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Everything You Need To Know About Aging Skin

Experimenting with beauty looks is fun while we’re young. It’s forgivable if we go too bold or overboard with our makeup since it’s all part of our ever-evolving beauty misadventures. However, enjoying this liberty way too much can take a toll on our skin in the long run.

Most of us think that just because we’re a long way from our 40s, our skin will be safe from wrinkles and dark spots. However, aging is more than what we see with the naked eye. Even if we’re careful about our choice of makeup products and try every measure to keep our skin youthful, sometimes it’s just not enough.

So to make sure you get your anti-aging skincare routine on point and be your #BestBeautiful, here’s what you need to know when it comes to skin aging. 


You should limit washing your face to two times a day

While it’s tempting to constantly wash your face, take note that aging skin shouldn’t be stripped of moisture. Constant washing will eventually dry out the skin, causing more wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Instead, the goal of a good cleansing routine should be towards hydration, firmness, and skin tightening.

So the ideal way to keep that youthful glow is by limiting your face cleansing routine to just two times a day: the start of your day and before you go to sleep. If you want to get rid of excessive oil, blotting paper can do the trick just fine to bring back that fresh-faced radiance.

Your sleeping habits can accelerate skin aging

During the day, your skin is already battling with factors such as stress and pollution – which over time can affect the firmness of your skin. The only way it can recharge and repair itself is when stress hormones drop to a normal level -- which happens at night when you’re sleeping.

Whenever you pull an all-nighter, your skin is not given enough time to recover, causing it to look dull and dry the next day. So the fewer hours of sleep you get, the faster your skin ages over time. So make sure to squeeze in a rest despite your busy schedule to wake up with a radiant glow.

Skipping on sunscreen leads to signs of skin aging

One of the most common mistakes we have is thinking that just because we’re walking under the shade, then we’re safe from the sun. But if you skipped on your sunscreen for that reason, think again! The UV rays from the sun actually bounces off surfaces such as cement walls and asphalt, which can damage the skin without you noticing. So if you’ve ever experienced redness and sunburn even if you haven’t been exposed to direct sunlight, this is your answer.

Constant exposure to UV rays eventually lead to premature aging of the skin due to irreversible skin damage accumulated over time. So make sure you never skip applying sunscreen every time you’re out.

The quality of your diet will show on your skin

Remember those lessons we had back in kindergarten about Go, Grow, and Glow foods? They still come in handy in this day and age! It’s natural for the skin to lose its elasticity over time. But keeping your diet healthy can help retain the plumpness and radiance of your skin. Many fruits and vegetables have vitamins that boost the skin’s healing process.

So help your skin recover from damaging factors by charging up with a balanced meal and keeping your fruits and vegetables on hand. They are not called “Glow Foods” for nothing!

Too much “skincare” can lead to more damage

Yes. There is such a thing as overdoing your skincare routine. With tons of products like serums, moisturizers, toners, and emulsions available in the market, it’s no surprise that we want to try them all to make sure our skin gets its much needed TLC. But too much skincare that’s not suited to your skin’s needs can actually lead to dryness and even irritation, causing the signs of skin aging to be more prominent.

The best solution? Trim down your skincare routine to a handful of products that will do the job right without overpowering the natural repair process of your skin. Our current skincare love is the Olay Regenerist Miracle duo which consists of the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream. These overnight miracle skin treatments boost the skin’s natural renewal process by up to 60% and rejuvenates the skin up to 10 layers for a healthier and younger looking glow – and all it takes is just two products.


Anything else to add in this need-to-know skincare list? Share with us your thoughts down in the comments below!

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