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Whether you just completed the KonMari Method or recently adopted a minimalist lifestyle, you'll know that having a capsule wardrobe means that each piece should be versatile enough to be paired with almost any other clothing. But this does not just apply to dresses and tops, all the accessories you own should also work well no matter the ensemble. So the best thing to do is to look for elegant jewellery designs to add to your collection. Not sure where to find them? Keep reading to discover some options. 

Pandora Exotic Stones & Stripes Sliding Bangle

Pandora Exotic Stones & Stripes Sliding Bangle


If you think that accessories featuring bold colours can't work with a capsule wardrobe, this arm candy from Pandora's High Summer 2019 Collection will prove you wrong. The cobalt blue accent (clematis blue enamel) designed with delicate clear cubic zirconia and complemented with a gold band is the perfect pick for people who want a versatile piece with a splash of colour. 

CHANEL pendant from 2019/20 Cruise Collection

CHANEL pendant from 2019/20 Cruise Collection

Price unavailable

Love sporting logos? This long pearl necklace showcasing the CHANEL monogram will surely elevate any outfit that you own. From sleeveless dresses to collared tops, this piece of jewellery will add an interesting layer of luxury to your ensemble. 

ASHEPA Fifi Earrings

ASHEPA Fifi Earrings

Price unavailable (Photo from: @ashepa_lifestyle)

Made by ASHEPA, a sustainable luxury lifestyle brand that partners with artisans from Africa to produce one-of-a-kind handmade elegant jewellery designs, this pair of statement earrings can liven up even the plainest outfit you have. It's gold-tone brass but has a lightweight feel for comfortable wear.

Tiffany & Co. Atlas® Watch (24mm)

Price unavailable

Versatile designs are great but having dual-purpose pieces in your arsenal is even better. Decked in bedazzling diamonds, this elegant jewellery piece from the Tiffany & Co. Atlas® collection serves as both a time-piece and an arm candy that can match well with any look that you can think of.

Kate Spade Romantic Rocks Ring

Kate Spade Romantic Rocks Ring


Having a capsule wardrobe doesn't mean that you should only stick to simple designs. Adding a little quirkiness can go a long way to make your look more interesting. Consider sporting rings with flair like this one from Kate Spade.

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We know you’re all itching to set off to a relaxing weekend. But before your week ends, catch up on the fashion and beauty news that hit the headlines this week. From the red carpet event at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to a Kylie Skin product called out for being harmful to the skin — read all the latest bites here.

 The new Kylie Skin face scrub faces some serious backlash

Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub

Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub (Photo from: @kylieskin)

Following the success of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner has revealed the launch of her new skincare line this week. Although they’re still not due to be released until 22 May, lots of beauty fans on Twitter are already calling out a product. It turns out, the Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub does some serious damage to the skin. The star ingredient is apparently too abrasive that it causes tears to your skin. Planning to try out her new range? Better pass up on this one just to be safe.

Celebrities grace the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival 2019

The Cannes Film Festival opened yet again with a star-studded red carpet event. Celebrities like Elle Fanning, Selina Gomez, and Alessandra Ambrosio graced the French Riviera with their stunning looks. If you’re wondering what daylight glamour looks like, then the guests of the annual festival are whom you should refer to. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty’s first-ever skincare range is coming up

A jar of pineapple-based moisturiser used by Selena Gomez in the Cannes Film Festival 2019

Marc Jacobs Beauty Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème, SGD78/MYR237

Marc Jacobs Skincare is launching its first line next month. The range is spearheaded by Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème, which debuted at the recent MET Gala. You can get that #PineappleGlow when it’s finally released in all Sephora stores in Singapore and Malaysia on 20 June.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cancels its television broadcast

It’s been a tradition for some fashion fans around the globe to catch the star-studded show on their televisions every year. But this year, things are going to change. The annual spectacle of glitz and glam will no longer grace our screens. The company’s executives announced that after two decades, they’ll be re-thinking the format of their show. No one knows for sure what awaits us when the brand is re-born, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

MAC x Disney Aladdin is finally arriving in the Philippines

A makeup collection based on Disney's Aladdin

A whole new world is coming for Disney and makeup fans in the Philippines. This 22 May, all MAC stores in the country will be releasing the opulently packaged Disney’s Aladdin collection. The much-awaited collab will be featuring an array of playful matte and metallic shades that will take you for a magic makeup ride.

James Charles loses more than two million subscribers following Tati Westbrook's video

Drama ensued in the YouTube beauty community once again when Tati Westbrook posted a 45-minute video explaining why she’s cutting off James Charles. She says she felt “really used” and implied that the 19-year-old YouTuber has changed because of fame and money. Since Tati posted the video, other celebrities in the community like Jeffree Star has dished in on the issue. James has since responded with his tearful apology video, but the event still took a toll on his subscriber count.


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We all know that Barbie is more than just a toy — she's a cultural icon. From taking on multiple careers (at one point she was even a palaeontologist) to participating in countless collaborations with big brands, the doll has come a long way since her launch six decades ago. In this digital age, she even does lifestyle vlogs and posts her outfits on Instagram. With all these, somewhere along the way, Barbie has become more of a personality than a mere toy. Case in point: She's getting a CFDA fashion award. Yes, it's true! She's even attending the ceremony.

What's the big deal? Only that the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards is one of the most prestigious award-giving body in the industry. With the CFDA's Board of Directors' Tribute Award, Barbie will join the ranks of Michelle Obama, Tom Ford and Gloria Steinem who also received the same honour in the past. To celebrate Barbie's win, here's a recap of her most fashionable moments that prove she deserves the accolade. 

 Barbie in Oscar de la Renta

In 2016, the beautiful "Something Blue" Oscar de la Renta Barbie was released. The doll is decked in a bridal piece that features delicate lace and stylish detailing. However, this wasn't the first time that Barbie collaborated with the designer. Back in the 1980s, Carol Spencer — the woman behind Barbie's looks — managed to get approval from Oscar de la Renta to have the dolls that wore his pieces be sold under his name. These limited edition dolls are now vintage collectables and are worth a fortune.

Barbie in Christian Dior

Barbie was dressed in Dior twice and both ensembles were iconic. One was in 1995 where she's donning a fabulous bejewelled brocade dress in metallic gold and black. The other was released in 1997 and this time, the outfit is inspired by the 1947 Dior New Look that featured a full skirt and a fitted top. High-fashion, indeed!

Barbie in Diane von Furstenberg

Far from Barbie's usual sundresses, the Diane von Furstenberg doll wears a very stylish wrap dress. It was released in the mid-noughties and was marketed as a jet-setter look complete with a suitcase, newspaper and oversized handbag accessories. It's very much done with the chic designer's personal fashion in mind.

Barbie in Karl Lagerfeld's signature look

Just when we thought Barbie can only rock feminine clothes, we're proven wrong when she was dressed up in Karl Lagerfeld's signature ensemble with the fingerless gloves, high-collared top and skinny pants. We don't know what it is, but it just works. Maybe that's the magic of Barbie — everything looks good on her. 

Moschino's Barbie-Inspired Collection

If there's anything that can prove Barbie's cultural influence, it's this Barbie-inspired collection by Moschino for their Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. From the baby pink trackers to the hot pink suit, all of these looks are deliciously glam that even top fashion influencers like Chiara Ferragni got a piece