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Bringing along the whole fam on a vacation can be daunting. After all, going through a day at home can be quite a tiring task already, so just imagine navigating a foreign place with everyone, right? Still, don’t let this dilemma stop you from planning a trip this upcoming holiday season. The key is to choose a destination that everyone will enjoy. If you’re looking to explore and enjoy your break in a city, Tokyo is the place to go. Though the bustling city is known as one of the busiest in the world, getting around Japan’s capital is easier and more fun than you think. Read on to see which family-friendly spots in Tokyo are well-worth your visit.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Of course, topping all family-friendly spots is Tokyo Disney Resort, which accessibly lies just next to Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture’s Urayasu City. With two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort has a lot of magical activities enjoyable for travellers of all ages. Meet Mickey, Minnie, and your other fave Disney characters, as well as enjoy rides and attractions that are unique to Japan. Crowds are to be expected in this popular destination, so reserve at least a day for this and visit during the weekdays instead. Better yet, maximise your time and stay in one of the many hotels that you’ll find within the resort.

Tokyo Dome City

Don’t think you have time to travel outside central Tokyo during your trip? Fret not because you can still experience thrilling fun at Tokyo Dome City. This entertainment complex in Bunko, Tokyo is a one-stop-shop where everyone in the family can find something they’ll enjoy. Adrenaline junkies can head to the amusement park and speed through buildings in their signature ride, Thunder Dolphin. But those who get queasy easily can enjoy indoor activities in the TenQ Space Museum, or bond with the fam through a round of bowling and more.

Tokyo Toy Museum

Tokyo is home to a number of museums about probably every topic known to man. Good news: you’ll find a lot of them to be family-friendly spots as well. If you’re looking to have worry-free fun with your kids, then your best bet is to pay Shinjuku’s Tokyo Toy Museum a visit. With thousands of toys from all over the world available for play across three floors, the school-turned-museum will keep your child happily occupied for hours. Meanwhile, you can marvel at the traditional Japanese toys’ craftsmanship and engineering or learn how to create toys with your kids at the Toy Factory Room.

Ueno Zoo

You know what else everyone would love seeing? Animals. If you and your fam love meeting new furry and non-furry friends, hop off this family-friendly spot in Tokyo. Established in 1882, Japan’s oldest zoo is home to 500 different species, many of which are rare. Say hi to precious giant pandas, Japanese monkeys, as well as many other creatures in Ueno Zoo. Before you leave, make sure to pay a visit to the zoo’s oldest resident, the Galapagos tortoise named Taro, who’s estimated to be over 75 years old.

Tokyo Joypolis

If you feel that the weather’s going to be tricky during your trip, include a trip to the Tokyo Joypolis in your itinerary. This amusement park in Odaiba is indoor, so you need not worry about rain or the sun’s burning heat. Joypolis features a number of arcade games based on Sega titles that will be enjoyable for kids and kids-at-heart. Try out classic arcade games or be thrilled with rides that employ VR and motion capture tech. A day here will surely not disappoint!

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