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Do you ever wonder which colours are best for you this month? Or which style would suit your horoscope sign? Or perhaps wondering how you can snag a celebrity icon's flawless style? Don't fret--because we're laying it all out for you! For this month, we have the Virgo women on the spotlight!

Virgo women are oozing with confidence and are very hardworking--especially for the people she loves. She is a complete woman full of determination and can do anything once she sets her mind to it. It is said that September is looking to be a busy month for the Virgo woman.

So if you're a Virgo woman (just like our Clozette Ambassador Eugena), here are fashion and beauty essentials to help you step out and rock the month in style.


What To Expect This Month

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September is such a busy month for you because new opportunities will come up, friendships will cultivate, and you'll be enjoying the limelight a few days before the new moon on the second Sunday of September. Since you're juggling all of these, it may bit a stressful for you so you better prepare yourself! Make sure your mind is always set your ultimate goal!

Colour Of The Month: Blue

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According to colour psychology: "blue is conservative and predictable, a safe and non-threatening colour, and the most universally liked colour of all, probably because it is safe and non-threatening. At the same time blue is persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavors it pursues." For your career-oriented days, wear a shade of blue for little luck on your side and a fresh, invigorating look.  

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively  

Your Celebrity Style match is none other than the stunning and chic actress that is Blake Lively. You may have seen her portray Serena Vanderwoodsen in Gossip Girl; and to be honest, her personal style is quite similar to the ever gorgeous Serena. She exudes an elegant confidence in whatever she wears and always dresses up with a hint of femininity. So use this month to get your style on-point and channel your inner Blake.

Blake Lively Style on A Budget

by Styleogue

Style-To-Rock: Feminine & Functional 

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Virgos gravitate toward beautiful pieces but stays away from over-the-top pieces for a classy and elegant aura. Since September is your month, go beyond the usual skirt and floral print choice and choose something that focuses on your ladylike silhouettes. Mix vintage pieces with classic styles or opt for matching feminine pieces with a bold accessory for a creative twist! 

Beauty Item: MAC's Vamplify Lipglass

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To be honest, Virgos rarely need makeup as their health and skincare routine are always in check. But if you must add something to your vanity then it should be bold lipstick colours such these from MAC's newest collection--Vamplify Lipglass. It's a lipgloss infused with colour-boosting technology that delivers an intense colour payoff fit for days you feel like making a statement. This lipgloss plus a flawless makeup with brows on point and you're good to go.



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Clozette is not just a place for you to share you fashion and beauty inspirations, it's also a platform for you to get inspiration from other ladies who are passionate about the same things you are. From fashion, to travel, and of course, beauty, Clozetters have been up and about when it comes to the latest trends, products, and looks. 

For you to be in-the-know on what's going on in the field of makeup, here are 5 beauty Clozetters you should follow now for some serious beauty inspiration!




Aside from being one of the most popular beauty bloggers from Singapore, Cheryl Chio or beautifulbuns, also expresses her love her makeup through Clozette. She is also a big K-pop fan and we constantly find ourselves lured to all her K-beauty hauls whenever she comes back from Korea! She uploads her feed daily about new product releases, including a short review or info about the products. 



Leanne Ho's Clozette username says it all. In addition to her blog, her Clozette profile is also another avenue for her to share her insights, inspiring flat lay photos, beauty routine, and style picks. She is the community's go-to expert when it comes to skincare and the latest releases to look out for. 



Shebby Liquete is a self-taught makeup artist who's making it big in the Philippines with her craft, both online and offline. Her Youtube channel is full of flawless makeup tutorials while her Clozette profile showcases the products she uses--complete with quick reviews and MOTDs.



Romana is a Clozette Ambassador from Malaysia inspired by all things beauty, especially those that exude romantic elegance and luxurious living. So yes, she's more of a high-end kind of beauty girl with occasional drugstore and mid-range products in her collection. She also shares her selfies of her MOTDs and selfies with the people she works with from Malaysia's beauty industry so her followers also get a glimpse of who are the must-follow beauty girls from their country. 



