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Easy Ways To Perk Up Your Skin This Season

Get your summer glow up

Living in the tropics can already be very tricky for our skin, but summer amps up the temperature to degrees even higher than usual. This can cause extreme sun damage, dryness, and dullness beyond what we usually experience, leaving us to adjust our beauty routine to a whole new extent. 

So if you've been feeling extra worried about your skin this season, here are simple ways to perk up your routine without shelling out the extra dollars. 

Change the way you take your coffee

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Caffeine can cause dehydration even on regular days, so take extra caution when the heat is at its peak. But if you're a certified coffee addict, try trading your usual cup of joe with rubbing some damp coffee grounds to your skin. Not only can it help exfoliate, but the antioxidants in your coffee can also help recharge the skin cells from inside and out, leaving you looking fresh and radiant as soon as you wash it off. 

Go for minimal ways to refresh

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One of our greatest tendencies when the temperature goes up is to wash our face at almost every hour. But even if it feels good, it actually contributes to drying up our skin even more as doing this prevents our oil and sweat glands to expel the toxins from within. So the best alternative to refresh and even keep your makeup looking radiant despite the heat is to either spritz on some face mist or use a damp cloth to give our skin that much needed cooling, without ridding it of the natural hydration it needs. 

Keep your makeup base lightweight

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With the tendency to breakout like crazy because of the weather, we totally see the need for full coverage foundations. But depending on the formula you're using, this type of product can feel very heavy on the skin, especially under the scorching heat. Our top tip? Mix it in with a moisturiser to thin it out, or opt to use a BB cream followed with spot concealing for a lighter base, giving your skin room to breathe but still providing the desired flawless finish.

Treat your skin to an at-home 'spa session' at least once a week

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Friday is a good day to switch up your skincare routine. The working week is over, so it's the perfect time to relax and prep the skin for the weekend. One of the ways to do it is by cleaning out the pores with warm water and a pore-clear stick (similar to the ones they use in derm clinics when you get a facial), placing on a clay or a sheet mask while sipping on some tea, and packing on some extra essence to finish off.

This practice can be adjusted based on your skin's needs, but having a dedicated 'specialised' skincare routine at least  once a week can help rejuvenate your skin even more. The tendency of sticking to a repetitive cycle for a long time might make your skin overly familiar with the products you're using — plus, your skin changes just as anything else in your body and life do —  so a way to rev up the effectivity is by switching things up a bit every now and then. If you feel like your skin is getting too dry due to the season, maybe try the 'specialised' skincare method at for at least two non-consecutive days of the week. 

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