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Quiz: Which Extreme Activity In Asia Should You Try?

Challenge yourself

Travelling is all about going beyond your comfort zone. So don’t be afraid to explore and try out things you've never done before. It’s not very often that you’re out exploring an unfamiliar place, so go ahead and make the most out of your trip. Taste local delicacies and make new friends. While you’re at it, indulge your adventurous side and try out an extreme activity as well. It can be scary, but conquering your fear is exactly what makes it fun. Can’t decide which to try out first? Take the quiz below and find out which thrilling adventure will make your trip most memorable. 

1. When you travel, you enjoy:


a. Having ample time to meditate and appreciate your surroundings.

b. Planning and having everything scheduled in your itinerary.

c. Partying with your friends and experiencing the local nightlife.

d. A flexible sched that allows you to stop by random places that strike your fancy.

2. What’s your favourite season?


a. Winter

b. Spring

c. Summer

d. Fall

3. You’re catching up over dinner with your friends. You:


a. Just quietly listen in on their stories.

b. Are the first one to break the ice.

c. Make them laugh with all the funny anecdotes you’ve got.

d. Just go with the flow of the convo.

4. What mode of transportation do you enjoy riding the most?


a. None. You love walking.

b. Your own car.

c. The train.

d. The plane.

5. If you could describe yourself in one word, you’d be:


a. Persistent

b. Organised

c. Straightforward

d. Risk-taker


If you answered mostly A, then perhaps you’ll enjoy skiing in Hokkaido, Japan.

Skiing is one extreme activity you can try in Asia

You enjoy taking on challenges and reflecting on what you learn as you go along. When you travel, you love being one with nature, as this inspires you to look deeper within. For all these reasons, skiing would probably be one of the most enjoyable extreme activities for you. The northern-most island in Japan is home to a number of skiing resorts like the Furano Ski Resort. Seeing the silvery wonderland of Hokkaido atop the hill is most certainly awe-inspiring. Gliding down and reaching the foot of the snow-covered heights can be quite a difficult task — making the success of your experience even more rewarding.

If you answered mostly B, then try out flyboarding in Selangor, Malaysia.


You love being in control. You can’t sit still not having everything scheduled down to the last second — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Your meticulousness and your organisation skills are just proof of how great you are in keeping things in balance. This is what makes flyboarding an extreme activity you must try. Flyboarding is a fairly new watersport, which you can experience with the help of Oxbold Sports in Selangor. In this activity, you get to test your balance as it would force you to maintain it against the strong water pressure in the propellers. It takes quite a number of falls before people can get the hang of it, but that challenge makes it all the more fun.

If you answered mostly C, maybe speeding through the official F1 circuit in Singapore is for you. 

A red supercar

You’re a no-fuss type of person who enjoys a high-energy and fast-paced lifestyle. For this, you’ll probably enjoy speeding around in a race car. Luckily, in Singapore, you can actually drive around the official Formula One circuit for fun. So go on ahead and rev our engines. See how you’ll fare behind the wheels of a supercar by whizzing through the road. You have different routes to choose from, giving you a chance to drive past attractions like the Marina Bay sands and more. This hair-raising experience will surely be far from forgettable.

If you answered mostly D, tick off paragliding in Cavite, Philippines from your bucketlist.


You have a completely spontaneous personality. You just follow where your heart takes you. For a chill person like you, an aero sport like paragliding is a must-try. Just a few hours’ drive away from Manila is a nice paragliding spot in Carmona, Cavite. Through Paragliding Philippines, you can drift off and let the wind take you. Just quietly sit back in your harness and enjoy the ride and the sights. For an even more hassle-free experience, you can opt for a tandem paragliding experience and let an experienced paraglider pilot take care of the flight for you.

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