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Pay Attention To This "Game Of Thrones" Character's Wardrobe

What's the endgame for the Mother of Dragons?

It's an understatement to say that Game of Thrones' fans are hyped after the release of the latest official trailer last week. The eighth season of the popular television series is a long-awaited one, with the last season airing back in 2017. So you can just imagine how eager the fans are to know the fate of their beloved characters. The digging and hunting for clues has officially begun.

Unlike in the previous seasons, HBO has been very secretive about giving out hints. All of the trailers are vague and enigmatic, showing only random footage with no clear context. But you bet that it didn't deter persistent viewers from finding clues. The juiciest source? Cast interviews. 

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Emilia Clarke, who plays iron throne candidate Daenerys Targaryen, reveals that her character's wardrobe for the upcoming season will reveal a lot about the Khaleesi's destiny. "I feel like fans, like hardcore fans, will clock what's happening within the reflection of the clothing," she said. Of course, the most intriguing piece is the fiery red ensemble featuring fur embellishments. It's a big contrast to the flowy silhouettes she used to wear and the black leather outfits she started donning last season. What could this mean? We have our theories.

But first, let's look back at the earlier seasons. Back when Ned still had his head, it was Cersei who donned lighter hues of scarlets to show power and her royalty status. However, when Margaery went to King's Landing and stole her thunder, you'd notice that the dowager Baratheon queen started buckling up in golden armour and wore deeper red shades to underline her power and position even though, at the time, her influence was slowly fading as a new queen was bound to replace her. It was as if this was to remind people about what she's capable of and can also represent the anger brewing inside her. 

In a way, Danaerys donning red could just be an intimidation tactic so that the Starks and their allies will accept her as their new queen. But it can also show Khaleesi's state of mind. It could be that she's angry and passionate about defeating the White Walkers after they killed Viserion, or perhaps it shows that she has fully warmed up to Jon Snow and is now madly in love with him. Let's not dismiss the possibility that it could be both. 

Another theory is that Daenerys is embracing her destiny as Azor Ahai. To recap, the red priestess (no, not Melisandre, we mean the other one) believed that Daenerys is the one who was promised. Many in the fandom believed it to be true as the Khaleesi was born from smoke and salt, has woken the dragons and will eventually bring the Lightbringer to destroy "The Others." However, there's also a discussion that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai and Daenerys will be the one to be sacrificed for the Lightbringer to be forged. And so, could the red outfit mean that the blood of Dany will flow on the ground soon?

But then again, we could all be overthinking and costume designer Michele Clapton just wanted to dress Dany in red as a homage to her Targaryen heritage. In a few weeks, we'll know which of these speculations are true. She played the game of thrones, now will she win or will she die?

(Cover photo from: @gameofthrones)