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Blushes are essential to a makeup junkie because it brings liveliness and colour to the face and we can’t imagine the world without it. The makeup junkies in our Community also can’t hide their love for blushes so we’ve gathered up some of their favourite blushes.

Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold

Missha ItalPRISM Blush in Rose Boutique

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We're almost counting the days until the end of the year. Yes, the time has really flown by. But before we think about the things we did (or didn't do) this year, we're keeping an eye out on the fresh happenings in the worlds of fashion and beauty first — a little (or a lot of) knowledge about the latest never hurt anybody.

Jonathan Saunders exits DVF

After 18 months serving as Chief Creative Officer at Diane Von Furstenberg, Jonathan Saunders has resigned. Saunders said he remains a fan of the brand and that his exit was amicable. 

Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo go fur-free

Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are going fur-free. John Idol, CEO for Michael Kors, said in an interview that the brands will start the move in December 2018.

Natural brows, now!

We all want on fleek brows, but we also want them to look natural. Well, now, we don't have to choose between the two. Get soft and natural brows with Benefit Cosmetics' goof-proof kit. It contains the brand's signature Tips & Tricks and special eyebrow stencils.

For glossy, healthy eyes

Our eyes are what we use to see the world around us, but it can also be a way for us to let the world know of our passions and dreams. They are, after all, windows to the soul. So make sure your eyes show what you believe in instead of masking them. The Acuvue Radiant Sweet contact lenses promise that you can say you've stayed true to yourself and proclaim, "I love what's #UniquelyMe."

(Cover photo from: @dvf)

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Collaborations between makeup brands and beauty influencers are always fun. They're a mixture of what the brand is about and what the influencer is known for, which almost always guarantee a unique product. The same can be said about the fruit of collaboration between Urban Decay Cosmetics and YouTuber Kristen Leanne. The Kaleidoscope Dream Palette is, as the name suggests, colourful and striking — just what the brand and Leanne are known for. 

We were lucky to have been able to take the palette for a swing, and we must say, it's definitely fit for the holidays. The palette has 10 pans of varying shapes and sizes. The shadows also vary in texture and finish; there are matte and shimmery ones. On top of our list of must-cover-our-lids-with colours are Corona (a golden shimmery shadow that one might mistake as similar to champagne but is actually named after Leanne's favourite brand of beer) and Lime Time (a refreshing metallic green).  The palette also features a good-sized mirror and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush.

The palette, which is the first collaboration Urban Decay has created with a beauty influencer, will be available for purchase around March 2018. But it will launch in the U.S. first on 7 January (8 January, SG time) at urbandecay.com and free-standing Urban Decay stores. It will be available in the entire U.S. on 25 January.