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FAVE 5: Draping Outerwear

Style it

Looking for a new way to style your outerwear? Draping your outerwear over your shoulders and not wearing them completely is the new trend form the cool girls.

A hint of sunshine

Woman in the sunlight wears an aztec-print cardigan and white tank top

(Photo from: MariaElaine)

Weekend chic

Woman wearing striped dress and knitted cardigan

(Photo from: tintedwhiteroses)

Denim diva

Woman wearing a black cami, white polka dot skirt, and denim jacket

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)


Woman wearing a black sports bra, a black jacket and brown pants

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Rocker sleek

Woman wearing a blue sweater and ripped jeans, with a jacket draped over her shoulders

(Photo from: manicpixiedani)

(Cover photo from: tintedwhiteroses)