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With the vision of making fashion a lot more accessible to everyone, Clozette recently partnered with female-centric blogging network, Blogger Babes Asia, and Asia’s online fashion destination, ZALORA, for #DecodingStyle—a fashion styling workshop and shopping party designed for bloggers and social media influencers looking to up their fashion-game in time for the holiday season.

Held at the ZALORA Pop-Up Store in Shangri-La Plaza in The Philippines, the event was a wonderful way for Clozette, Blogger Babes Asia, ZALORA, and all the invited guests to close off 2015 in style.

After all, as one of Asia’s top fashion and beauty communities, Clozette has always envisioned bridging the gap between style, shopping, and community. With #DecodingStyle, Clozette has taken its community off-line in its very first shopping event with Blogger Babes Asia and ZALORA, delivering a holiday treat filled with fashion, shopping, and mingling.

Scroll down to see our favourite moments from the event!

Styling Session

Clozette Ambassador Gela with ZALORA stylist Mika Reyes

Guests were treated to a Styling Segment, which saw ZALORA’s in-house stylist Mika Reyes and Clozette Ambassador Gela Muñoz share their styling tips on how to dress for the holiday season. Each stylist showcased 5 holiday-ready looks, with Mika giving the guests a peek into holiday-glam styling; while Clozette Ambassador Gela styled holiday street-style looks for those who may want to keep it casual and street for the season.

Games & Prizes

Since it's the holiday season, we wanted to also treat our guests to fashion and beauty prizes courtesy of Clozette and ZALORA Philippines. Up for grabs were gift packs from The Body Shop and Benefit Cosmetics, Earrings from Marc by Marc Jacobs, ZALORA Shopping Vouchers, and a professional photoshoot at the ZALORA Studios.

Shopping Treat

Guests were also given an exclusive Shopping Party as Clozette and ZALORA treated guests with Shopping Vouchers to purchase whatever they liked at the ZALORA Pop-Up Store. With ZALORA’s Stylists on hand and the Pop-Up Store exclusively closed to the public, guests were given a personalized shopping experience which allowed them to fit the clothes before making the final purchase through ZALORA’s online shopping system.

Catching Up With Friends

Clozette Ambassadors at the photo wall

And of course, an event is never complete without photos, friends, and loads of year-end mingling to close off another fabulous year with Clozette, Blogger Babes Asia, and ZALORA Philippines. To see more photos from the event, visit our Facebook Page for the full #DecodingStyle Photo Album.


Visit the ZALORA Pop-Up Store located at the 5th floor, Shangri-La Plaza, Philippines for a one-of-kind shopping experience. The ZALORA Pop-Up Store is only open until 31st December, 2015. So hurry down!



(cover photo from CrystalPhuong)

No one wants to look anything short of fab and festive on the last night of 2015. But with the holidays in full swing, it can be a little tricky to find time to plan a second holiday outfit. More often than not, the NYE party outfit becomes an afterthought. Gasp!

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are five fun ideas to make your NYE outfit a little extra special. Now, just sit back, relax and raise a glass. Cheers!


Skip the sequins this year

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There’s nothing wrong with sequins and glitters, but there are plenty of alternatives that are equally festive as the sequin dress. Take for example --- brocade. It’s an unfussy yet fancy fabric that’s glam in all the right ways. Pick: ASOS Ganni Brocade Dress

Get comfy

(Get It Here)

Say hello to your trusty sweater. If you’re at a house party, it’s okay not to wear a dress. Know that you can still keep your look classy with a bright sweater, paired with slim-fit pants and chic flats or sneakers. Pick: ModCloth Braids For Days Sweater

Be one of the boys

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For a black tie affair, look sleek like the guys and wear a menswear-inspired tuxedo rather than a sparkly gown. Pick: Nordstrom Mural Open-Front Tuxedo Blazer

Make your jewellery the center of your look

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Let one accessory do the talking for you by making a statement necklace or a pair of big, vintage-inspired earrings the focal point of your outfit. Pair it with a simple tank dress or silk shirt. For a laid-back approach, wear it with a white shirt and unbutton the first two clasps. Pick: ZALORA PH Ethnic Statement Necklace

Keep it unexpected

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Don’t be afraid to top off your outfit with a turban, fascinator or a unique headband. It’s NYE after all, let your fashion eccentricity fly this 2016! Pick: Nasty Gal Blair Bow Headband


Which NYE look are you going for this year? Let us know in the comment section below!



(cover photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

Do you have a favourite accessory? Is it a pair of earrings? Or a necklace with sentimental value? For us at Clozette, it’s a watch. Some of you may think of it as a gimmicky accessory that serves no purpose anymore since phones have built-in clocks in them. But we believe that those tiny pieces of metal and jewllery combined help us keep track of time — the most valuable thing in the world.

Now that we’re almost saying goodbye to 2015, we wanted to help you count the minutes and seconds in style! So keep reading below and learn how to style these gorgeous wrist accessories with any and all of your outfits for the day!


Emphasise by adding bracelets

OOTD photo from cassansaurusanaesi / Watch: Swatch’s Night Prohibition

Bracelets and watches are basically the same. They both look good and they can make an outfit pop more. But instead of layering accessories, thankfully, Swatch’s Night Prohibition has a gorgeous beaded strap design that doubles up as a bracelet! It even solves all your day-to-night outfit transformation woes because it suits both times — finding the perfect balance between casual and ‘dressy’! Plus, with its different neutral colours, you’re bound to find the perfect one!
Make sure it fits right

OOTD photo from FabooshLane / Watch: Longines Hydroconquest

Size does matter. If you have small wrists and you’re wearing a watch with a diameter that’s too big, then it’s just going to overwhelm you and your outfit. Be very picky when it comes to watch sizes because having a giant clunky thing on your wrist might break your ensemble. Which is why the Longines Hydroconquest watch, which comes in various sizes for men and women, will be perfect for you! This waterproof and extremely durable watch will suit all sorts of wrist sizes, and the best part is that they can resist water and they won’t scratch at all!

Choose the right colour and strap

OOTD photo from JacinthaWee / Watch: Calvin Klein Impeccable

Besides being appropriate for the occasion and having the right fit, watches should be neutral enough that they go with any outfit you wear, any time of the year. Unless you’re willing to spend on a number of timepieces to match each and every one of your OOTDs, we suggest going for classic leather straps in neutral colours, or stainless steel ones in either gold or silver.

But what about a watch that combines leather and steel straps? The Calvin Klein Impeccable watch does just that by weaving steel links with a soft black leather strap for that sleek and refined finish — perfectly m
atching with any outfit you can think of!

It should be efficient and look gorgeous

OOTD photo from HLRYYS / Watch: Omega De Ville Prestige

When it comes to watches and styling it with your looks, you have to judge both the outside and the inside. You wouldn't want a watch that works well but doesn’t go with any of your clothes, right? When watch-shopping, alway pay attention to its design; does it feel ‘you’? But also pay attention with how it works — does it resist water? Will it scratch on hard surfaces?

Lucky for us, Omega came up with the De Ville Prestige line for women that will suit all tastes. They’re water resistant, come in leather and steel straps, and their understated but sophisticated design make them a delicious piece of eye candy that will elegantly complement any outfit!


How do you style your watches with your OOTDs? Share your tips with us in the comments below!