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How To Recreate Disney Princess Looks The Adult Way

...because no one's too old for Disney

Once upon a time, when we were all young and basking in the innocence of our youth, we all dreamed of what it's like to live in a castle, talk to cute forest animals or have a knight-in-shining-armour just like our favourite Disney princesses. Aside from those, we were also taught to embody the personalities and traits they stand for, whether it be kindness, bravery, intelligence and so on.


But as adults who have learned that life is more than just a fairytale, it can be hard to live out such values and pureness in our daily lives. Life is challenging, but we can still look to our Disney princesses for inspiration to overcome these hurdles. How, you may ask? Ahead, we share beauty looks from your favourite Disney princesses that you can easily cop, depending on what strength you want to channel for the day. 

Missing your sense of adventure? Go for Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Growing up, we may have grown to dislike Ariel for realising that she is not exactly role model material. That, and the fact that she swapped out being a mermaid for a human, because honestly, who doesn't want to be a mermaid?

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Kidding aside though, Ariel's redeeming quality is her curiosity and sense of adventure. She's always looking for things to discover and explore, something that we may have lost or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life. So if you're feeling discouraged about trying new things, channel Ariel's signature red lip and flared lashes on top of a simple and glowing base. The luminous base gives you a fresher aura, while the volumised lashes give a wide-awake and 'I am ready to explore' look to your eyes. Lastly, the bold red lip is your way of telling the world that you are ready for anything and everything — whether it's overcoming sea witches or work deadlines.  

Feeling disconnected? Embrace your inner Pocahontas

Feel like you're simply floating adrift in this thing called life? Think that you're losing touch of everything around you? We say take some notes from Pocahontas, whose story revolved around making the people around her realise that everything is connected in some way. Her story is a reminder that you are not alone and that the world is more vast and diverse than you can ever imagine.

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Find your centre by going for the free-spirited Disney Princess' dusky beauty look, complete with heavily lined eyes, coral lips and powerfully bronzed and highlighted features. You can try Versace’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway look, where celebrated makeup artist Pat McGrath accentuated the models’ eyes by lining them with gel eyeliner and applying brown eyeshadow on their lids. The look emphasises your eyes, which are your compass to the world around you. The emphasis on the planes of your face symbolises that this is your armour towards the challenges of the world and that you are willing to face them head-on. 

Need the strength to do 'more'? Take notes from Beauty and the Beast's Belle

Besides the smart and kind-hearted bookworm that we all looked up to growing up, it is worth noting that Belle's other admirable characteristic is that she is always yearning for something 'more'. Especially given emphasis in the live-action version starring Emma Watson, she was never just satisfied with what was going on with her life and has always looked for ways to improve things. And sometimes, we all have moments in our life where we want to be like Belle in this aspect, but we simply can't find the strength to do so. 

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But why not step into this beauty's — pun intended — shoes and give your spin on her signature rosy glow, feathery lashes and pink lips? The look is radiant yet practical, enough to have you feeling both calm and persevering like Belle. The versatility of the look is perfect for any situation, making you feel like you can definitely step out of your comfort zone and gives you the ease of greeting new situations with 'bonjour'!

Haven't felt empowered in a long time? Let your inner Elsa from Frozen break free

Before the song Let It Go from Frozen became a tune that we just want to get rid off because of its ubiquitousness, a lot of adults actually claimed that it resonated with them, including us. And the main reason for this is that there are many instances in our adult lives when we feel restricted and limited by our responsibilities and daily hustle that we eventually lose ourselves in the process. And while Elsa is technically a princess-to-queen character, we can say that she's a Disney character we can look to if we need some motivation to get ourselves back on track. 

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So we say if you need a look that will also serve as a pick-me-up, Elsa's purple smokey eye and lush lashes are perfect for you. Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury — the one responsible for the makeup looks of Emma Roberts, Kate Hudson and Salma Hayek — once created a glamorous look with dramatic purple smokey eyes and glossy pink lips that you can try to recreate for special occasions. But for a daily affair, we can say that the bold eye look can still work when matched with a radiant flushed complexion and a muted mauve lip colour. Playing with such an experimental MOTD will definitely give you a feeling of individuality and strength that will get you saying, "If I can pull off something this off, then let the storm rage on. It'll never bother me anyway."

(Cover photo from: AnastasiaLove; DisneyMusicVEVO)

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