've talked about how to rock the logomania trend in detail last year. Back then, it was just all about adding some brand monogram pieces into your ensemble. It wasn't until late last year that it became a full-blown head-to-toe aesthetic with some fashionistas decking themselves in different logos. If you're wondering why logomania became so big, we say it could largely be attributed to the '80s retro look that's also become another huge trend in the past months.

Tracker pants

Tracker Pants

(Photo from: margasayson)

This street style staple was once shunned for its bulky silhouette but somehow in 2019, the tables have turned. Tracker pants are now a must-have in every gal's wardrobe! While skinny jeans are yet to be replaced as the most popular pants style, there's no denying that trackers are one of the biggest contenders right now. We guess comfort is the new hottest trend?

Dad sneakers

Dad Sneakers Outfit

(Photo from: cforcassan)

Unlike the mom jeans (which was received well right away), many have hesitated to rock huge dad sneakers. In time, we got endeared by this chunky footwear. Although if we're going to be honest, we're still not sure why. Maybe it was because of the prettier designs? You tell us.

Transparent footwear

See-Through Sandals

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

In our teen years, see-through sandals were a major style no-no — especially if you pair them with socks. It was the kind of footwear dorky characters in rom-coms would wear. Naturally, we stayed away from these things until it got a major makeover and comeback at CHANEL's Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Now that we're seeing it in a new light, we're ready to give it another chance.

(Cover photo from: Theskinniestjean)

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