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Etude House Just Made Goth Sweeter Than Ever

Add some glam to your trick-or-treating this Halloween with Etude House's new Pink Skull collection. Combining the edgy and badass vibe of goth with a hint of sweetness, these eyeshadow palettes, cream blushers, mascaras, lip tints, nail colours, nail art stickers, and fragrances will bring out a different side of you.

There's the 9-color eye shadow palette comes in two variations, Lovely Skull and Funky Skull, both consisting of a good mix of muted pinks, reds, browns, shimmer, and monochrome; the limited-edition Pink Skull version of the popular Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara to give your peepers a softer, sweeter yet amped up look; the moisturising Pink Skull Cream Blusher will add just the right amount of flush you need to give your cheeks while keeping it matte and smooth; and the Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint that dispenses a matte mousse tint and a moisturizing glossy liquid tint shot for vivid coloured lips.

Plus, you can also give yourself a glamorous mani with the Pink Skull Play Nail series and the Pink Skull Play Nail Stickers that has colours and styles that adds a touch of both sweetness and edginess. Just paint, dry, and stick, and you're ready to go!

And to complete your sweet goth vibe, spritz on the Pink Skull Colourful Scent Eau De Perfume which combines sweet berry and floral scents with an empowering musk and sandalwood  base that's gives the right amount of balance between preppy and provocative.

So what are you waiting for? Achieve the perfect pastel goth look with the Etude House Pink Skull Collection.  


The Etude House Pink Skull Collection is available in all Etude House counters in Singapore.