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Extroverts Will Love These Workouts

The social butterfly's fitness guide

Being part of the outgoing and energetic end of the MBTI spectrum, extroverts are always engaged in tons of activities and people to deal with. With most social events centering around food or drinking, it's totally understandable why extroverts can have difficulty dealing with fitness issues when they're too busy with hanging out with friends and peers. 

But we'd like to whip you extroverts back into shape with the understanding that not everyone is fit for a heavy gym setup. No matter how much socialising you do, here are some activities that you will surely enjoy and be willing to make time for.

ENTJ: Jiu Jitsu

Goal-oriented, determined, and social, your ideal workout is all about mastering a skill that delivers results and builds relationships. Jiu jitsu is practiced with a partner or a group, which can help stimulate your anticipation in maintaining a connection with others, while moving to different stages (or the idea of getting belts) remains your ultimate motivation. 

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ENTP: Suspension Training

You get bored easily and your motivation is dictated by your random spikes of energy, making you more inclined to participate in activities that provide a multitude of possibilities. With suspension training, it may involve some gear to get you started on your workout, but you don't have to worry about any restriction as the cords and weights used in this program offer many versatile exercises and routines you can switch up based on your desired result. 

ENFJ: Power Walking

Highly emphatic and charismatic, ENFJs work best in a group setting. So joining a recreational sports club where they can satisfy their craving to create and build interpersonal relations reignites the motivation to carry on with this activity is advised. 

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ENFP: Triathlon

Free-spirited and always wanting to feed their sense of adventure, ENFPs are perfect for the exciting thrill of triathlons. 

ESTJ: Teambuilding/bootcamp activities

Born leaders whose charisma and energy just compel people to come together, ESTJs will definitely find teambuilding or bootcamp activities to be effective, efficient, and most of all, engaging. It gives a sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time not just for themselves, but for othr participants as well, leaving the natural 'leader' in them fully satisfied. 

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ESFJ: Dual sports like tennis or badminton

As someone who is cooperative and harmonious, a collaborative way to work your mind and muscles out is by doing some fun dual activities. Tennis and badminton provide that sense of accomplishment while building a connection between you and your partner.

ESTP: Muay Thai or Boxing

Energetic, spunky, and always up for a challenge, people with this personality type would love an activity that is both social and filled with adrenaline, making these contact sports the perfect fitness match. 

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ESFP: Swimming

Spontaneous and enthusiastic, the sweet flow of the water under your wing is something that you would immensely enjoy. Swimming gives that sense of freedom and energy that resonates well with you, making it an activity to look forward to everytime. 

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