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Do you have a favourite accessory? Is it a pair of earrings? Or a necklace with sentimental value? For us at Clozette, it’s a watch. Some of you may think of it as a gimmicky accessory that serves no purpose anymore since phones have built-in clocks in them. But we believe that those tiny pieces of metal and jewllery combined help us keep track of time — the most valuable thing in the world.

Now that we’re almost saying goodbye to 2015, we wanted to help you count the minutes and seconds in style! So keep reading below and learn how to style these gorgeous wrist accessories with any and all of your outfits for the day!


Emphasise by adding bracelets

OOTD photo from cassansaurusanaesi / Watch: Swatch’s Night Prohibition

Bracelets and watches are basically the same. They both look good and they can make an outfit pop more. But instead of layering accessories, thankfully, Swatch’s Night Prohibition has a gorgeous beaded strap design that doubles up as a bracelet! It even solves all your day-to-night outfit transformation woes because it suits both times — finding the perfect balance between casual and ‘dressy’! Plus, with its different neutral colours, you’re bound to find the perfect one!
Make sure it fits right

OOTD photo from FabooshLane / Watch: Longines Hydroconquest

Size does matter. If you have small wrists and you’re wearing a watch with a diameter that’s too big, then it’s just going to overwhelm you and your outfit. Be very picky when it comes to watch sizes because having a giant clunky thing on your wrist might break your ensemble. Which is why the Longines Hydroconquest watch, which comes in various sizes for men and women, will be perfect for you! This waterproof and extremely durable watch will suit all sorts of wrist sizes, and the best part is that they can resist water and they won’t scratch at all!

Choose the right colour and strap

OOTD photo from JacinthaWee / Watch: Calvin Klein Impeccable

Besides being appropriate for the occasion and having the right fit, watches should be neutral enough that they go with any outfit you wear, any time of the year. Unless you’re willing to spend on a number of timepieces to match each and every one of your OOTDs, we suggest going for classic leather straps in neutral colours, or stainless steel ones in either gold or silver.

But what about a watch that combines leather and steel straps? The Calvin Klein Impeccable watch does just that by weaving steel links with a soft black leather strap for that sleek and refined finish — perfectly m
atching with any outfit you can think of!

It should be efficient and look gorgeous

OOTD photo from HLRYYS / Watch: Omega De Ville Prestige

When it comes to watches and styling it with your looks, you have to judge both the outside and the inside. You wouldn't want a watch that works well but doesn’t go with any of your clothes, right? When watch-shopping, alway pay attention to its design; does it feel ‘you’? But also pay attention with how it works — does it resist water? Will it scratch on hard surfaces?

Lucky for us, Omega came up with the De Ville Prestige line for women that will suit all tastes. They’re water resistant, come in leather and steel straps, and their understated but sophisticated design make them a delicious piece of eye candy that will elegantly complement any outfit!


How do you style your watches with your OOTDs? Share your tips with us in the comments below!



Don’t you just love food buffets? The never-ending choices and variations of cuisines make our food-loving bellies jump for joy! If a food buffet gives us goosebumps, then a clothes buffet might literally make us leap from happiness!

That’s right, Clozetters! The 3rd season of Clothes Buffet Malaysia is only a few weeks away! On the 16th and 17th of January 2016 at Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be given access to more than 30,000 pieces from 9:50 AM to 9 PM.

Indulge in this one-of-a-kind shopping event that aims to bring the latest garb and garments to young female fashionistas, without burning a hole in their pockets. You’ll be even more thrilled to know, that at this year’s Clothes Buffet, the thousands of clothes are separated into 5 exciting categories — Throwback, [email protected], Girls Being Girls, Lazy Weekend, and Little Black Dress.

To join, shoppers have to pay a flat rate of RM150 at the venue and each will receive a 35.5cm x 23cm zip-lock bag. For 15 minutes, you can grab as many items as you can, stuff it in your zip-lock bag (and zip it properly), and it’s all yours to take home!

But, Clothes Buffet has a sweet deal for all your Clozetters! Instead of being allowed inside for only 15 minutes, you get an extra 10 minutes to grab as many clothes as you can! So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this unique and quick shopping trip right now!


For more details or to purchase tickets, you can visit


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This December, sure the holiday spirit is everywhere, but it’s also the month of catching up on deadlines and rushing things to finish them all for a clean slate in the new year. It’s stressful, we know. You’ve been so busy lately that you’ve forgotten all about Christmas celebrations at your parents’ house or at your friend's!

It’s the night before the party, and you’re all out of OOTD ideas. But lucky for you we’re here to help with our last minute Christmas Day outfit ideas! Check out these comfortable and easy to put together daytime looks so that you can get inspired for your next Christmas Day look!


Comfy Culottes

(photo from maybelinesim)

Nothing says elegant and fresh like a pair of white culottes with a pastel pink top! Since this is a day look, heels aren’t necessary. Keep your feet comfortable with a gorgeous pair of flats instead, and finish off the look with a bold blue satchel!


(photo from jalyang)

One of the best inventions for last minute outfits are rompers. These short, gorgeous dresses or shorts are easy to wear and pair with! So if you’re ever in a rush, just throw on a romper and your favorite shoes and accessories, and you will look polished and elegant in under 5 minutes!

Flared Everything

(photo from Aggylow)

If you’re going for a high fashion look for Christmas Day, then this flared OOTD will do all of that! The voluminous off-the-shoulder top balances out the flared edges of the pants that amazingly gives a sophisticated finish! Perfect for the day, and when dressed up a little bit with a pair of strappy heels, gorgeous for the night as well.

Shift Dress

(photo from Vanessaxlim)

Just like the romper, you can never go wrong with a shift dress no matter the occasion. For this special day, though, opt for a red shift dress with colour accents for a simple, no muss-no fuss look! To make it a suitable daytime outfit, wear your best sneakers and a neutral purse! And because shift dresses are so versatile, they can be amped up for a night out by just changing the shoes and purse!

Festive Monochrome

(photo from GelaMunoz)

An all-white ensemble for Christmas Day is a young and fresh look that will suit anyone who wears it! Monochrome looks are easy to style because they only require one shade and accessories that will make the outfit pop even more. For this look, you can go for a white top, a white A-line skirt with red details, and white sneakers! Complete the look with a nude or red handbag for that extra oomph in your outfit!


Which last minute OOTD are you rocking this Christmas Day? Tell us in the comments below!