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Stress, bad diet, and not using the right products are just some of the many causes of skin damage. However, we'd like to think that the worst of all is the everyday combination of pollution and harmful UV rays because it's something you cannot control. How else can you escape smog, car emissions, and haze if it's everywhere? The only way to avoid pollution is to prevent it from penetrating the skin. Thanks to Origins, we can now save ourselves from that disaster.

Say goodbye to dull skin, dark spots, dehydration, increased fine lines, heightened sensitivity, and breakouts with Origins' extensive line of pollution defence products. The need for these products is at its peak now more than ever as pollution causes oxidative stress, damages collagen, and can trigger inflammation that could lead to hyper-pigmentation.

So here are the products from Origins we recommend that will detox, strengthen, and protect your skin!



Detoxing is an effective way of flushing out toxins in the body and it also works best for pollution-exposed skin. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and follow it up with a pore purifying mask to remove the impurities. Use a gentle cleanser like Checks and Balances to detox the skin and balance its sebum combination. Follow it up with Clear Improvement Purifying Mask. It will absorb toxins from the environment embedded in the skin while the bamboo charcoal in the formula will soak in impurities. 

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Block and Strengthen

Reinforce skin health and build resilience against external stressors with the Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Collection. It optimises the skin’s reaction to harmful external and internal factors with traditional Chinese Medicine renowned to help build your skin’s defence system. The Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion, Face Serum and Face Cream also strengthens skin immunity, soothes and hydrates skin, and reduces redness in just one week.

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The K-fever is continuously rising around the region, bringing with it an array of ever-changing trends each season. While their constant evolution does catch us by surprise, we are still forever grateful for their creative, innovative and fresh ideas that keep us excited about K-beauty and K-fashion.

So we're putting the spotlight on a few K-brands in anticipation for their new releases!



If you are familiar with K-pop bands like Big Bang, Winner and 2NE1, then you’ve definitely heard of YG Entertainment. Late last year, they expanded their profile with their new makeup line Moonshot and their fashion line NONA9ON. If you have not heard of these brands, YG/ NONA9ON has recently released their 2015 F/W concept video featuring members B.I and Bobby from their new boy group iKON. 

( Photo from: NONA9ON Check out the video here )

If you are all about the YG High-fashion-Hip-Hop style, be sure to check out their pop-up stores in Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can get the items online here


Moonshot definitely shouts “YG!” with their fun, loud, and quirky colours. Moonshot’s colourful colours are inspired by Apollo 11’s successful landing on the moon in 1969--intended for big dreamers who want to stand out. Their Power Duo collection boasts bold and funky colours, unlike those of other brands in Korea who favour muted tones. Some of their best selling products include the almost always sold out Color Moonwalk Cream Paint in No.104, Pink Punch. This product has a creamy texture and dries relatively matte. 

( Photo from Moonshot )

Another must-try item is their Flawless Face Perfection Balm which consists of 6 different shades for various skin tones. The smooth balm/mousse foundation contains essential oil and shea butter giving a long lasting smooth complexion. Here's a tip! Get 2 of these, one in your skin tone and one a shade about 3 tones darker to execute a natural shading effect.


Set up in Seoul by founder Ha HyeongSuk, Memebox opened Koreans to the concept of receiving beauty goodies for a fraction of their original prices. Memebox constantly collaborates with beauty bloggers in Korea, such as Pony, Yeondukong, Soyoung, Kyungsun and Kim Dayeong. These collaborations allowed the beauty bloggers to participate in creating their own line, based on the kind of makeup they like and featuring their own unique style. 

(photo from memebox)

Their most recent collaboration was with American YouTuber Soothingsista, Stephanie Villa. It was Memebox’s first move to bridge the gap between American and Asian cosmetics. Stephanie’s #eyelove SF eyeshadow quad, made up of neutral rosy shades, shows her love for versatile makeup and her love for San Francisco. 

(photo from memebox)

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Range

Carbonated water has been a big trend in Korea in the last few years. As such, using carbonated water for cleansing has also became a trend as it claims to help reduce blackheads and acne. The carbon dioxide in the water also aids in whitening for flawless skin.

( photo from innisfree )

Tapping on this trend, Innisfree has recently released their new Jeju Sparkling Mineral range, with the essence heading the line. The Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence contains 73.6% of mineral water of Mt. Sanbang in Jeju, carbonated with the Micro Sparkling Technology. The product is said to improve the skin texture and elasticity, provide long lasting hydration, and brighten and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. 



