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Easy Life Changes To Keep You Looking Fit

When it comes to keeping fit, we sometimes find ourselves getting into a rut--stuck in a constant routine of going through life's motions and procrastinating when it comes to our health and fitness. This makes it harder for us to reach our fitness goal of achieving a trim and firm silhouette. As a result, we get used to a dormant lifestyle which makes it that much harder to kickstart a fitness routine to get back into shape.

But guess what, getting fit doesn't have to be a huge task! Because aside from using Clarins Made-To-Measure Body Slimming Duo to create the body silhouette that you desire, Malaysian personality and fitness enthusiast Linora Low has shared some of her tips and tricks on easy ways to keep fit without busting a muscle!


Were there any unhealthy habits which you had to change when you set your goal to live a healthier lifestyle?

I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy desserts and french fries so I had to choose to cut down on the sugars and the unhealthy carbs. It was difficult at first. However, it eventually became much easier. Every once in a while, I still do indulge in dark chocolate and strawberry/rum gelato; but it's all in moderation.

What do you think are the factors that prevent us from reaching our fitness goals?

Procrastinating your workouts and thinking that the food you eat now will not affect you in the long run. Some of us (even me), have put off workout sessions due to being either too tired or lazy. But all the more we should be moving and exercising when the body is lethargic.

Other than that, the mentality people have when it comes to consuming junk food. People might not be worrying and may just be thinking that these foods have yet to really damage their bodies. But you should always care for your body! A slice of cake will not make you fat now, but when you add that together with all the other junk food you eat daily and without exercising, it will affect your body.

It can be difficult to maintain our fitness level due to a jam packed lifestyle. How do you do it?

Time management. I make sure that I squeeze in a quick workout session no matter how busy I am. We just need to continue motivating, pushing, and moving forward. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and a workout can sometimes be as simple and short as 7 minutes. That is a small percentage of your day.

How important is getting the right amount of quality sleep when it comes to caring for our bodies?

Super important! When I get only 5 hours of sleep, I am terribly cranky, my immune system gets weaker, and I can’t think well. Hence, I'm not able to push my body to work hard at the gym. Sleep is essential to recuperate your body after a long day. This is great for muscle repair and fat loss. You’ll notice that when you don’t get adequate sleep, you will feel bloated the very next day. Always get a minimum of at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

What are the easiest steps that one should practice if they plan on getting fit?

I think the easiest is to get a gym buddy. Having someone to workout with you is usually more motivating when you want to start on a fitness journey. It is also a good way to keep each other in check. If you are on your own, have a GOAL! Educate yourself on what you can do at the gym and what kind of food you need to eat to fuel your body.


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