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We called, you answered! Since April is our Fitness month, we're all about scouting for ways you can get fit in style. From athleisure OOTDs to actual gym shots, we've got the proof that 'fitness' and 'chicness' can definitely exist in one sentence. 

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Along with exercising and eating healthy, sleeping soundly is another core necessity for our mind and body. But admit it, we often take sleeping and resting for granted, especially with everything in our lives so fast-paced and on-the-go. Did you know that aside from rituals for better sleep, what you wear also contributes a lot to how comfortable and deep your slumber will be? 

Similar to how you pick out your daily wear based on your mood and vibe, here's what your choice of sleep uniform says about your personality. 

If you prefer velvet and lace robes...

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You're someone who loves to treat yourself like a queen once you're in the comfort of your own home. And you probably lounge around with a fancy robe like this beautiful Wolf & Whistle Leila Velvet Devore Robe from Avec Amour Boutique. You're someone who's all about the chicness and the glamour that life has to offer and you're not afraid to indulge and treat yourself whenever you feel like you deserve a break.  

If your go-to is pyjamas...

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When we talk about sleepwear, pyjamas are the first thing that comes to mind. They're comfy, they're stylish, and they are the staple sleepwear piece. So if you're one who loves your PJs, like this TheBeauDreamers Floral Dusk Bouquets PJ Set that gives us a breezy spring vibe, it means that you know how to balance being traditional but still ride the tide. You love things that make you feel nostalgic and comfortable but are not afraid to go on new adventures. 

If you're all about camis...

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You're someone who simply loves to let your body be free after a long day of being in crisp and primped clothing and this pair of Olivia Camisole and Shorties from Perk by Kate is something that you would definitely wear. You are not afraid to get in touch with your emotions and feel as free or as vulnerable as you would like. You love nighttime because you believe it is the sexiest and most romantic time of the day. 

If you love t-shirts...

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Let's be real. The most accessible and comfortable sleepwear is a t-shirt. It's straightforward, it's readily available, and it's easy to move in. So if you're one to add this Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear from Under Armour to your list of must-wears at night, then it means you are all about the simple and fuss-free life. You love having lots of energy and being able to move without limits. You are also someone who knows how to balance details and rules versus results and versatility. 

If sweats are your thing...

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J. Lo, Paris Hilton, and basically every early 2000s icon donned the sweats and made it iconic. Some favourites are just like this Hot Pink Ultra Luxe Velour set from Juicy Couture. If even up to this day this is your go-to sleepwear, you are someone who loves trendy, iconic looks that are timeless yet versatile and comfortable. Your bold personality is what draws everyone to you and you rarely shy away from the spotlight. 

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We're starting the week right with some good news! Here are the latest and hottest in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

That J.Lo glow

Jennifer Lopez is known for many things, including her coveted glow. Well, now you can get it, too. The multi-hyphenated artist has collaborated with Inglot Cosmetics for a collection that will launch this month. Get your wallets ready!

Nine West is filing for bankruptcy

Nine West Holdings, which owns the brands Nine West and Anne Klein, has filed for bankruptcy. The Nine West brand and its sister line Bandolino is reportedly going to be sold to Authentic Brands Group (which owns Aeropostale and Juicy Couture, among other brands).

Kerry Washington x Neutrogena

Kerry Washington's makeup collaboration with Neutrogena is now out! The collab is composed of two palettes — one for the eyes and one for the cheeks. 

Most iconic K-Pop wedding dress?

Vogue talked to Min Hyo Rin, whose wedding to Big Bang's Taeyang has been dubbed the biggest one yet in the world of K-Pop. The singer-actress shared the story of how her wedding dress came about and why the design means a lot to her.

(Cover photo from: @inglot_cosmetics)

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