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Elegantly Styled With Downy

Keep clothes soft and clean with Downy Timeless Softener

My husband Roy and I have always been sporty - we engage in our own weekly workout regimes and sometimes, get involved in friendly netball games or cycle and jog outdoors together. Ever since we moved in together, one of the commonly discussed topic surrounding household matters is on how to make our workout clothes smell good even post-workout. 

Clearly, downing ourselves in perfume sprays after an intense workout is not a good solution because the mix of perfume scent and sweat just isn't right. Also, my husband is not a fan of carrying bottled fragrances with him to sporting events. This discussion came up recently when we were doing grocery shopping with another couple friend. They introduced us to the Downy Timeless Softener - one of the fabric softener from the Downy Parfum Collection with a mild elegant fragrance - which they claim that the fragrance lasts long after laundry and suggested for us to give it a try. One thing I noticed about Downy Timeless from the other softeners from the same range was the white coloured liquid, which is great because it puts me to ease with washing delicate white clothing. 

That very same weekend that we bought our first bottle of Downy Timeless, Roy attended a workshop by Style Maker’s image consultant, Kyla Tan on style advice and choosing the right outfit for his date. Straight after the workshop, Roy decided to put his newly acquired styling knowledge to practice and got me a surprise outfit.

I received the outfit on the morning prior to our weekly date. And boy was I INDEED SURPRISED! When I opened the lid of the box, I immediately noticed a whiff of the Downy Timeless scent and got very impressed with Roy's attempt in prewashing the outfit with our newly purchased Downy Timeless Softener so that it smells good before gifting it to me! And the double surprise came in when I realised that he actually picked a white cropped top and printed wrap skirt for me. The assembled outfit has the effect of timeless elegance to it and it is totally the style I would embrace in my fashion choice, yet I have never matched cropped tops with formal skirts because cropped tops always give me the impression of being too casual and laid-back. 

Needless to say, I got very touched with Roy's thoughtful gift. Like his love for me, the Downy Timeless scent on my new outfit feels like an indulgence yet not imposing. The outfit's fabric against my skin was the softest I've ever experienced and up till now, I just wanted to make this Downy Timeless scent a special part of our memories whenever I do laundry at home! 

What are your style tips for an elegant look? Let us know in the comments below!