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Every city has a story to tell — about the people, the culture, the economy, and way of life. These stories are often widely documented in national museums and exhibitions, but what lies beneath the surface is often far more intriguing than the regular version of history. Immerse yourself in the past by visiting some of these offbeat museums located conveniently in Kuala Lumpur. Spare some time and read on as this one’s for the history buffs. 

National Textile Museum

Many cultures in Malaysia value textiles as a major part of their heritage and these are fittingly displayed in the impressive Sultan Abdul Samad building with its red brick facade and colonial architecture. It comprises two floors of extensive textile displays through history, from the evolution of textiles to stitching and embroidery, as well as batik painting and gilding, with the second-floor housing traditional clothes and accessories from various cultures and a variety of Malay fabrics and patterns.

National Automobile Museum

If you’re into cars, you’d be very pleased with the existence of this quirky museum at the Sepang International Circuit, home to the Malaysian Grand Prix. From vintage cars like the Jaguar D-Type and the Ford Speedster to the more local models from Proton and Perodua, this little two-storey museum has something for everyone.

Orang Asli Crafts Museum

Indigenous people in various regions are often not well-documented as their culture is passed down from family stories and traditions through word of mouth, which often gets drowned out by modernisation. Take a trip to this museum for an educational afternoon learning about the different tribes of Malaysia through displays and extremely valuable exhibits such as traditional hunting tools, musical instruments, as well as carvings and handcrafted items with fine detailing.

Islamic Arts Museum 

This one is a feast for the art enthusiast, where seasonal exhibitions are displayed in a pavilion on the first floor, while the second floor is home to the China gallery where visitors will embark on Islam’s journey to China, with a chance to examine treasures from ancient times. The textile gallery on the third floor has an array of beautiful fabrics and garments, as well as an outer terrace with a view of the beautifully crafted dome that serves as a point of interest at the museum.

National Visual Arts Gallery

Allow the feeling of tranquillity to wash over you when you step into this place's Guggenheim-inspired interior and discover a beautiful medley of art from local and foreign talents. Ranging from traditional crafts like batik to modern paintings and abstract sculptures, the gallery is sure to provide an inspiring visit for your own creative process.

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There's a new addition to the list of weird style trends we think you'll like: the spliced fabric. And it's so intriguing that we thought it deserved its own article. This particular trend is very similar to the Frankenstein look that became popular last year. To recap, these are clothes — mostly dresses — that feature pattern hybrids. But while these only play with different prints, the spliced trend takes it to a whole new level by experimenting with different block colours and silhouettes. 

We're not gonna lie, it takes guts and loads of confidence to pull it off. Despite that, never be afraid to try because how else would you know if this look is for you. Ahead, the ways newbies can sport the spliced fabric trend.

Look for familiar silhouettes

Going for revamped familiar silhouettes is the best place to start if you just wanna dip your toes on this trend. It will also rejuvenate your love for old favourites from your childhood. Think polo shirts and dresses are boring now? You won't anymore when you add the spliced fabric style to the mix. Check out this playful piece from PH5 for evidence.

Think chic

Experimenting with a new style can go wrong easily if you go overboard. The antidote? Pick a sleek and chic one-piece. It's not at all difficult to style since the look is already set and all you have to do is pick shoes and bags that will complement the colours of your outfit.

For the sporty gals

Athleisure has a come a long way from just styling gym clothes into office outfits. Now, it's a whole style genre that stands on its own. If you love this type of simple and straightforward style but also want to try out new innovative looks from time to time, then the spliced fabric trend is perfect for this. Look for oversized pieces with a simple hybrid design that can serve as outerwear. 

Go for double-duty looks

Is it a dress or a coat? Surprise, it's both! Intriguing silhouettes like this piece from Monse doesn't just generate interest but is also very practical and easy to style. No more thinking about how to look good in layers during the colder months. Wearing this double-duty one-piece is a great way to be fashion-forward in a jiffy!

(Cover photo from: @ph5official)

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Who would've known that straw bags will become timeless staples, especially during the summer? Fun and stylish, it's no wonder these bags have landed in many's wardrobes. Case in point: the Clozette Community. From baskets to round totes, it's time to curate your next summer vacation outfits with the help of these inspirations!

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