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FAVE 5: Get Your Fit On

Fitness outfits, stylised!

As much as we don't like to admit it, chic activewear definitely adds to the motivation of keeping up with a fitness routine. Aside from health and wellness, wearing something that makes you feel confident while fulfilling challenging goals is just exhilarating and also contributes a lot to your mental stamina, whether you notice it or not. Therefore, choosing gym clothes wisely based on both comfort and style isn't just about vanity — in fact, it plays a crucial role in one's road to fitness. 

Did that get you inspired to get your fit on? Let these Clozetters' looks inspire you to move towards your fitness bliss. 

Gridin' in green

Athleisure Outfit

(Photo from: cforcassan)

Black widow

Athleisure Outfit

(Photo from: thisinnagirl)

Love for turquoise

Athleisure Outfit

(Photo from: Suzanneooi)


Athleisure Outfit

(Photo from: megannmonday)

Reach your zen

Athleisure Outfit

(Photo from: veektoria)

(Cover photo from: Suzanneooi)

Pair your chic activewear with these trusty white sneaks