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How To Continuously Pursue Creative Passions As An Adult

With your Canon PIXMA printers

Playing, exploring and pursuing creative projects were just some of the things we actively did as children. As adults, not all of us are given the liberty to pursue passions that ignite our creative souls. But just because we can’t follow it as a career path doesn’t mean we should let our creative juices down the drain. You can live a creative life, no matter what stage you are in. With the help of Canon, here’s how two women in different seasons of their personal lives continue to keep the spark of ideas and creating alive.

Canon PIXMA TS5370 in pink

Canon PIXMA TS5370

A modern young mum

Having a child is arguably one of the most challenging — and life-changing — things that could happen to anyone. A new addition to your family means a little less time for yourself and your creative pursuits. But it’s definitely not a death sentence to your creative life! Clozette Editor Becks, who recently gave birth, proves that incorporating creative activities is the key to continue pursuing her passions.

Woman using Canon PIXMA TS5370

From ideating to producing creative content, she keeps her mind — and soul — filled with inspiration. With the help of the Canon PIXMA TS5370 — a wireless all-in-one printer that can print, scan and copy — she’s able to conceive tangible products of her ideas in vivid colour. As someone who dislikes hassle of all kinds, she takes advantage of the printer’s ease of use with its WiFi, Mopria, AirPrint, BLE, Direct Wireless and hi-speed USB 2.0 compatibility. Now, she can print ideas for mood boards straight from her phone and laptop. The printer’s width-detection feature also helps remove the hassle of having to set it all the time — perfect for a modern-day on-the-go mum.

Woman iron-printing on t-shirts

The creativity is flowing even outside of work. With inspiration courtesy of her newborn, Becks is fuelled to make more. Using the Canon PIXMA printer, the Creative Park App and Canon's Light Fabric Iron-On Transfer media that works great for cotton shirts and other light-coloured fabrics, she prints iron-on designs that can easily be transferred on to her daughter’s clothes. Her next personal project? Iron-on prints for that personal touch on her canvas totes. 

A creative beauty enthusiast

Canon Pixma Nail Art

Canon PIXMA TS8370

One look at beauty content creator, Roanna’s Instagram will leave you feeling inspired to pick up a brush and play with your makeup stash. This marketer by day takes on beauty in a creative way — and we don’t mean just with her awe-inspiring photo flatlays.

Aside from her fun and artistic makeup swatches, Roanna also flexes her creative muscles through designing nail art. After designing, she prints them out with the Canon PIXMA TS8370, a smart, wireless printer with a 4.3-inch touch LCD display and brilliant photo-printing abilities. With the help of the printer’s multipurpose tray, Roanna is able to print custom-designed nail stickers with ease — just what she needs to continue her beauty-related creative pursuits.

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