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Ted Baker releases their Spring/Summer Collection and we feel like we're on Cloud 9! The collection comes with a palette of punchy pinks, pretty pastels, floral motifs, and modern graphic prints. It bursts into life with flashes of bold prints, strong textured fabrics, and colours so vivid they may just be a pigment of your imagination. 

Ted Baker’s tailoring also brings luxe in the form of metallic snake prints with waffle textures and beautiful atmospheric floral prints--displaying a fresh take on the playful combination of floral and architectural structure. 

To add to their dreamy line-up is their TUX Collection.  A whim of sophisticated and elegant minimalism. Stand-out pieces in black and white give a crisp yet beautiful feel, offering a modern take on glamour in the workplace. 

Ted Baker's collection is indeed a dream worth wearing!

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Net-A-Porter.com has been everyone's go-to site for signature brands; and for the month of March, they have decided to give back to their patrons--the women all over the world! Net-A-Porter.com has unveiled an exclusive multi-brand assortment designed to support and raise awareness for International Women’s Day. Each piece symbolizes empowerment whilst remaining true to the designers’ signature aesthetic.

Here are a few of the pieces: 

1: Femme clutch by Edie Parker is "a badge of honour” as stated by the designer himself.

2: Ancient Greek Sandals by Dinami in metallic for a Grecian goddess look--a strong icon for women. 

3: A Smythson notepad with "Who's Wearing The Trousers" as a statement that reflects women empowerment and equality. 

4: A Zeus & Dione Necklace wherein the "round symbol is the mother, maiden and crone symbol [relating] to the three stages of a woman's life.” 

5: Chinti and Parker Sweater with “a pink garland of intarsia stars, symbolising unity and strength, [which] are knitted alongside hearts [to] represent compassion and femininity."

As a whole, the campaign will contribute to the UN Women's Fund for Gender Equality; and on top of that, Net-A-Porter will also encourage fans and followers from around the world to show their support by posting an image of themselves referencing a 'W' and declaring who empowers them--with the caption utilizing the campaign's official #EmpoweredBy hashtag.

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#EmpoweredBy campaign.


(cover photo from msbabelovebebes)

Purple is such a significant colour. It reflects power, ambition, creativity, dignity, devotion, independence--qualities that exemplify the women of today. At this day and age, women are getting more ambitious, are getting equal respect and recognition, and are living their lives to the fullest. However, there are still other parts of the world that do not experience this equality.

That's why this month of March is for women to celebrate International Women's Day! Let us all join the movement to celebrate the achievements of women around the world and call for greater equality by wearing purple. Here are 5 simple ways you can include purple in your daily look! 


Enhance Your Beauty With Purple Makeup

photo from paradeoflove

If you haven't noticed yet, Purple is a great colour on any skin tone---and not all colours can do that. Purple is a bold and bright colour that looks good on your eyes and lips. You can even experiment with a purple-based blush or dye your hair with streaks of purple. Nonetheless, it's an eye-catching colour that is easy to add to any makeup look.

Wear A Stand-Out Piece In Your OOTD

photo from msbabelovebebes

Purple is without a doubt a scene-stealing colour on clothing items. It's not "basic" but it's also not an eyesore. After all, it it's a classy, bright hue that makes any woman look good. You can wear a purple midi skirt, a dress, or a top to make sure your statement for International Women's Day is reflected in your OOTD. 

Paint Your Nails Purple

photo from melndrums

Get things done with purple-painted nails! Purple has a diverse range of shades to choose from. You can opt for one shade or play with a variety of shades for a fabulous nail art.

Accessorize With Purple

photo from chinobcena

If you don't feel like wearing purple then just accessorize with it! A bag, a pair of earrings, or a necklace are good accessories to start with, and they're definitely statement-worthy in your overall look.  

Experiment With Purple Shades

photo from CrystalPhuong

Instead of sticking to one shade of purple, get creative with several ones! The basic rule of light and pastel shades paired with darker and bolder shades apply here. You can also experiment with textures and prints like wearing a purple suede hat with a sheer Lavender top. The possibilities are endless!