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Experimenting with beauty looks is fun while we’re young. It’s forgivable if we go too bold or overboard with our makeup since it’s all part of our ever-evolving beauty misadventures. However, enjoying this liberty way too much can take a toll on our skin in the long run.

Most of us think that just because we’re a long way from our 40s, our skin will be safe from wrinkles and dark spots. However, aging is more than what we see with the naked eye. Even if we’re careful about our choice of makeup products and try every measure to keep our skin youthful, sometimes it’s just not enough.

So to make sure you get your anti-aging skincare routine on point and be your #BestBeautiful, here’s what you need to know when it comes to skin aging. 


You should limit washing your face to two times a day

While it’s tempting to constantly wash your face, take note that aging skin shouldn’t be stripped of moisture. Constant washing will eventually dry out the skin, causing more wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Instead, the goal of a good cleansing routine should be towards hydration, firmness, and skin tightening.

So the ideal way to keep that youthful glow is by limiting your face cleansing routine to just two times a day: the start of your day and before you go to sleep. If you want to get rid of excessive oil, blotting paper can do the trick just fine to bring back that fresh-faced radiance.

Your sleeping habits can accelerate skin aging

During the day, your skin is already battling with factors such as stress and pollution – which over time can affect the firmness of your skin. The only way it can recharge and repair itself is when stress hormones drop to a normal level -- which happens at night when you’re sleeping.

Whenever you pull an all-nighter, your skin is not given enough time to recover, causing it to look dull and dry the next day. So the fewer hours of sleep you get, the faster your skin ages over time. So make sure to squeeze in a rest despite your busy schedule to wake up with a radiant glow.


Skipping on sunscreen leads to signs of skin aging

One of the most common mistakes we have is thinking that just because we’re walking under the shade, then we’re safe from the sun. But if you skipped on your sunscreen for that reason, think again! The UV rays from the sun actually bounces off surfaces such as cement walls and asphalt, which can damage the skin without you noticing. So if you’ve ever experienced redness and sunburn even if you haven’t been exposed to direct sunlight, this is your answer.

Constant exposure to UV rays eventually lead to premature aging of the skin due to irreversible skin damage accumulated over time. So make sure you never skip applying sunscreen every time you’re out.


The quality of your diet will show on your skin

Remember those lessons we had back in kindergarten about Go, Grow, and Glow foods? They still come in handy in this day and age! It’s natural for the skin to lose its elasticity over time. But keeping your diet healthy can help retain the plumpness and radiance of your skin. Many fruits and vegetables have vitamins that boost the skin’s healing process.

So help your skin recover from damaging factors by charging up with a balanced meal and keeping your fruits and vegetables on hand. They are not called “Glow Foods” for nothing!


Too much “skincare” can lead to more damage

Yes. There is such a thing as overdoing your skincare routine. With tons of products like serums, moisturizers, toners, and emulsions available in the market, it’s no surprise that we want to try them all to make sure our skin gets its much needed TLC. But too much skincare that’s not suited to your skin’s needs can actually lead to dryness and even irritation, causing the signs of skin aging to be more prominent.

The best solution? Trim down your skincare routine to a handful of products that will do the job right without overpowering the natural repair process of your skin. Our current skincare love is the Olay Regenerist Miracle duo which consists of the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream. These overnight miracle skin treatments boost the skin’s natural renewal process by up to 60% and rejuvenates the skin up to 10 layers for a healthier and younger looking glow – and all it takes is just two products.


Anything else to add in this need-to-know skincare list? Share with us your thoughts down in the comments below!

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Stick foundations have been making quite the wave in the beauty industry lately, mostly brought about by our desire to cut down the time it takes to apply our makeup without sacrificing quality and our desired finish. After all, what is more convenient than having a foundation you can easily tap on your skin, buff and blend, and quickly be done with your base makeup.

The thing with stick foundations though: they have a bad reputation for being overly drying, thick on the skin, and hard to blend. So buying a stick foundation that works for your skin can at times be tricky since skin reacts differently to different formulas.

So what should you look for in a good stick foundation? A smooth formula that glides easily over the skin, great packaging that makes it convenient and easy to apply, a hygienic applicator that is easy to remove and clean, and of course a long-wearing formula that gives a natural and glowy finish. Our choice product of the moment: The Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup.

If you were curious to see if this stick foundation is really worth all the hype, we asked two beauty bloggers from Singapore to give the Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup a try. Here’s what they have to say about this innovative product that every girl should have in her makeup collection.


Savina Chai
Creative Director & Founder of Eight Slate

“This innovative stick is not only easy to wear but also quick to apply with its One Minute To Go application. Perfect for touch-ups especially in the cab!”


Rachel Wong
Bloggerati By Nuffnang

“I tried this foundation on the day after I got it because I had a full day planned and I wanted to put it to the test. The texture is a lot lighter than I thought it'd be, which is perfect for me because I don't like having too much product on my face.

It has a glowy finish which is really nice but because my skin gets oily, I used long stay loose powder to mattify it, and it lasted almost the entire day!”

