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One of the most fulfilling things about becoming an adult is having the means to decorate your personal space exactly the way you want it. Whether it's your bedroom, a studio apartment or your own house, decorating from scratch can be a daunting idea at first but it can be done. Start by looking through a few chic home interiors for inspiration and see which elements you'd like to adopt. From there, the hard work of furniture shopping, painting and other tasks begins. But trust us, having that comfy chic abode is worth it! Keep scrolling to see how some members of our Clozette Community decorate their homes. 


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In past decades, eyeglasses were considered a nuisance as people believed wearing one makes you less attractive. Remember how those retro romantic comedies always feature this 'ugly duckling' leading lady who suddenly becomes 100% prettier in the eyes of her love interest just because she ditched her glasses? What a cliche, right? Fast forward to today and specs have already become such a trendy accessory that even those who have perfect vision also wear them just for added flair. If you're planning to rock new spectacles, keep scrolling and see which designs are hot right now based on what members of the #Clozette Community are sporting. 


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We're nearing the end of another month, but the happenings don't seem to slow down. From the release of Simple Skincare's sheet masks to Jessica Jung's new bag, here are the latest in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Simple Skincare sheet masks

Simple Skincare's new products: sheet masks

We were treated to a morning of relaxation at Nomi Matcha last week as we were reminded to always choose #NoBaddiesJustTheGoodies for our skin. We were also introduced to Simple Skincare sheet masks, the latest offering from the U.K.'s number one skincare brand for sensitive skin. The masks come in three variants — Rich Moisture Mask, Skin De-stress Mask and Pollution Protect Mask — that are perfect for nourishing and warding off the stress from the skin. You can now get your dose of daily relaxation, too, because these masks are now available at select department stores and drugstores in the Philippines.

Rosie by Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung wearing The Rosie

Jessica Jung is releasing her second exclusive bag for her line BLANC & ECLARE's collaboration with ZALORA. The Rosie is a structured bag with a boxy shape that comes in six different colours: white, pink, lilac, black, brown and nude. It's inspired by Jessica's personal style and design philosophy, which is "timeless yet current" and "understated yet unique." The bag will be available for purchase at ZALORA starting 27 November. 

Superfood-packed skincare

Sigi Skin Kaleanser

Made especially for city-dwellers, local Singaporean skincare brand Sigi Skin aims to help women achieve healthy, radiant skin despite pollutants and stress. They have three superfood-packed products to help you ease into a more vibrant routine: Kaleanser Cleanser, Pink Nectar Eye Cream and Morning Glow Sunscreen. You can get your hands on them on sigiskin.com.

The Lion King

Kids (and adults) are even more excited now to see the upcoming Lion King live-action film after seeing the trailer. If you buried yourself under a rock over the weekend, watch the buzzed-about trailer above!

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