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Have you been mulling over getting fit but don’t know where to start? Here’s the go sign you’ve been waiting for. You may feel daunted about the idea of starting your fitness journey, but while the road may be tough, your first step need not be grand. In short, you only need a few little moves or drills to try out in order to get you moving toward the right direction. 

Before you embark on your fitness journey, make sure that you seek expert advice. If you’re the type to want to train with a squad, then start booking a session of Nike+ Training Club Live. To accompany your journey, the Nike+ Training Club App is a good place to start. With over 100 workouts formulated by Nike trainers, you’re sure to get fitter, faster and stronger in no time. 

So whether you’re someone who has never worked out in their entire life or someone who has fallen off the track but is ready to get back to work, there are a ton of ways you can get your fitness fix with the help of the NTC App. Here are only a few of the movements and drills you can start with.

Knee Hugs

Left: Screenshot from Nike+ Training Club App, Right: Photo from fayebalogo

A good workout session starts with a good stretch. Knee hugs stretch the muscles in your lower body but also prepares your core. To start, just stand straight. Lift one knee at a time and alternate the movement. To get maximum results, also make sure that you use the right type of workout tights.

Dumbbell Lunges

Ever heard of the gym joke “Don’t forget about leg day?” Well, it’s true. When you work out, you want to make sure that all parts of your body are given attention. Tone your lower body by doing dumbbell lunges. To do this, stand tall with your hands holding dumbbells at your side. Take a step forward and lower your hips until your knee is levelled with your ankle. Make sure that your arms remain in position. Do the same for the other leg.


Get your quads worked up with squats. The squat not only works to tone your backside and legs, it also trains your mobility and balance. Go one step further by doing a jump squat, which is a variation of the traditional squat. Here’s how: do a regular squat, but instead of standing up, do a jump.

Mountain Climbers

Left: Screenshot from Nike Training Club App, Right: Photo from chardeocareza

Give yourself a burst of cardio by doing the mountain climbers. This exercise move targets your quads and calves and gets your heart rate up. Start with a plank position by getting down on your hands and feet. Pull up your knee toward your torso and return it to the original position. Repeat the movement with the other knee.

Quick Feet Forward And Back

If you’re still lacking in motivation, perhaps working out with a friend might do the trick. Try the Quick Feet Forward and Back move when you get together for a workout sesh. This movement tones your lower body, and works up your quads, hips and plantar flexors. Aside from that, it also doubles as a good cardio workout. Start by standing straight with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and alternate moving your feet up. 

(Cover photo from: fayebalogo)


These moves will get you into the groove of working out in no time, so start downloading the Nike+ Training Club App for iOS and Android now. Train with your community by booking a session of Nike+ Training Club Live. Find out more here.



Gone are the days when we have to endure pain in the name of fashion. With the rise of normcore and athleisure in recent years, we’ve come to fully embrace the marriage of style and comfort — and that applies not only to clothes but to shoes as well. Sure, there are already tricks you can do to make sure you’re not uncomfortable when wearing sky high heels. But did you know that there are already heels that are comfortable to wear even when you don’t do apply hacks and tricks? 

Here are just some of the shoe brands that offer comfort with style.


This family-owned brand with roots in Austria-Hungary and now headquartered in Switzerland boasts a century of experience in providing stylish and comfortable footwear for men, women and children in every part of the world. With a heritage like that, you can be sure that when it comes to footwear, they know what they’re doing.

Cole Haan

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S. in 1928, Cole Haan started as a men’s-only footwear company. Now, they have evolved to one that offers stylish shoe picks for women as well. From sandals to loafers to boots and more, Cole Haan promises “nothing but good goods.”


Starting with rugs, the company has evolved into a provider of fashionable footwear for lovers of sophistication and comfort. 


Handmade footwear that’s stylish and comfortable? Give ‘em to us! Spur Shoes is a baby when you compare them with heritage brands like the ones mentioned above, but they are not last when it comes to quality. 


Dubbed “the shoe with the beautiful fit,” Naturalizer promises to give women feminine shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for everyday use.



The Spring/Summer season beckons, and you know what that means – Spring/Summer styles are in season, and it’s time for a wardrobe update! For the style connoisseurs, there is no doubt that two of the most exciting Singapore shopping havens that come to mind are Bugis Junction and Bugis+. Situated right in the heart of Bugis, these two malls make one big, vibrant fashion playground where youth and style collide.

