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Celebrities' Wildest Beauty Secrets, Revealed

Weird beauty

Blood, leeches, bird poop and foreskin — these may all sound like bad ingredients for a weird voodoo ritual but believe it or not, these are actually part of trusted beauty regimens of some of the most stunning stars in Hollywood.

That’s right, celebrities might stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate beauty goals and honestly, they have the face to prove that all these techniques could work. Some of the beauty regimens are considered to be time-tested habits, whereas some of the procedures are based on modern research and actually has scientific backing for girls to consider.

So would you do anything for the sake of beauty? Check out some of the weirdest, but apparently most effective, beauty habits of the stars to try out today:

Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facial

When you have one of social media’s most-photographed faces, you would most likely do anything to try and keep it looking fresh and beautiful and Kim Kardashian does just that. Kim is known for her vampire facials, wherein blood is drawn from her arm to extract platelets that will be injected into her face to prevent wrinkles. Looking at her flawless face, we know for sure that the vampire facials work. And if you still doubt this procedure, just remember that none of the vampires we know have actually aged.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vaginal Steaming

Don’t snicker. The actress and chairwoman of Goop has been known for some quirky habits (she won’t let her kids eat Oreo’s!) but her vaginal steaming probably takes the cake. The actress believes that this procedure is more than just doing a “steam douche” because it can also help balance hormones, maintain internal health and keep your skin looking young. If this is true, then we’re down for our “down there.”

Victoria Beckham’s Bird Poop Facial

Posh Spice is definitely more than just a woman known for her exceptional sense of style, David Beckham’s significant other is also known for her ridiculously good skin and apparently, she has this ingredient to thank for — bird poop!

That’s right, Vicky is known to try an ancient Japanese beauty secret that makes use of nightingale faeces to keep skin looking flawless. Of course, you don’t exactly slather excrement directly on the skin. The facial makes use of special powder made of dried bird faeces and have been known to be a favourite beauty mask of Japanese geishas and theatre actors to make the skin looking firm and young.

Sandra Bullock’s Hemorrhoid Cream Eye Mask

Remember when Sandy’s character in Miss Congeniality suggested that she use haemorrhoid cream to keep the bags under her eyes at bay? Well apparently, this amazing actress actually follows this nifty beauty trick in real life. Ingredients from cream can actually improve the puffiness brought about by sleepless nights partying or if you’re just like us, binging on Netflix. We’re definitely trying this one out.

Cate Blanchett’s Penis Cream

We don’t even know where to begin. The seasoned actress, known for her milky and seemingly perfect skin, apparently has skin penis to thank for her goddess-like beauty. In an article with Australian Vogue, the actress shared that her favourite beauty regimen is known as a “penis facial” and is considered a big rage in Hollywood.

This expensive procedure which was introduced by celebrity facial guru, Georgia Louise, involves micro-needling and application of a serum that contains stem cells from the foreskin of Korean newborn baby boys, and no that’s not a typo.

The “key ingredient” is apparently harvested during newborn circumcision (not from older boys) and the stem cells will then be used to create a collagen-generating serum that’s said to work wonders on the skin. At $650 per session, this is one facial that just got us cringing in both price and ingredients.

Would you be willing to try out the beauty procedures above? Let us know what you think!

(Cover photo from: @gwynethpaltrow)

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