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If you've lived through the noughties, you'll know that synthetic leather bags was once stigmatised. They were seen as tacky, cheap and reserved only for those who can't afford 'the real thing'. But these days, with cruelty-free and sustainable movements gaining momentum, the tables have turned. Vegan leather is now a prized commodity. But even so, it's still a challenge to gain access to these alternatives. And it's partly because brands that do offer high-quality cruelty-free handbags are often under the radar. So if you're considering adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle, we've found some exceptional brands offering great alternatives that are just as luxe as leather.

Angela Roi

Established only in 2013, this young NYC-based brand has prided itself in producing premium-quality luxury handbags made with ethically sourced vegan materials. Even though they're a newcomer in the industry, Angela Roi has already garnered loyal fans. As an alternative to leather, they use EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), which is meticulously processed to achieve that creamy 'leather' texture. In an interview with Forbes, the couple behind the brand shared their philosophy: "Love people and love animals and to make Earth a happier place to live, we have to love and protect them."

LaBante London

When we think of recycled or upcycled goods, what come to mind are artisanal hand-made products that can be found at the local farmers market. However, that's just one form of upcycling. It may seem surprising but recycled materials can also be transformed into luxury goods. LaBante London is one of the brands known for creating top-notch luxury handbags and accessories of only recycled materials. The main textile that they use is recycled polyester made from single-use plastic bottles (PET bottles). LaBante London believes that with this system, plastic dumping in landfills and oceans will be lessened, or at the very least, won't add to the problem. 


Although not explicitly advertised as a cruelty-free label, CECIL McBEE is still a good brand for scouting animal-friendly bags. Most of their products are made from superior faux leather and cotton. If you love fresh and dainty designs, you'll be delighted with the brand's selections in playful and feminine colour palettes. Unfortunately, direct purchase from the site is only available for Japanese residents. As of now, you can buy products from retail websites or when you visit Japan.


The brand's name came from the combination of two words: material and nature. MATT & NAT believes in "living beautifully" and that means creating beautiful materials but also appreciating and respecting natural resources. From backpacks to totes, this vegan brand offers a diverse range of bag silhouettes more than other cruelty-free labels. Any minimalist would love MATT & NAT's clean and crisp aesthetic. Aside from bags, they also produce exquisite footwear and accessories that are made from various recycled materials.

Stella McCartney

A list dedicated to cruelty-free fashion labels isn't really complete without mentioning Stella McCartney — the queen of sustainable brands. A fierce advocate for ethical fashion, McCartney designs luxury pieces made from innovative and advanced materials that don't use traditional leather and fur but provide the same warmth and opulence. In 2017, she became the first recipient of the Fashion Awards Special Recognition Award For Innovation for her work in finding eco-friendly alternatives. Thinking of getting a piece from her label? Explore her small tote collection, which is a favourite among celebrities and style influencers. 

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Finally, it’s Friday! We’re sure it’s been a gruelling week for everyone, so in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the hottest news this week. It’s all here — from the return of the biggest fashion event in Southeast Asia to the reveal of the newest streaming service. If these don’t amp up your excitement for the weekend, I don’t know what will.


Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is back for its 10th season

A banner showing event details of PMFFX with models walking the runway in the background.


With the theme “Fashion Formation Decoded,” Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival returns this coming month. Celebrate the art of fashion through this most prestigious fashion event from 2 to 5 April at EDSA Shangri-La, Marquee Tent. Witness the breathtaking designs of promising and emerging talents from the region on the runway and learn more about the craft through the series of workshops and forums during the week. 

An Hermès skincare and cosmetic line is coming your way

Beauty aficionados rejoice, because the renowned luxury fashion house aims to be a global beauty brand by perfecting the three main axes: fragrance, makeup, and skincare. The products, set to be released in 2020, will be developed in-house but will be manufactured by third-party suppliers in France and Italy. Though you might have to wait a year for that, you’ll be excited to know that Hermès will be using plastic-free packaging for their upcoming line.



José Jeuland returns with "Longevity Okinawa" exhibition

The Singapore-based French photographer is holding his second photography exhibition, titled “Longevity Okinawa.” Through his photography, José attempts to capture the secrets behind the longevity of centenarians living in Okinawa. Aside from those, you can enjoy a short documentary in the exhibition, which runs from 19 April to 30 May at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

You can soon watch the all-new season of Project Runway on TLC Southeast Asia

Your favourite fashion reality show is back this April for its 17th season. With the departure of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, the show will be introducing supermodel Karlie Kloss as the new host and series alumnus Christian Siriano as the new mentor. Catch 16 designers compete and take on guest-inspired challenges starting this 1 April at 9PM on TLC Southeast Asia (SingTel TV Channel 254).  



Apple unveils new streaming service

You read that right — Apple is making sure we never leave out Apple devices while we indulge in our guilty binge-watching pleasures with Apple TV+.  After years of just focusing on the production of state-of-the-art devices, Apple has announced with a star-studded parade their decision to dabble in content and entertainment. Apple TV+ will feature new original programs, as well as favourites from networks like HBO.