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Ah, spring and summer are coming. When we hear about these seasons, the first thing that comes to mind is a pastel colour palette. Think sky blues, mints, blush and sunshine yellow. Don't they make you feel giddy and ready for brighter days lounging by the beach or going around a theme park?

If you're not one to bask in the sun, though, you can still get the fun of a theme park and even the vibrancy of pastel hues to boot. Welcoming Spring is the Etude House Wonder Fun Park collection, a range of eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, pigments, blushers, highlighters, lip colours, fragrances and beauty tools that are perfect for lovers of anything whimsical.

Ready to get smitten by cuteness? Here are a few things you can get from the collection.


Color Eyes Palettes

SGD 25.90

This palette comes in two variations; one has more mattes in it while the other has more shimmery shadows – both housed in a pastel-coloured case.

Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara

SGD 20.90

If you're no expert in putting on eyeshadow, here's the next best thing to get if you still want to don colourful hues for spring and summer: mascara that comes in bright hues. The collection has two shades: Pang Pang Purple and Swing Mint.


Candy Cheek & Highlighters

SGD 26

Multi-coloured highlighters in two variations? Yes, please. Aside from the colour selection, these powders are also great for giving you a glow since they have a bit of shimmer to them.

Dear Darling Soda Tint

SGD 9.90

Pucker up! These tints are not your ordinary lip products. Check out the cool colour selection, and get ready to stand out.


The Wonder Fun Park collection will be available at all Etude House branches in Singapore starting March 3.



With the media, the fashion and beauty industries, and basically the entire world moving towards diversity, we are getting closer to being completely free of constrictions to a single stereotypical idea of beauty. However, even if we already have the tendency to see the best in other people — someone's beautiful eyes, their curvy waist, their outstanding posture, etc. — one thing that we often forget is see what we have to offer.

So if you're already embracing this new idea but are still having difficulty grasping it completely, here are our top tips on how you can love yourself more and dive in to being more body positive.


Know that you are beautiful

One of the things that keep us from embracing fully the idea of body positivity is that we confuse self-love with narcissism. But there is a line between being obsessed with yourself and appreciating your own beauty. 

It is human nature to point out something that seems out of place, leading to us to spotting our own flaws constantly. But who says your flaws have to define your perception of yourself? Always keep in mind that if you are capable of appreciating someone else's features, figure, or personality, then someone out there might be looking at you admirably, too. 

Take care of your health

A major misunderstanding that most people usually have when it comes to body positivity is condoning issues such as anorexia or obesity. But digging deep into its nature, being body positive is not about embracing these disorders but rather correcting them. 

People who are naturally thin or curvy are being celebrated by this idea. The key is promoting a healthy lifestyle since being fit does not equate with just one body type. So it's more than just about feeling good about your body but making sure that you're also staying fit as well. 


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

(Photo from: curlsandmints)

There's usually a basis as to why we feel bad about a certain aspect of ourselves. It may be from a bad experience or simply growing up and having people tell you things about yourself that made you believe that you are not good enough. It can be difficult to rise above it. But do remember that at the end of the day, what matters most is how you see yourself. Nothing slams the haters more than confidence and self-love. Know your self-worth and don't let others put a value on you based on their standards; always strive to impress yourself first and foremost.

You do you

(Photo from: Sitiology)

 As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, go by your own rules, babe, and you'll be unstoppable. 


Feeling very body positive already? Keep the momentum and get another dose of inspiration by adding these young women on your role model list.



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Beauty trends, like fashion fads, resurface after a period of time — the tiny and detailed changes in the makeup trends are what make them unique from their previous versions. Take eyeliner for instance: in the 60’s, it was all about the graphic, overly drawn feline flick; but today, it’s all about subtle cut creases and kitten flicks. It's the same trend but with two different versions.

This decade, though, the industry has seen a huge resurgence in 80’s and 90’s beauty trends. Ready to get your makeup looks on point with the hottest must-wear looks? Then keep reading as we have six throwback beauty trends that are now cool again.


Brown Lips

When nude lips became popular again, it was only a matter of time before the brown trend came back. And it is not disappointing. Unlike the 90’s version, which focused on darker shades to complement the grunge vibe, brown lips today come in a variety of hues and tones, making it easier for women of all skin tones to find their perfect brown lipstick.

Colourful Eyeshadow

Neutrals will always be everyone’s go-to, but when you find yourself in the mood for a nice pop on your lids, you don’t have to be afraid to play with colour anymore. What separates today’s chic colourful looks from the disasters of the 80’s is that blending is a crucial step in creating the look.


Draped Blush

Another 80’s trend that came back in a big way, draped blush is set to replace contouring. Our tip to creating the modern take on this retro blush trend: build it in layers. That way, you’ll have a soft and natural-looking finish instead of a harsh, streaky mess.

Metallic Lips

Matte lips will start to take the backseat this year as metallic lips are back and better than ever — an edgier version of yesteryears' frosty, glittery, and shimmery finishes, this high shine, opaque, and glossy lip trend is the perfect update.


Glossy Lids

In the past, if you wanted to achieve a glossy lid, you would have to use layers upon layers of glittery eyeshadows to get that shine just right. But thanks to advancements and innovations in beauty technology, getting the look is as easy as two steps. The first is to use an eyeshadow that contains fine shimmers. The finer they are, the better. And second, layer on a light coating of gloss or balm all over for that wet-look finish. Easy, right?

Doll-Like Eyes

Lining your eyelids with a subtle flick and piling on the mascara is often used to open up the eyes. But this time, it’s all about giving them that sleepy, doll-like look, a la Twiggy circa 1965. So if you want to rock this trend, better bring out your eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes and start creating those long, luscious hairs on your lower lashes.