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When pop superstar Lady Gaga walked on to the Met Gala red carpet wearing the most spidery long lashes, we knew we have entered into a new era of beauty. This season’s statement makeup is all in the eyes. Decorative lashes are à la mode this year and the bigger and bolder, the better. Pat McGrath put statement lashes on the radar by having models wear feathered versions on Valentino’s Spring 2019 Couture runway and we’ve seen numerous interpretations of the trend since. From subtle dustings of glitter to all-out phoenix rising, here’s how you can hop on the beauty trend by level of extra.

Decorative Lashes Level 1: All Dolled Up

A favourite of ‘60s icons and Asian bloggers, Doll Lashes are a great way to get that amplified lash effect without looking too bizarre. Lash styles range from delicate porcelain doll to full-on Barbie bonanza so there’s plenty of room to explore before committing to your desired length and thickness.

Decorative Lashes Level 2: Fairy Dust

A little sprinkling of glitter on the eyes and it looks as if you’ve been kissed by fairies while you slept. Glitter lashes are a subtle way of adding a bit of magic to an otherwise everyday look. Make sure to use cosmetic-grade glitter for this one as it can come dangerously close to the sensitive eye area.

Decorative Lashes Level 3: Neon Dreaming

For an electrifying gaze, turn to punchy neon hues and bright tones to make a statement. You can try a single colour for a bit of a twist or go the artistic route with multi-coloured lashes. A swipe of white lash primer beforehand will help provide a clean base and amplify the colours especially for those blessed with dark lashes.

Decorative Lashes Level 4: Bring on the Bling

This is the time to get creative (and a little crazy). Add on embellishments such as crystals and sequins, then combine with another lash trend or two. Think neon-meets-dazzle or glitter and gems. You could even try to mix them all for maximum impact. 

Decorative Lashes Level 5: Flights of Fancy

This is a look that demands attention. You could probably spot it from a mile away if you tried. Pat McGrath made waves at Valentino by adding extra length to lashes with shafts of feathers in different colours for an ethereal effect. This is how you captivate in the blink of an eye.

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