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What makes you happy? Whether the answer is simple or complex, it leads us to the inevitable conclusion that happiness is such a unique concept. For something that is familiar to everyone, it varies from person to person, situation to situation, and heavily relies on someone's state of mind, making its actual cause and definition hard to pin on a single idea.

With this, we can't help but turn to the Danes for inspiration. Denmark has yet again been named one of the countries with the happiest people on the planet — a distinction they have worn for seven consecutive years. It's no wonder why The Little Book of Hygge by Danish author Miek Wiking became such a huge hit globally, with people all over the world wanting to 'do as the Danish do' when it comes to living the cosy life and pursuing happiness. 

Still, with happiness such a temperamental concept, obviously, this Danish way of living is not something easily adaptable. And so, Wiking introduces another Danish concept that is easier for non-Danish folks to get behind by: lykke.

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How is lykke different from hygge?

Lykke (pronounced as loo-guh) is the Danish word for 'happiness'. However, Wiking expounds on its idea by breaking it down into six measurable categories based on his team's analysis of the World Happiness Report. These categories are Togetherness, Money, Health, Freedom, Trust and Kindness. Unlike hygge, which is an illustration of a typical Danish lifestyle, the domains of lykke are present in every country, family and individual, making it more relatable. With that, we break down its pieces to show you why you need it in today's fast-paced world. 

The 'pillars of happiness', explained

Gathering parameters that are relative to each country's happiness index, Wiking describes the six pillars of lykke as things that share the same complexities as the word 'happiness'. Money and health are things that are very familiar concepts in every household, but no exact amount can immediately equate to a specific satisfaction level. Still, certain aspects of these domains help us understand how each is important in putting the pieces together to find bliss and joy, especially in today's world where we're seeming constantly under the microscope because of social media, FOMO (fear of missing out), societal expectations and more.

To understand these pillars better, here's how they generally apply to our daily lives. 

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It's no secret that when compared to people in the West, Asians are generally more close-knit when it comes to family. Togetherness focuses on the importance of maintaining healthy relationships that support a person's physical, mental, and emotional growth, making it a great contributor to one's own happiness. Outside of one's social circle, the idea of community and belonging extends to a person's feeling of security, which is also a great source of satisfaction and optimism. 


As the old adage goes, "Money can't buy happiness." However, Wiking's study shows that while people should not rely on financial capability to achieve happiness, it certainly plays a huge role in achieving a better mindset. Realistically speaking, money helps in solving trials involving a person's social and economic responsibility, which helps improve not just one's living situation but also surrounding factors such as government policies and large-scale sustainability projects. 

Money is also considered as an enabler for things — big or small — that make each of us happy, such as food, travelling or any other indulgent desires one might have. With this, it would be quite pretentious to exclude it as a factor in having high spirits.

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Because of our own existential pursuit to happiness, we often forget that just like love, sadness, anger and other feelings and emotions, being happy is also subject to scientific explanations. Chemicals and hormones inside our system also contribute to how we accept, achieve and attain our own definition of 'joy' and of course, it is also susceptible to decline if we are not being careful. This is why holistic health is also a major pillar in achieving overall happiness. 

Aside from self-care methods and taking spiritual and emotional breaks from things that make you feel restless, activities that pursue optimal physical health can significantly elevate your mindset subconsciously. This is because exercise helps in increasing the body's production of monoamine (what dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline are known as collectively; they are hormones contributing to positive brain perceptions and functions). It is also for this reason that people who are diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety are encouraged to engage in physical activity aside from taking their medication. 

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In a world full of rules and limitations, how can freedom be a pillar of happiness? Does this mean that happiness truly is really nothing but an escapist concept? If you're already starting to panic, hold your horses. Here, 'freedom' means the knowledge and capability that we, as citizens of our nations, have agency over the things that govern and make us lawful. It is the feeling of convenience, satisfaction and earning respect based on the choices we make at home, at work and as civilians. It is our ability to make good with our daily routines and not feel restricted or limited by factors that are reliant on external forces such as society and the economy. 


A factor that is often attributed to successful relationships, trust also plays a huge role in one's happiness because it is the seal that keeps the other pillars intact. It is the very idea that upholds our own feelings of safety, belonging, and community, strengthening Togetherness into a solid and tangible idea. Trust also establishes the feeling of hope strongly into the core of a country and its citizens, mediating the flow of Money, Health, and Freedom into a seamless, functioning system. 