Most beauty Clozetters share products and MOTDs but not so much their EOTDs. Luckily for us, Beautybyrah is one Clozetter that posts her eye makeup looks to inspire us to get creative with our eye looks too. Her makeup is always on point and her eye looks are always on fleek, so you better click that follow button now!



Come on, admit it, we all want to have glowy skin like the Hollywood stars we adore. Well, since we can’t have a team of professionals with us (for obvious reasons) to ensure that our skin is flawless all the time, here are 8 ways you can get radiant skin at the comfort of your own home without burning a hole in your pocket.


1. Hydrate your skin with an overnight mask

There can be no glow without hydration. Hydrating your skin builds the foundation towards achieving natural, glowy skin because water allows repairs of your skin cells, making your skin more resilient. The easiest way to get the radiant glow you want when you get out of bed? A leave-on overnight mask! An overnight mask like the Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8TM Night Radiant Overnight Crème/Mask replenishes the essential nutrients and intensely hydrates while you are sleeping for smooth and refreshed skin the next morning!

2. Exfoliate dead skin cells

Though this is an often skipped step, exfoliating the skin is one of the important things to do on your road to radiance. Beneath the rough, flaky layers of skin actually lies a luscious bed of smooth, silky skin. Exfoliating the skin allows the removal of dead skin cells that cause dullness and one of the many ways you can do that is to simply DIY a natural facial scrub with sugar and raw honey! The concoction has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which also boosts new cell production.

3. Cleanse those pores with a toner

This is definitely another overlooked step in most people’s skincare regimes. Studies have shown that applying toner to your skin (with a cotton pad) can help get rid of excess dirt and oil in pores, while shrinking them. Having a thoroughly cleansed skin is the first step to preparing your skin for effective absorption of your other skincare products! Think about achieving radiant skin only if you have thoroughly cleansed your skin.

4. Feed your skin with a moisturiser

Just like how we need to feed ourselves, our skin needs its beauty food too! No matter whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, the moisturising step should never be skipped. A moisturiser locks in the moisture for fresher-looking skin and hydrating the skin goes a long way in helping your skin stay healthy. For that pink of glow, opt for the Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8™  Radiant Moisture Crème for it contains rich anti-oxidants in its Pomegranate Complex dedicated to super-energise the skin!

5. Detox your skin

Our skin and body needs the necessary nutrients for us to achieve that natural, pink radiance. Berries are a huge source of anti-oxidants and are super nutritious for the skin. Try munching on fresh blueberries (with yoghurt or cereal) or throw some fruits into your water to get fruit-infused water. They help encourage skin regeneration and turnover, while fading dark spots. Alternatively, use the Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8™  Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate after moisturiser at night. It removes toxins and helps purify the accumulated damage from pollution. Wake up to instantly radiant and clear skin the next morning!

6. Work your body

There are plenty of reasons to exercise and I’m pretty sure you will start to do so if you knew that working out contributes a host of beauty benefits other than keeping fit. When you exercise, your heart starts to pump faster to supply more oxygenated blood to your skin and nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants are also delivered to the skin too. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production function, making skin appear younger and more radiant.

7. Sleep your way to natural glow

Sleep affects a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. When you get enough quality sleep (6-8 hours a day), you are allowing your skin to begin the process of healing. Your skin starts to renew itself as new skin cells grow and replace the older. This process of repairing, restoring and rebalancing allows you to wake up to beautiful skin.

8. Fake it if you can’t make it

The fastest way to getting that “lit from within” glow is to fake it with makeup. As you already know, makeup does wonders. Use an illuminating base primer before you apply makeup for the dewy skin that the Koreans are famous for. A primer creates a smoother canvas for a flawless makeup application. Alternatively, use a face illuminator to highlight the high points of your face to reflect light for that instant glow!

Getting that pink glow of health requires constant effort and diligence. If you want to have healthy, natural and flawless skin, you need to eat right, sleep enough and pile up on your skincare! So, are you now on your way to achieving radiant skin?