(cover photo from Slowbrogal)

Nowadays, more and more girls are getting into makeup. Not that it means that they're vain, it just means they want to look good and presentable, which is a good thing. If you're just starting out in building your makeup kit, then it's your lucky day because we've curated a list for you! 

Here are our must-have makeup essentials from different drugstore brands for your Beauty Starter Kit!


Face: Primer, Foundation , & Concealer

(video from Tati)

The three most important things your Makeup Kit should have are: Primer, Foundation, and Concealer. Without them your face would look "naked" and incomplete. They are also the three most crucial items you should look for. Don't just buy whatever you see on the rack because how these products work for you would depend on your skin type and skin tone. Here are three videos for tips and reminders on picking the right base makeup. 

(video from Asian Beauty Secrets)

For our top pick on primer, we'd have to go with L'Oreal's Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher for a dewy, smooth finish that still keeps your makeup in place. For foundation, it really depends on your skin type, but we prefer Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. For Concealer, you can choose two from the ever-reliable Maybelline, either their Fit Me Concealer or their Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment.

(video from From Head To Toe)

Cheeks: Blush, Bronzer, & Highlighter

(photo from MyMakeupOrganizer)

To make you look extra glowing and flushed, you'd need the combination of bronzer, blush, and highlighter. These blends into your cheeks to add dimension to your face, preventing you from looking too flat. Remember, apply the bronzer below your cheekbones, blush on your cheekbones, and highlighter on top of your cheekbones. 

These duo Dream Sun bronze and blush sets from Maybelline are perfect for the upcoming summer as it will give you that sun-kissed glow. Essence's Blush Up! powder blush and Sun Club all-in-one bronzing highlighter are great buys for your starter kit too. We also recommend Sleek's Blush By 3 in Pumpkin, Lace, or Sugar for more choices and shades for different occasions.. 

Eyes: Primer, Eyeshadow , Eyeline, & Eyebrow Kit

(photo from fififliciousify)

You can't go out of the house without putting something on your eyes; and for us, this is where we take extra time to apply everything. First thing's first, apply a primer so everything will stay in place throughout the day (especially your eyeshadow). Essence's Eyeshadow Base has gotten good reviews for keeping the pigments and formula in place.

(photo from musicalhouses)

Once you're done applying your primer, you can go ahead with your eyeshadow. Opt for a palette with basic and neutral colours. We are fully on-board with  musicalhouses' eyeshadow palette choices:  MUA Cosmetics Heaven and Earth and Innocence Trio, and of course, the NYX cosmetic's smokey eyes palette

(video from Michelle Phan) 

To line your eyes, here's Michelle Phan's tutorial to get your started. We recommend: Sephora Kohl Pencil,  NYX Cosmetics Liquid Black Liner, and L'Oréal Paris Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner 24 Hour. They are easy to use, highly pigmented, and glides easily across your lids. 

(photo from e.l.f. studio)

Lastly, never ever forget your brows! They are the key to making your face look symmetrical. Use this Eyebrow Kit from e.l.f. studio as a starter kit for shaping your brows. Keep your concealer handy for possible mistakes. 

Lashes: Mascara & Curler

(photo from Jessying)

Your lashes need a bit of limelight as well. In fact, if you invest in a good mascara, your lashes can go a long way and will add a glam factor to your look. One of our favourite mascaras is the Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara, a mascara with two brushes for top and bottom lashes--giving that big eye effect. Other mascaras you can try are L’Oreal Curl Impact Collagen Mascara and ZA Killer Volume Mascara.

(photo from Revlon)

For "batting eyelashes" to be possible you need a good eyelash curler such as Revlon's Titanium Coated Lash Curler from their Gold Series. It curves outwards from the middle of your lashes, opening your eyes more and curling your lashes better. 


(photo from SamanthaAshley)

The most exciting thing to buy for your makeup kit are lipsticks! You can go crazy with all the colours! But for beginners, we recommend one of each: nude or brown, red, pink, and plum. Any from either Maybelline or L'Oreal are great buys. You can also experiment with other glosses, stains, tinted balms, and liquid lipsticks for variety. A must-try for us is Rimmel's Provocalips 16-Hour Kissproof Lip Colour. 

(photo from sharmaintang)


(photo from blushpearls)

To apply and blend your makeup flawlessly, you need to stock up on makeup brushes. You don't need to get a whole set, just a few for your blush, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lips. A drugstore favourite, e.l.f studio, sells brushes individually and by sets. They are very affordable and perfect for beauty-girls on a budget.