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Who Are E-Girls And Why Should You Cop Their Style

Emo meets scene meets grunge in 2019

This year seems to be the time for reinvented style trends. Along with the rise of the 'retro meets pastel meets hipster' VSCO girls now come their edgier sisters: E-girls. 'E' stands for electronic, in reference to social sharing app TikTok being the driving force behind this trend. In quick terms, it's today's generation's take on a mix of '90s grunge and the early 2000's scene and emo subcultures. 

E-girls (and boys) are characterised by their coloured hair, either in pastels or in bright bolds but never natural shades — most of the time, they're wigs. A cat-eye and a deliberately drawn accent in their cheek (often a heart or a star) are synonymous to their signature makeup style. As for their style choices, vintage shirts or animé and pop culture merch from Hot Topic dominate their outfits.

Accessorising takes a quirky turn as it will definitely send you on a throwback. We're talking colourful hair clips (yes, the ones we used to wear in the '90s!), studded earrings and armbands, chains, chokers — you get the idea. Pleated plaid skirts or high-waisted pants tie-in the look, completing the distinct aesthetic. 

What differentiates the E-girls from the previous subcultures we've mentioned is that they only exist online. It's a reflection of a person's more experimental alter-ego mediated by a screen. You wouldn't see E-girls and boys donning their style in public, at least on a lifestyle choice perspective. They'd rather reserve it for their online persona (thus the heavy filters in most of the photos). Obviously, such an idea is causing a lot of debate, especially with all the implications social media has on today's society. Still, we can't help but deny that E-girls know how to own a look. We can only wish they do the same in real life!

With all this said, it's definitely curious to see new styles evolving no matter what your aesthetic or lifestyle preference is. And if you're more conservative with your style IRL, then maybe being an E-girl is your opportunity to get a little more experimental. E-girls embrace the bolder and braver side of fashion and it's a great inspiration on how our attitude should be when it comes to our own personal style. 

(Cover photo from: @iinsaeii)

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