Want to see how the product applies? Watch as Rachel taps, buffs, and blends to flawless skin!


Have you tried Estée Lauder's latest foundation? Share your thoughts with us below!



We've said this over and over: our beauty and fashion choices say a lot about our personality. But we have to admit that we don't know ourselves to the fullest extent, making it hard for us to go over our options and pick the best one to reflect who we really are -- because let's face it, getting a perfect lippie shade to match our current mood is a major personal decision.

Good thing there's our Myers-Briggs type. If you don't know what this is, it's a 16-personality type classification made by psychologists. It theorises that people can identify to one of the 16 typologies, making it easier to understand their thinking process. It's achieved by taking a test a that would barely take 15-minutes and the results are claimed to be convincingly accurate. Plus, if you've been typed before, then you'll definitely agree that it's actually really fun to give a try! 

So in the name of all things fashion and beauty, keep reading as we decided to decode each Myers-Briggs type's ultimate problem and give it our protip solutions.


ISFJ - Can overlook their own beauty

ISFJs are naturally warm and supportive that they make the people around them realise that everyone is definitely beautiful. However, because of their own humble and shy nature, they tend to downplay their own beauty. They take criticism very deeply and overload themselves with too much pressure that they are also prone to too much stress, which tends to wear them out inside and out.

Our solution: Take things slow and make time to look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself the way you appreciate others. Get that much needed pampering and see yourself glow both physically and from within.  

ISFP - their own creativity overwhelms them

Beauty and fashion brings out the artist in all of us. Coming up with a look that shouts 'you' is a masterpiece in its own. But this is the very reason why ISFPs sometimes feel constricted with their own beauty choices. Planning is never really their strongest suit and they love coming up with looks on-the-spot to the point that they can never quite agree with themselves on what look works for them. So they can go over that winged tip 10x over or redo their look at least three times before turning away from the mirror with a tons of makeup wipes used. Probably not the best when you're on-the-go!

Our best tip: Always keep a travel-sized all-in-one palette in your purse for an instant revamp whenever and wherever you are! Who said you can't have a makeover midday? You do you, girl!

ESFP - their need for approval

Naturally enthusiastic and engaging, most will agree that ESFPs are born stars -- and they are! But even if they can shine their brightest, they have a tendency to look to others' approval before embracing something fully, making it hard for them to have freedom in experimenting with trends that they find interesting. 

Our best tip: Not all trends work for everyone. Just because people give a certain trend a thumbs down doesn't mean you can't go ahead and try it out. Who knows? You might be missing out on a trend that only you can own!

ENFP - gets stressed over trends

The most dynamic and enthusiastic of the MBTI types, ENFPs are always on the lookout for new opportunities and horizons -- and the same goes when it comes to their excitement towards the newest trends. Their never-ending quest for the latest and hottest trends can be refreshing and innovative, but it can take a major toll on the pockets. Plus, it also takes a huge amount of energy and effort that can wear them out to a certain extent. 

Our solution: Take things slow. It's okay to not always be "in" when it comes to beauty and fashion trends. Trust us when we say that you're radiant and amazing personality makes you rock any OOTD and MOTD.


ENFJ - the pressure of being a trendsetter

Born with a charisma that magnetises people, ENFJs are often looked up to by others, from the way they dress and compose themselves, down to their ideals and wisdom. Their opinion matters to people and because they have a deep sense of altruism, they hate disappointing those who rely on them. This is why even the idea of talking about beauty products or fashion pieces they love can be pressuring, considering that it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Our best advice: It's normal to gush over the things you love. If you're really keen on not wanting to give people a "false review", just keep in mind that people are more understanding than you think and have faith in their knowledge that beauty and fashion choices are purely subjective.

INTJ - their need for perfection

If there's one thing that 2016 proved, it's the idea that no matter how outrageous beauty and fashion trends can be, it has a place in the world. But this very idea can be a little disorienting for our INTJ friends. Upholding order and perfect planning is their most valued morale, INTJs are more at ease with curated OOTDs and classic makeup looks, making it hard to adapt to the crazy up-and-coming trends that pops up every now and then. 

Our ultimate tip from the bag: Even if people are telling you to move out of your comfort zone when it comes to how you style yourself, always remember that you don't have to pressure yourself to follow a trend for the sake of others. Trends are optional, not a necessity! 


INFJ - the fear of not being 'original' enough

INFJs hold their principles to the highest degree. This is why they are scared of compromising their own identity, leading to overthinking their choice of beauty and fashion looks. And with the beauty and fashion industry being more and more open to even subculture inspired trends, INFJs often feel like they are losing their own touch at uniqueness. Their yearning for authenticity is blocked out by the idea of joining in the bandwagon, making them restrict their own goals for achieving a desired personal style.

Our ultimate advice: With millions of people across the world, having a look that's uniquely your own can be difficult -- at least in a literal sense. Always remember that at the end of the day, your individual mind shapes an identity that's uniquely yours, and that's what makes any outfit or beauty look original in its own way.

