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We all have days when we're in the mood for some sparkles in our outfit. But why go for specks of glitter when you can take your glitzy dressing on full throttle? Take a bold leap and load up on the shine like these lovely ladies from the Community.

Silver edge

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We're easing into the new year just right. And a new week means a new surge of fun news from the worlds of fashion and beauty. From Kendall Jenner's new stint to Lacoste's new kicks, here are some of the things you need to know right now.

Kendall Jenner for Proactiv

Aside from her regular stint on her family's reality show, Kendall Jenner is known for gracing cover after cover of magazines and being the face of various brands. Despite it all, however, Kendall says she's just like many other people in that she also battles with acne. But she's reportedly found a solution with the help of Proactiv, which she is now the spokesperson for. The news was taken with mixed reactions by people on Twitter, though. What do you think of Kendall's new gig?

Haus Beauty

Lady Gaga's killing it in music and movies. But there's another arena the pop superstar would like to delve into — beauty! Rumours had been swirling since last year that Gaga is working on creating her own beauty line. Now, it seems like the rumours are true. A website for Haus Beauty has been set-up, although it doesn't provide any information yet. But we're curious: would you try out Gaga's beauty line?

Pomelo Chinese New Year

This year, Pomelo is joining the Chinese New Year festivities through a collection that marries tradition and modernity. Pieces from the collection start at SGD24 and will be available on pomelofashion.com and their apps starting 8 January.

La Piquee

Step into the new year with new shoes. Give your wardrobe the fun new addition of the Lacoste La Piquee. Inspired by the polo created by Renee Lacoste in 1933, the La Piquee gives off an athletic vibe that can still be casual enough even for those who don't frequent tennis courts. The classic style comes in white, navy blue and black, and is available in all Lacoste stores in the Philippines.



After last year's iconic #WhyWeWearBlack movement, many have wondered what the next big fashion statement at the Golden Globes 2019 would be. As it turns out, this year's red carpet veered away from politics and highlighted artistry instead. Bright colours and bold designs reigned at the awarding ceremony, signalling the coming of another fashion season. We all admire the craftsmanship of every piece donned tonight, but we admit to having favourites. Keep reading to know who we think are the best-dressed stars this year.

Lady Gaga in Valentino

Lady Gaga has always been a head-turner at awards ceremonies. This time, she showed up in a gorgeous periwinkle Valentino gown that perfectly matches her unique hair colour. It's far from the eccentric ensembles she wore during her early days in the music industry, but we love it just the same — maybe even more. Her look was speculated to pay homage to Judy Garland's style who also played the female lead in the 1954 version of A Star Is Born

Saoirse Ronan in Gucci

Saoirse Ronan arrived in a stunning silver chainmail Gucci dress that a featured a plunging neckline. Stylist Elizabeth Saltzman said that she drew inspiration from her mission to find a silver lining in tumultuous times, according to The Holywood Reporter.

Anne Hathaway in Elie Saab

Anne Hathaway makes the case for wearing leopard print. This maximalist but sleek Elie Saab number gained mixed reviews with some saying that it's tacky while others applaud Hathaway for taking her red carpet look to the next level. We'd have to say we're impressed by how she manages to pull off a tricky trend.

Michelle Yeoh


There's no word yet on who designed Michelle Yeoh's emerald leather gown and we'd really love to know because that design is undoubtedly amazing. You know what else caught our eye? A certain familiar trinket which you'll recognise as the engagement ring in Crazy Rich Asians. Would you believe that it's actually from Yeoh's personal jewellery collection? This lovely lady truly has a refined taste.

Thandie Newton in Michael Kors

Thandie Newton arrived at the red carpet looking so fantastic with those glorious curls and that silver Michael Kors gown. We especially love the midriff-baring feature that complimented her slim silhouette. Needless to say, it's a divine look that's one for the books. 

Lili Reinhart in Khyeli Couture

Lili Reinhart walked the red carpet in a magnificent red tulle dress. Looks like she's borrowing some style tips from Cheryl Blossom, don't you think? She's still sweet Betty Cooper to us but we're loving this brand-new fierce look.

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