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Beauty In A GIFy: An Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial

Sun-kissed for the Summer

There’s no better time to channel that bronzed goddess glow than during the summer. Vacation plans and trips to the beach are a surefire way to achieve that enviable tan. But what happens when your vacation ends up a staycation — when you’d rather avoid the heat in favour of cooler temperatures? Or maybe you’re one of those who tend to burn easily even after slathering layer upon layer of SPF. Whatever the case, we’ve devised a cheat to that healthy, sun-kissed look you can wear during the warm summer months and have people guessing where you took that holiday.

Step 1: Light it up.

highlight demo

Apply base makeup as preferred, though we suggest tinted moisturiser or a lightweight foundation for a fresh-faced look. You can opt to spot conceal with a heavier foundation/concealer for blemishes and dark spots. Use a liquid or cream highlighter to highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow to illuminate your face.

Step 2: Give it some warmth.

bronzer demo

Powder lightly over areas of excess shine. Apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks to add definition. You may also blend it up to your temples and forehead if you’d like more warmth. Dust a bit of bronzer across the bridge of your nose where the sun naturally hits. Use a brown eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to draw some freckles on to your nose, dotting randomly for a natural look. Use a fine-tipped liner brush and some brown eyeshadow to draw darker spots. Pat lightly to finish.

Step 3: Prettify your peepers.

eye makeup demo

Using the same bronzer, sweep the product over your lids focusing on the crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Brush your brows up and outwards with a spoolie and set them in place with a clear or natural-toned brow gel. Curl your lashes and swipe on a lengthening and defining mascara for fluttery-looking lashes. You may also opt to tightline your eyes with a black eyeliner for increased definition.

Step 4: Add a pop of colour.

lipstick demo

Swipe on a peach-toned lipstick on to your lips. Pat it in to blur any edges/harsh lines and dab the excess product on to your cheeks for a flushed look.

Now you can step out looking like you've vacationed somewhere with lots of sun. We hope you enjoyed this little makeup tutorial and stay tuned for more looks.