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Fashion Rapid Fire With Jeannie Mai

Just in time for Season 3

Haven’t you heard? CLOZETTE is the Official Fashion Social Network of DIVA TV’s How Do I Look? Asia Season 3. And this time, the sassy Jeannie Mai is back again to inspire and empower women — and men (yes!) — to become their best selves through style and personal confidence.

Sweatpants or jeggings? Runway model or fitness model? To kick off the season premiere of HDILA S3 come Monday, 4 September, we challenged Jeannie and Clozette Ambassador Christy, to a rapid fire round of fashion-related questions in the video above.

P.S. Bet you didn’t know that Jeannie’s all about the casual chic look in her rose gold suit — yeap!

Don't forget to catch How Do I Look? Asia on 4 September at 8PM | 7PM JKR-THAI on DIVA TV.