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Don't Worry If Your Instagram Isn't #FeedGoals

Today, well-curated Instagram feeds can be compared to sleek museums. Each artwork, or photo, is exactly where it should be for everyone to see. While it is beautiful to look at when you have an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed, you shouldn’t worry too much if it isn’t #FeedGoals either.

In fact, I don’t have a “pretty” feed (if you don’t believe me, you can check it out here), and that’s fine by me!

So if you’re troubled by the fact that your photos don’t have a colour theme or you don’t take the best flatlays, just keep reading below for my reasons on why it’s okay to not have a feed that can be deemed “#FeedGoals”.


It's not the point

Instagram is supposed to be fun, remember? It’s supposed to be about you sharing amazing experiences from your life with your followers, not about worrying if your photos have “bad” filters on them. So just relax, forget about what other people will think, and just have fun with your account!

It takes too much effort

In case you didn’t know, all those Instagram feeds with a colour theme are all edited because the world isn’t one colour. However, who really has the time to edit their photos nowadays? 

I’m a working girl with a fast-paced lifestyle, so I rarely have time for it; and if I do, I’d rather spend it doing other activities such as catching a movie with my friends or eating at a new restaurant! Let's face it, aspiring to have a museum-esque feed is tiring, and it's one activity that I’m not willing to put any more effort in. 

Taking too many pictures

To get the perfect photo, usually you have to take a ton of them and then select the 'perfect one' from there. I don’t want to spend half my life with my face on my phone, selecting 1 from a 100 pictures, though. I want to be out there living my life instead of worrying which shot will suit my Instagram feed or finding the perfect spot for my selfie.

If you love curating your Instagram feed, though, I admire you and more power to you! But if you’re someone like me who can rarely be bothered, I want you to know it’s okay. Just shake it off, and don't worry about it too much!


What do you love about Instagram? Do you worry about not having #feedgoals? Share your thoughts and opinions with us below!