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Every pillar has its own impact on both the individual and the collective and this last one is no different. While kindness may be a bit of a cliché as a standpoint on happiness, it is arguably the most powerful. In retrospect, all of the other pillars have the tendency to become selective, selfish and maybe individualistic in approach without kindness. This reminds us that while the others are important, the glue that holds them together is kindness. Kindness is extending Togetherness to someone in isolation; seeing Money as a tool to go good than to succumb in greed; using Health to do more and be stronger for others; and provides Freedom and Trust willingly, all in the pursuit of collective success and progress. 

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Lykke is understanding not just happiness but also life

To conclude, lykke is like hygge's more practical, down-to-earth sister. While hygge thrives in comfort, cosiness and one's idea of inner and outer peace, lykke weaves together aspects of life we can all relate to, reminding us of the complex truths behind life's simplest concepts. It teaches us not to be ashamed to seek money or company for comfort but rather to treat these seemingly mundane ideas as parts of a bigger picture instead of sole sources of happiness. Lastly, it reminds us that in today's world where people typically take things at face-value, true happiness still lies within bonds strengthened by our relationships with others and our own selves, as well as our duties as citizens of our nations. 



These days, 'girl boss style' has become a fashion genre of its own. Distinguished by sleek pieces that are as stylish as they are functional, this type of look has become a mainstream favourite for ladies of today. But we all know that popularity is a double-edged sword and in the case of boss babe fashion, it's becoming harder and harder to put together a fresh look that won't seem like a uniform that everybody else wears. To help you spice up your girl boss look, we scouted some awesome styling ideas from the Clozette Community.

Prints galore

Girl Boss Outfit Inspiration

(Photo from: Cherzinga)

Mixing prints is a bold but tricky technique to pull off. It will certainly freshen up your girl boss style if you do it right but one wrong move and it's a guaranteed disaster. Take a cue from Clozette Ambassador Cherzinga and pair two similar prints with each other. Make sure that the colour palette is complementary; as a rule of thumb when mixing prints, one piece should be darker than the other to create depth. Another thing to note is to wear one solid piece that can serve as a visual break.

A modified 'Steve Jobs look'

A modified 'Steve Jobs look'

(Photo from: thatgirltrixie)

Elizabeth Holmes may have nailed adopting that 'Steve Jobs look' but we've found a much more interesting modification to this style inspired by Star Clozetter Trixie. Instead of pairing a black turtleneck top with the usual grey slacks or skinny jeans, mix it up wearing a cute bandage wrap skirt. It adds an interesting detail without sacrificing elegance. Add some statement earrings and you're all good!

Cute crops

Cute crops

(Photo from: qiyunz)

If you're working at a creative company, there's a good chance that you're allowed to sport pieces that are considered to be too 'daring' in a corporate setting. Take this opportunity to experiment with bold styles like wearing a crop top underneath a suit. It's a new take on the usual lady suit look and it's just as fierce. Look to Clozette Ambassador Qi Yun for inspiration on how to pull off this style.

The little white shirt

The little white shirt

(Photo from: Leannelow)

Going for a laidback girl boss look? Try this ensemble by Star Clozetter Leanne. At first, you'd think it's too carefree for an office setting but with a few additions, you can totally rock this at the workplace. Like Leanne, opt for sleek close-toed footwear such as a pair of black boots. You can also add some accessories like statement arm candy and a unique belt for a more distinct look. Lastly, don't forget to choose a structured bag to balance your laidback outfit.

Pile on the pastels

Pile on the pastels

(Photo from: SunshineKelly)

Since it's summer, why not brighten up your wardrobe a bit? It will surely shake things up from usual monochromatic lady boss outfits! Remember to pick bright colours that go well together like pink and yellow or baby blue and lavender so the ensemble will still look elegant no matter what. If you're not sure how to put together a colourful girl boss look, check out Clozette Ambassador Kelly's outfit as a guide. 

(Cover photo from: Cherzinga)



Our mothers have always been there for us. Right from when we were in their wombs, they’ve done everything they could for our best interest. So, giving them a day of appreciation is the least we can do to show how much we value all the sacrifices they've made. Still have no idea what to get your mum this Mother’s day? Fret no more because we’ve listed down a bunch of things you can get for her to show your love.

A spa at home

A pink eye massager


Help your mum relax and rejuvenate by bringing the spa to her home. Give her something she can use to pamper herself whenever like the FOREO IRIS eye massager. Advise her to use it to spread her eye cream to help illuminate and refresh her tired eyes, making her look like she’s fresh out of a spa. 

A youthful glow

A blue jar of face cream

Albion Embeage Cream Parfait, SGD755

Since we’re already in the topic of skincare, why don’t you spoil your mother a bit more by gifting her a beauty product that will envelope her skin in moisture? A product that revitalises cells like the Albion Embeage Cream Parfait should do the trick to help her achieve that supple, youthful complexion. 

