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Ahh, Valentine's Day! It's that time of the year when being cheesy and mushy with your significant other in public is not just acceptable but also encouraged (with some limits, of course!). If you've been hit by Cupid's bow, we're sure you'd want to snap a photo to commemorate this occasion with your bae. Keep scrolling and see some super cute posing ideas for couples courtesy of members of the Clozette Community

In a scenic landmark

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Smile away

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There's nothing as enticing as the idea of jetting off to a foreign place. The prospects of discovering new experiences, learning new lessons and meeting new people are more than welcome. We're sure you've already made a bucketlist — or two — of destinations you want to head to and adventures you want to take. After taking a peek into Pomelo's Pre-Spring 2019 collection called "The Runaways," we're more than inspired to hit the road and delve into unchartered territory — in style, no less. Here are just some of the trends we're looking to sport during our travels.

Print galore

Wearing a printed garb is a good juxtaposition to the idea of a clean slate offered by a new destination. We're eyeing florals, as usual. But we're also keeping an eye out on animal prints to add a bit of spice to our usual ensembles.

Bandana, baby

Hair accessories are all the rage these days. And while we can truly say that we can get behind all of them, we're feeling the carefree, gypsy-like vibe of a bandana. From neutrals to prints, we're hoarding them all.

Sunshine state

Sun-kissed days of frolicking from one point to another are on the horizon, and we're excited for the zesty vibe to get translated into our wardrobe.  Warm hues are just what we need for a boost of style energy.

Fresh nautical

We're embracing the possibilities of venturing into the sea with inspired looks that have the hues of the ocean and stripes that call to mind nautical style.

Party classics

We're getting ready to dance several nights away clad in new takes on classics, just like these ruched dresses sprinkled with spots.

Get ready to give your travel wardrobe a makeover with Pomelo's Pre-Spring 2019 collection, which is now available here.



Looking for fresher ways to style your Instagram photos? Take advantage of the power of patterns. Use geometric backgrounds to add a pleasing visual flow to your snaps and watch as the photo becomes more alive, waiting to tell its story. See it in action as the Clozette Community shows you how it's done!

Living in parallels

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Smooth curves

(Photo from: ClaireBaldueza)