Before you make your way down to get your shoppin’ on, we sat down for a quick pre-show chat with Daniel Boey, fashion veteran and producer of Bugis Junction X Bugis+’s Hello Spring! Spring Summer Fashion Show 2017. Who’s ready for a high-toned showcase of fashion tenants and offerings from Bugis Junction and Bugis+ as part of their Spring Summer campaign from 31 March 2017 to 30 April 2017?

Keep reading as we picked Boey’s brains on building a wardrobe of essentials and captivating happenings you can expect at the upcoming shows. 

What’s a day in the life of Daniel Boey?

“All I can say is that I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. I could be sitting down, brainstorming concepts with the team… We could be running around picking clothes, styling clothes, casting models, fitting models, or [doing] rehearsals, and so on. Sometimes, [we do] all of the above in one day. If we’re in the middle of fashion week, we’ll be doing that over and over and over again. So in a nutshell, most of our days are spent doing things we really, really enjoy.”
How do you come up with the overall creative direction of each Bugis Junction X Bugis+ shows?

“First, we had to study what the demographic of the mall was, what stores were selling, who the customers were, and then we observed what they were wearing. We tried to merge all of those things with the current trends, but we also wanted to make it accessible. We are firm believers that the wardrobe should last you as long as possible, and you should buy items that should complement what you have from last season, and not just go for trendy pieces only. We wanted it to be accessible in that when people come to watch the shows, they have something to take away from it, go into the stores, and build a wardrobe based on their own aesthetic.

We also try to vary the themes, because no two people are alike in personality. Our idea is to give people insight on how they should style their clothes without being inaccessible.”

'The Essentials' runway show

What was your inspiration behind the opening show of the Spring/Summer showcase, “The Essentials”?

“Whenever I do styling workshops, I always say that the foundation of one’s wardrobe is to have a very strong collection of basics – your essentials. These essentials are not just something you can buy and forget about. You build your essentials every season.

Looking at my foundation of essentials, I create new looks from that. What I try to do when I shop is when I pick up an item, I try to think of the other items I already have in my wardrobe. It should match at least 40% to 50% of the pieces. Otherwise, I might end up buying something that’s so beautiful but I have to build up an entire wardrobe just to match that one piece.

Having said that, I’ve been guilty of impulse buys as well! But yeah, it is a strategy to building up a stylish wardrobe. With the show starting off with The Essentials, we wanted to show how you could build your wardrobe – starting with the essentials.

'The Essentials' runway show

What other exciting happenings can we expect on the Bugis Junction X Bugis+ runways?

“I think the show has something for everyone. That’s what we try to create for every show. Essentials, Copacabana, Cruise Control… it doesn’t apply to any single demographic. Everybody who shops in Bugis – whether you’re a student, a working professional, or you’re my age group, or an older age group – you can take away tips from the shows.

The shows are also different because it’s not just about fashion. We collaborate a lot with music, [because] music is a great part of fashion as well, and a lot of musicians have become fashion muses. We have great musicians coming in and collaborating, and we pick the musicians based on their strong sense of fashion and their aesthetics for the show.”

'The Essentials' runway show featuring Nat Ho

What do you consider as a ‘fashion faux pas’?

“The one thing that really irks me – and I’ve discussed this with my team as well – is trying to overdress to impress. You have to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. When you dress according to a dress code, you must also follow your own aesthetic. Don’t open a magazine and go, “That looks really, really good.” But then the model is 6’2 and you’re 3’5.

At the same time, some people overcompensate. They tend to think: I should put on as many accessories as possible, so I clash everything. Therefore, I am fashionable. And then in Singapore, there’s also the other problem where many people are underdressed.”

'The Essentials' runway show

'The Essentials' show indeed showed us what the key essentials in our wardrobe should be — a little white dress, a pair of sleek cigarette pants, and a chic blazer, among many others. But aside from the classics with a twist, we were also treated to ensembles featuring the athleisure trend, which is only getting bigger and, dare we say, becoming a mainstay in the fashion arena. Spotting a jacket that I wanted to buy immediately, I'm glad to know that these key pieces can be readily available for purchase at Bugis Junction and Bugis+.

Ps: see you at Bugis+ Atrium, Level 2 this weekend!


Catch the Bugis Junction X Bugis+’s Hello Spring! Spring Summer Fashion Show 2017 this weekend on 8 and 9 April 2017 at the following location & timings:

Bugis+ - Atrium, Level 2
8 April, 4:30PM: “Good Vibes” ft. ShiGGa Shay
8 April, 7PM: “Pin Up Party”
9 April, 4:30PM: “70’s Geek Chic”
9 April, 7PM: “Come Play” ft. Sara Wee