INTP - their need for innovation

One of the busiest minds in the bunch, INTP combines creativity and rational thinking in a way that not the other types could comprehend. They find the perfect balance between practicality and other-worldly, making them one of the masters of innovation in terms of fashion and beauty trends. However, their thirst for this constant change easily makes them get over one trend even before it has its share of the spotlight. 

Our two cents: One way to not get bored as easily is to study the inspirations behind each trend and understand that each of these looks are reincarnation of others. This way, you'll see that trends are not just passive elements, but rather contribute to how your much anticipated innovation happens. 


ENTP - decluttering

ENTPs embody the saying "the world is my oyster". They love to try and experiment to their heart's content and because of this, they are most likely the type who has the most diverse beauty and fashion stash. They don't like restricting themselves with one signature look, and with their confidence, they shine through every outfit. However, because they simply love everything in their collection, decluttering is their major nemesis.

Our best tip: As much as you love everything in your stash equally, find the balance between adding to your collection and letting go of items that you rarely even use. This way, you're giving your wardrobe room to breathe while still letting yourself indulge in having diverse options. 

ENTJ - their quest to be the best

While some people are contented with fitting in with the latest trends or simply sticking to their own style, ENTJs competitive nature yearns to stand out from the crowd. Highly resourceful and energetic, their are charming and compelling in a way that they encourage everyone around them to also look and feel their best. But sometimes, their energy can come off as intimidating, even to their own self.

Our ultimate tip from the bag: No need to stress yourself over with the latest beauty and fashion trends just to show people that you're still at the top of your game. With your amazing energy, you're already one step ahead and your beauty and fashion picks are simple their to enhance what you already have. Relax!


ISTJ - they're too critical on themselves

With their strong sense of duty and responsibility, ISTJs often make great leaders who knows their convictions. But in terms of beauty and fashion, this can serve as a challenge for them. They often feel compelled to say something about almost every single beauty and fashion trend that they come across with that it makes their options smaller and smaller. This makes them feel stuck in terms of finding a style that suits them because of their overly critical nature.

Our best solution: Trust yourself with a little freedom. As long as your beauty and fashion choices don't offend or promote cruelty towards others, it's okay to give yourself the liberty to give that power outfit a try. 

ISTP - their passiveness

Highly analytical, ISTPs prefer to observe fashion and beauty trends through a glass window. They love everything about makeup, clothes, and things that are "in", but only in a conceptual way. This often leaves them in a dilemma when they actually have to attend an event or a gathering where they have to don a certain look, leaving them to shop with their theoretical knowledge down to the last minute.

Our ultimate tip: Use your fascination for fashion and beauty to find your own unique style. You already have the concepts in mind, so find the motivation to put them into action. Think of it as an actual experiment to make your learning process more interesting.


ESTJ - their aversion towards the uncoventional

As people who love order and logic, ESTJs often find themselves confused when it comes to extreme beauty and fashion trends. They find themselves fixated on trying to understand the reasons behind these crazy trends, sometimes overlooking the point that it is simply for entertainment, which adds to their personal stress.

Our best tip: Take time to relax and enjoy other news about fashion and beauty that suits your aesthetic. Keep in mind that trends will always keep on changing and even if it can't please everyone, doesn't mean that you have to stress yourself about it.

ESTP - their impulsiveness

Ah, shopping! One of the things we absolutely love about fashion and beauty is just walking through aisles and aisles of products and pieces that we love to get our hands on. And with the ESTPs enthusiasm and always on-the-go attitude, this is one of their most exciting past times. However, their adventurous outlook also shows when they're shopping, causing them to go for buys that often leave them regretting later.

Our ultimate solution: Shop with someone who will help you weigh down your options. Shopping alone can give a huge sense of freedom that can lead to impulsive purchases, and having someone who can remind you to take things slow can significantly help adjust your shopping habits.


ESFJ - finding a look that they can own

Naturally warm and sensitive, ESFJs often stick to going with the flow and puts a huge amount of trust in other people's recommendations. With this, they often struggle with finding their own unique look and style, as they find it more easy and practical. This often leaves them feeling unoriginal.

Our two cents: It's okay to get help from others. Use it as an opportunity to explore the options that are suggested to you and choose which looks and pieces you find yourself more at ease in. Finding your unique style is not something you can rush -- what's important is that you have fun during the journey. 

INFP - they are not fond of reviews

From their beauty and fashion choices to their personal hobbies and lifestyle, you will notice that INFPs live and breathe creativity. They see idealism in everything and everyone and believe that everything has its hidden potential -- this is why they usually frown upon beauty and fashion reviews. No matter how low-rated a product is, INFPs often give it a chance only to find themselves disappointed with a wasted purchase. Still, they never lose hope and commit this over and over again.

Our best tip: Optimism and having strong faith towards others is admirable. But when it comes to beauty and fashion products, keep in mind that objectivity should always be taken into consideration. It's always a good thing to remember that negative reviews give a brand a chance to innovate and improve. All the more reasons for you to not feel bad about it as much, right?


Did we get your Myers-Briggs beauty dilemma on-point? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!