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Fashion Pieces We Want To Make A Resurgence

Bring these back to life!

2016 breathed life back into a lot of throwback trends. We got our denims and crop tops, and a fair share of '90s grunge and '70s hippie vibes.  Now, we can't help but wonder what other fashion pieces would make their way back into our wardrobe this year. 

Love a good ol' fashion throwback? Keep on reading as we list down the pieces we hope to make a resurgence during the remainder of 2017. 

Capri pants

(Photo from: Danetelle)

Before culottes and ripped jeans, capri pants wore the 'coolest bottoms' sash. The main piece for anyone who loves looking preppy and chic, these pants that come in classic colours such as black, white and khaki, take an outfit quickly from seven to a ten. 


Remember the funky up-dos back in the '80s? Well, those won't be achievable without tons of hairspray and scrunchies. These huge elastic ties give a lot more comfort than your average ponytail holder, and doesn't leave your hair with a weird texture after you take it off. Fashion gods, bring this back ASAP, please?


(Photo from: DebbieFermin)

You may think that slides are the coolest thing to happen in fashion as of late, but the truth is, slingbacks owned the crown not so long ago. The strap detail by the heel makes it the perfect pair in between a slide-on and a formal footwear, adding in the touch of versatility for everyday use or your pair of choice for special occasions. 

Hoop earrings

(Photo from: HLRYYS)

While it has become a long forgotten accessory ever since minimalist fashion movement rose, this oversized dangling pair definitely did not lose its charm over the years. Since high ponytails and messy buns are all the rage in both runway and the streets this season, you're sure to find your perfect accessory in this ear candy.

Halter tops

(Photo from: kristellebatchelor)

Sported by the cool girls of early 2000s, halter tops are the perfect summer piece for showing off some skin. This barely-there shirt is the mum of your cropped camis and shoulder-baring tops, and it deserves a spot back into your current fashion pile. 

Once these throwback fashion items make a resurgence, we'll make sure to pair them with these throwback beauty trends.