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Beauty tools are just as important as your skincare and makeup products. In fact, they're now considered more as essentials than a luxury. While there are those that sound and feel right — say, electronic face brushes and mask applicators — there are also some that will make your brows raise and your spine tingle.

Being the curious Janes that we are, we decided to look for some eccentric beauty tools and see if they deserve a chance to be a part of your vanity. Learn more about our quirky finds below and who knows? Maybe one (or all) of them will catch your fancy.

Electronic eye and face masks?

Would You Give These Weird Beauty Tools A Try? - Electronic masks

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If you love eye creams and eye mask sheets, then the Eye Slack Haruka will definitely intrigue you. This electronic under-the-eye stimulator is said to be good at dealing with sagging skin and wrinkles. You also just it for just three minutes daily to get results. However, if face masks are more up your alley, the Maturity Haruka Cheek Muscle Slack Simulator might fit your routine better. This uses the same technology as the electronic eye mask to keep the skin smooth, youthful and glowing.

Looks promising, right? The only question now is: are willing to swap your current sheet faves with these futuristic skincare tech products?

A literal cat-eye tool

Would You Give These Weird Beauty Tools A Try? - Cat Liner

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One of the remaining beauty mysteries out there is how to create a perfect cat-eye — and that is on top of many YouTube tutorials, a myriad of choices for eye-lining, and daily practice. While your usual cat-eye liner stencils are cool and helpful, one took it to the next level by taking a literal cat — well, cat silhouette — as inspiration. 

Making waves on the internet for quite some time now is the Cat Line. This tool uses all the curves of the cat-like stencil not only to serve as a guide to get that perfect wing but to also help you out with your eyeshadow application. Each package comes with two patterns you can use depending on your eye shape and desired output. The only catch though is that it still asks the user to keep a steady hand during the stencilling process, which is already the initial issue we have with winged liners in general. Still, kudos for honesty, right? 

Facial hair tweezers or torture device?

Would You Give These Weird Beauty Tools A Try? - Facial Tweezers

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One of the best beauty tricks we learned in the previous years is that clearing your face of peach fuzz makes for better foundation application. But since not everyone is fond of putting a razor near their face, other facial hair removal methods rose in the market, such as tweezing. One of the products that gained traction is Tweezerman's Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover.

Using a coiling technology to trap even the finest of hairs on your face and remove them from the roots, this became an immediate hit for beauty gurus and casual users. But mixed reviews started to pop up with some claiming that it works mediocrely while causing pain like a mini-torture device. We guess this product really took 'pain is gain' seriously, huh?

Noselift via clipping

Would You Give These Weird Beauty Tools A Try? - Noselift clippers

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Almost every Asian kid experienced their grandmas or their aunts telling them to pinch their noses to make them thin and pointy. While it's still a mystery if a nose job without rhinoplasty is really possible, it seems like such beliefs led to noselift devices becoming popular in countries like China, Japan, and South Korea — because, you know, it can get tiring to keep your fingers on your nose all the time. 

Offering to take the place of your mum's clothing pins is the Brush Works Nose Lifting Clip. With soft gel pads on each side to cushion the pressure, this device is said to give you a noselift sans the surgical knife. Reviews are so-so, with most claiming that it can be uncomfortable to wear, but to each their own, right?

Weights, but for your face

Would You Give These Weird Beauty Tools A Try? - Smile Trainer

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If you want to tone your body muscles, lifting weights is a great wayt to do it. So why haven't we thought of applying the same dynamics to our face? Well, someone already actually has. That's right! The Japanese product Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer, which is endorsed by athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, is said to be the beauty tool your face needs to keep those wrinkles in check. This exercise rod is meant to be swung up and down using a mouthpiece that you have to hold with your lips — no biting, the instructions warn, as it won't work that way. The activity is meant to deal with muscle decline that causes sagging and wrinkles. The best part? They even have studies backing up the claims of their products. Worth the try, don't you think?

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There's no denying that a sharp, defined jawline is still considered the ideal for most. In South Korea, jaw reduction surgery remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. That may be about to change. With all the movement towards body positivity and acceptance, brands are also listening and adapting to this shift in sentiment. French luxury skincare brand Clarins, for one, is a label that redesigned their product to cater to the new, modern consumer that values individual beauty.

Launched back in 1998, the V Shaping Facial Lift is now reinvented for the new era. It lifts, depuffs and tightens the skin with the help of its new ingredients. It gives you a sculpted, rejuvenated look without altering your unique features. You could say that it's like the MLBB of skincare — you, but better! Keep reading to know about its key ingredients.

The botanical ingredients

The key ingredients in the new V Shaping Facial Lift include Organic Agropyron Extract (anti-gravity plant extract), Organic Guarana, Plant Caffeine, Zerumbet Ginger Extract and Horse Chestnut Escin. All of these work together to lift sagging skin, reduce puffiness and help define the facial contours. The combination of Organic Guarana and Plant Caffeine limits the formation of new fat cells and destroys lipids to reduce fatty tissue. Meanwhile, the Zerumbet Ginger Extract and Horse Chestnut Escin reduces water retention and stimulates skin microcirculation. 

Clarins V-Shape Studio Pop-up Booth

In Singapore at the ION Orchard, Clarins has a fun pop-up booth where you can try the new V Shaping Facial Lift, get an intensive wrap mask and watch the staff do a demo on how to properly apply the serum for maximum results. Plus, the photogenic booth gives plenty of cute photo opportunities! The Clarins pop-up space is open until 23 June. 

The new V Shaping Facial Lift Contouring Serum retails at SGD122/~USD89.18. It's available in all authorised Clarins counters and on the official Clarins website.

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There was once a time when organic and cruelty-free beauty was considered rare, high-priced, and luxurious. It's a good thing that now, accessible but clean and ethical beauty is on the rise. Soon enough, we're sure we'll be spoilt for choice. The latest one to enter the scene in the region is Naturally Serious

Boasting to take your skin seriously, thus, their brand name, Naturally Serious takes pride in being 'the cleanest brand' currently in the market. Their products are said to be created with no B.A.D (Banned. Ambiguous. Debatable) ingredients traced or found in their formulations. Cool, right? 

Another thing to note about their products is the inclusion of a special anti-pollution blend in their formulation. It's made with natural ingredients and six antioxidants such as pomegranate, goji berry, grape seed, as well as green, white, and red tea. This blend is clinically tested to also help combat signs of ageing caused by daily skin stressors like UV rays and free radicals. 

Now that they've landed in Singapore, watch as we give some of their bestsellers a whirl on the unboxing video above.

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