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There are many rules to follow when you're visiting the "happiest place on Earth" — no outside food allowed, selfie sticks are banned, adults are not allowed to dress up as Disney characters and so on. While most rules are common practice, forbidding fans from wearing costumes may seem strange at first — but the reasons behind it do make sense. First, the resort is concerned that ill-intentioned people might dress up as Disney characters to lure children into following them. Second, it's to preserve the integrity of the characterisation (no mean Cinderellas, please!). 

However, Disney-goers have found a clever way to still dress up as their favourite characters sans a costume and it's called Disneybounding. Typically, this means having to interpret a character's signature ensemble using modern clothes or creating an outfit inspired by the colour palettes strongly associated with them. For example, if you want to dress up as Winnie The Pooh, you could wear a red shirt with an ochre skirt. It's all about capturing the essence of the look.

The term was coined by major Disney stan and style blogger Leslie Kay who gained popularity for her website for all things Disney called "Disneybound". Years after posting her first Disneybounding outfit, this style genre has become so popular that it went from niche to mainstream fashion. Wanna try it out? Here are some Disneybounding tips to get you started.

Determine the dominant colour

Most fictional characters, especially animated ones, will often have a signature colour or print associated with them. For Queen Elsa of Arendelle, it's teal. For Marie from the Aristocrats, it's always going to be baby pink. For Moana, it's orange geometrical patterns and the list goes on. Look closely at the character's ensemble and see which colour primarily pops out and work with that shade. It's the easiest to follow among all the Disneybounding tips on this list.

Wear iconic accessories

Colours are not the only thing that marks a character, particular trinkets are also what makes them distinguishable. Wearing a signature artefact is an easy cheat to putting together a great Disneybounding outfit. It could be in the form of a scarf, bag or shoes so you can be as creative as you like.

Go for colour blocking

One of the Disneybounding tips that you should never forget is that you don't need to emulate the costumes completely. Even something as simple as colour-blocking can already be great for the look. Pick several shades present in a character's costume and layer them up. Usually, these shades are already complementary so it's like taking style advice from the characters themselves.

Do it with a partner

Whether you're dressing up as the evil stepsisters of Cinderella with your bestie or as Beauty and the Beast with your bae, there's no doubt that Disneybounding is more fun when you do it as a pair. You can even go as the same character but in different style variations.

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Following their rainbow-themed capsule releases last year, Rainbow Mickey is back again with a bigger array of products for their Rainbow Disney Collection 2019. We're talking plushies, wearables, and even the iconic Mickey ears headband dressed in rainbow colours, that can be enjoyed by both the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike. It's worth noting that 10 per cent of the total sales sold the entire month of June will be donated to GLSEN, an organisation championing LGBTQ+ rights and programs in an academic setting. Pretty awesome, don't you think?

But we get you! Disney + rainbows + many items to choose from = one overwhelmed shopper. So to make it easier for you, we narrowed down the best picks from Disney's latest Rainbow Collection that's totally sending us #PRIDE vibes. 

Rainbow Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Ear Headband

USD27.99 (shopdisney.com)

Of course, let's start with the staple. If you're going in for some Disney merch, it's no secret that the headbands are the first ones to get your hands on. We had a bit of a hard time choosing between this, the Rainbow Mickey version or the Minnie Mouse Rainbow Ribbon version, but we figured that nothing beats going all out with the colours and the shine. 

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Heart Bangle by Alex and Ani

USD44.95 (shopdisney.com)

For the fashionistas out there who want a subtle accessory that still makes a statement, this pick just spells perfection. Elevated with an enamel charm featuring Mickey's gloved hands forming a rainbow heart, it's also decorated with tags labelled 'infused with positive energy' and 'recycle' that delivers good vibes all over. Plus, it's designed to be adjustable for the perfect fit, making it a great gifting option. You can also get the silver option with a Rainbow Mickey charm if that suits your fancy more. Or better yet... just grab both! 

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Ringer T-Shirt for Adults - Disneyland

USD29.99 (shopdisney.com)

Souvenir tees are the heart of every amusement park visit so it's no surprise that this collection includes one as well. This pick is serving us looks with a retro-style neck and cuff ribbing, combined with the modern appeal of screen-art Mickey dressed in rainbow colours. Whether you're Disneybound or not, this is a wardrobe piece that's just destined to be a favourite. 

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Travel Tumbler with Straw

USD16.95 (shopdisney.com)

Bringing your own straws and tumblers when travelling is becoming a major thing right now because of many 'Save The Earth' movements. And one way to encourage people to follow the trend is through this gorgeous double-wall glittered tumbler. Featuring Mickey-heart-hands on one side and a 'Believe In Love' message on the other, talk about spreading the message of both #LoveIsLove and #LetsGoGreen in style. 

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Earrings by CRISLU

USD75.00 (shopdisney.com)

Looking to wear your support for pride on the daily or even at the most elegant of affairs? This collection has something for you, too. Set in .925 sterling silver and an 18-carat rose gold finish, this pair features a cubic zirconia crescent embellished with a Mickey-ears cutout. Subtle, stunning, and oozing with both pride and Disney-lovin', this piece also has a lifetime warranty to ensure that it will last as long as Disney's timeless legacy. 

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