Flawless coverage

A compact cushion

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cusion EX Phoenix Limited Edition 15g, SGD80

If your mother is also a beauty and makeup enthusiast, then what better gift is there to give but a base that would give her a healthy glow? Surely, she’ll appreciate something like Sulwhasoo’s Phoenix Limited Edition Perfecting Cushion EX as it will help her achieve a long-lasting and moisturising coverage.

A farewell to bad hair days

A paddle brush, a blade-less hair dryer, and a black detangling comb

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Mother’s Day 2019 gift edition, SGD599

You could also opt to give her something unique yet functional this year. Maybe she’ll like a hairstyling tool like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that, as part of their Mother’s Day 2019 gift edition, comes with a paddle brush and detangling comb. 

A way to express herself freely

pink and gold notebooks

Collins Debden Dazzle notebooks, SGD17.90

If your mum’s the type who enjoys recording her day-to-day in a journal, perhaps a brand new notebook would be the perfect gift for her. Choose one with high-quality paper, like one from Collins Debden’s Dazzle collection. Bound in an interesting embossed cover, the notebook will surely be a special place where she can pen down her unforgettable moments.

A luxe present

A beige handbag with a huge heart design

Dolce&Gabbana Devotion bag, price unavailable

Make your mum feel like the queen she is by gifting her a luxurious piece. Express your devotion to her by giving her Dolce&Gabbana’s Devotion bags. The bags are available in different elegant variations to suit your mother’s unique taste. Plus, with its heart-shaped design, it's like a tangible representation of your love for her, don't you think?  

Something to capture precious moments with

A pink camera and a black camera

Canon EOS M100, SGD599; GoPro HERO7 Black, priceunavailable

If your mum is one who enjoys documenting all the milestones in your family’s life, then a Canon EOS M100 is perfect for her. Weighing only 302 grams, the camera makes it convenient for your mother to carry it wherever. If your mum’s the adventurous type, then let her capture every fun action-packed moment smoothly with GoPro HERO7. 

An all-around luggage

White luggage

RIMOWA Essential Check-in M in White Gloss, price unavailable

If your mother is going on a trip this summer, why not make it more convenient for her by getting her a new suitcase? RIMOWA’s Essential Check-in M is sure to provide her with all the space she needs for her travel essentials. Not to mention, it’s sturdy enough to withstand being tossed about during her trip.

A stylish new look

A blue print chiffon dress, grey lingerie, a silver watch, silver pair of earrings, and a rattan handbag

ERES Pink-green Miste Lingerie, price unavailable; MARYLING Geometric Print Midi Dress, SGD825; Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection Ivory bag, price unavailable; Larry Jewelry Maia Circle Pendant, price unavailable; Tiffany & Co. Atlas watch, price unavailable; Thomas Sabo Heritage Sterling Silver Earrings, SGD279

Give your mom a makeover on her special day! Get her a complete outfit you curated especially for her. Since it’s summer, give her a chic yet breezy look that’s just right for the weather. A simple print chiffon dress that’s accessorised with the right pieces will make her feel the elegant lady she is for the day — and beyond.

A declaration of your love

A necklace with heart shaped pendant

Poh Heng Love Journey Heart Shape Pendant necklace, SGD950

Show her your adoration and appreciation by giving her a jewelry piece that lasts. Pieces like Poh Heng’s Love Journey Heart Shape Pendant necklace already speaks volumes, but be sure to still express your love with words when you give it to her to ensure maximum happiness. 

An indulgent food date

Two set meals laid down on fancy plates

Left: Singapore TWG Tea Salons' Mother’s Day Set Menu, SGD45; Right: Philippines TWG Tea Salons' Mother's Day Set Menu, Php1250

If you have no time to shop, then at least treat your mum to a sumptuous meal on her day. Restaurants everywhere are serving exclusive Mother’s Day offerings. All TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques in the Philippines, for one, are offering a delicate gastronomical experience for the queen from 5 to 26 May. For the mums in Singapore, TWG Tea Salons are also presenting a feast fit for the queen from 6 to 12 May. Meanwhile, Mandarin Oriental’s Melt Café is also set to serve a Mother’s Day Brunch Promo on 12 May. As they say, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so dine and enjoy together.

A day to unwind

Bedrooms of 2 resorts

Left: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa; Right: Capella Singapore (source)

Your mums would probably say that there’s no better gift than your presence, but maybe don't heed her advice for once. Why not make it more memorable for the two of you by bringing her to a spa stay-cation? This Mother’s Day Weekend, check in at a five-star hotel like the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa or stay at a top luxurious resort like the Capella Singapore and enjoy the lavish spa treatments they offer.