Fall In Love With Freya | Clozette

A new sleek and slouchy Hobo has arrived at Mulberry and we're falling head over heels for it! The Freya bag is not your typical all-around bag. It embodies casual, contemporary elegance. Designed as much for practical comfort as irresistible appeal, the Freya has an equestrian-inspired top handle that fits easily over the shoulder or rests in the crook of the arm. The smaller size option also features a detachable easy-to-wear shoulder strap.   

Beautifully constructed to hang with an elegant slouch, the Freya is made from soft and supple Calf Leather in the new season colour palette of classic Black, romantic Rose Petal, timeless Taupe and cool Steel Blue.  


Going back to school doesn't have to be sad. In fact, you should be happy 'cause you're going to be reunited with your friends, learn new things, and the best part of all--shop for new clothes, makeup, and school supplies! Since it's already August, we're giving you a headstart along with our favourite Youtubers who are also back to the daily campus grind!

Here are 5 back-to-school videos you can watch for a great first day high!


Study Tips + Motivation & Lifehacks for School!

by: Shelby Church

First things first, Youtuber Shelby Church helps us get motivated to study with these tips! Overall, it's really about staying organised and focused. Stay away from distractions and take short breaks in between to recharge. That way, you're always productive and your mind is always fresh.

BACK TO SCHOOL ROUTINE: Makeup, Hair, Outfit Idea!

by: Tara Michelle 

Outfits for school is different from dressing up for your normal, casual days because of the dress code. This shouldn't stop you from being creative with your looks! Watch this video by Tara Michelle to get tips on how to get ready for school in an outfit that's safe for every dress code! 

Back to School Supplies Haul 2015

by: MissTiffanyMa 

Another great thing about the back-to-school season is that you have another reason to shop.This video by MissTiffanyMa serves as a motivation to get excited about the school year ahead. Also, you'll have an idea on how to organise everything when it comes to your notes, activities, and schedule. 

Life Hacks for Back to School! Alisha Marie

by: AlishaMarie 

To know more about how you can outsmart the stress of school, watch this video by AlishaMarie. You will learn various tips on keeping your gym shoes smell good, using the command + F for a fast way to search your notes, and having a timed playlist so you won't be late in school! 

DIY Back to School Projects! Supplies, Room Decor & Clothes 

by: Aspyn Ovard

If you want get creative then DIY school supplies and room decors are also fun to try for the season. Watch this one by Aspyn Ovard so you can make use of washi tapes and keep your stuff looking nice and exciting. You can even make your own matchy-matchy pieces!



(cover photo from Jeslyne)

It's all over the Clozette Community, your Instagram feed, blogs, and basically everywhere on both digital and print media. Yes, flat lays are taking the millennial world by storm. But do you know that behind those perfectly-angled, flawless looking shots are a series trial and error styling and a whole lot adjustments? It takes artistry and a good eye to get that one perfect flat lay shot for your feed.

If you're wondering how everybody does a flawless flat lay shot, here's a basic guide for you!



Rule # 1: Establish the Focus

(photo from Junedujour)

The flat lay shot is mostly used by beauty and fashion bloggers where they lay out the products on a flat surface and take a photo of it from the top. Most of the time, everything's just scattered or looks sloppy but for those who take it seriously, they establish a focal point that acts as the subject's photo. By doing this they are able to present their message clearly.

Rule 2: Stick to a Theme

(photo from PhyliciaMarie)

A theme can either be a colour combination, a style, or something related to the product itself. This is the time for you to use your imagination in styling the shot. But don't worry, your flat lay's theme is what makes your photo stand out because you injected your creativity and effort in putting it together!

Rule 3: Add Colour

(photo from itsjustroxy)

A basic white background never fails but a pop of colour never hurts either. Colour breaks the monotony of the usual flatlay and adds mood to your photo's overall feel. You can also use colourful products and play with the colour combination. Just remember to always keep it balanced and put colours that complement each other well. 

Rule 4: Make use of Props

(photo from marieanjelica)

You can't always rely on the products itself. Spark up the photo with some props that are perfect for your flat lay's theme. You can use flowers, sketches, books, pens, and other nick nacks available lying around the house. These are also good as "fillers" if you want to occupy space for a full frame. 

Rule 5: Play with Spaces, Angles, and Lighting

(photo from AnastasiaLove)

It's best to shoot outside for natural light but you can also play around with it and use shadows to add more drama to your shot. Experiment with angles and space as well and place your products or camera in a different angle for a different look. This makes your flat lay worth the "double tap" and your account the next #feedgoal of your followers.