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These Fictional Characters Are Endorsing Our Fave Brands

Influential figures, indeed

Aside from a brand’s reputation, aesthetic, and connection to our preferences, their chosen brand ambassador or endorser can also be a factor that affects our decision to buy. This is because our admiration and aspiration to be similar or close to our fave celebrities or influencers compel us to do as they do. If it means using the same products as they do, then we will.

However, icons that resonate with us aren’t limited to just real-life personalities. Our affinity for fictional characters are just as important, which also makes them effective influences in our daily lives. It’s no wonder why brands then and now have tapped these characters as brand ambassadors and endorsers! Here are some of our favourites.

Doraemon for UNIQLO

Doraemon was just announced as UNIQLO’s latest sustainability ambassador. The robocat traded his usual blue hue for a shade of green in the press conference for the announcement. This is in line with the brand’s goal to “achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050” as well as be more “carbon neutral throughout the entire supply chain.”

Hello Kitty for Mikimoto Pearls

Hello Kitty continues to be Sanrio’s most iconic character even 46 years after she was introduced. She is currently one of Japan’s tourism ambassadors (along with Pikachu) and has a lot of existing collaborations with many brands. However, our fave endorsement from the Japanese kawaii star is definitely one that combined cuteness with opulence.

In 2014, she launched a luxury collection with Mikimoto Pearls which consisted of necklaces, tiaras, and other accessories. Hello Kitty attended the event wearing Mikimoto jewellery when the collection was launched. Unfortunately, the collection is no longer available, but you bet we’ll be first in line to deliver the news when it gets released again!

Barbie for Dyson

Since we’re talking about iconic characters, Barbie definitely comes to mind as well. The Mattel doll is one of the most recognisable dolls in the world and, despite many controversies, is still a beloved brand globally. Her presence remains to be relevant and influential, just look at her ‘influencer’ Instagram account @barbiestyle, which has 2.1 million followers as of writing. She also has vlogs posted on Barbie’s official YouTube channel.

That’s why it came as no surprise when Barbie started doing sponsored posts on her platforms. One of the most memorable is her Dyson Supersonic post. Barbie is seen prepping for events using the coveted hairstyling tool, just like a real-life celebrity get-ready-with-me. The brand’s relationship with Barbie has been so close-knit that they even named two rigs of the Dyson Airwrap after her and Ken for Valentine’s Day this year.

(Cover photo from: @barbiestyle)

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