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We love looking at and taking inspiration from makeup and style looks. And, to be honest, we find it cool that our favourite beauty and style enthusiasts never seem to be caught at an awkward angle when they have their photos taken. Recently, we've been seeing a rise in the "hand-on-face" pose trend and we're all for it!


A woman wearing a grey shirt places her finger on her face.

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Slightly lifted hand slightly covers a woman's face

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With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Jon Reyman knows a thing or two about hairstyling. He's seen hair trends come and go, dealt with various hair types and worked with some of the most notable names in fashion. During Fashion Week, he leads up to 20 shows with his teams in New York, London and Paris.

Not only that, he's also making a name in the beauty world. At one point, he was dubbed as the "go-to hairstylist" for beauty editors in New York and Los Angeles. Needless to say, he's the expert when it comes to all things hair. Lucky for us, we had a chance to meet and chat with Jon at the launch of the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional Edition

A male hairstylist styles a woman's hair using a hairdryer on stage.

We asked him about his biggest styling challenge during a runway show, what hairstyles from the runway we can adopt in our everyday lives and, of course, to spill the secrets on how to have amazing hair. Here's what he told us.

For you, what is the biggest styling challenge for a runway show?

When you're dealing with 25 models for a runway show — sometimes more — you need to have a team. My team has to be really trained and on-point. So that's always a challenge on training them to be good and great at what they do, because they are, in a way, an extension of my hands. We also don't have time to rehearse, so I only do a demo during the show and my team will execute the styling on the models right after. The time crunch is always a challenge and there's a great need to be organised and coordinated. Another challenge is dealing with different types of hair when you need to create a uniformed look. Sometimes, a model has less hair but you have to make it look like she has more and vice versa. 

What is your most memorable experience during Fashion Week?

Oh boy, I have so many great experiences working with intelligent, creative people that became my inspirations. Collaborating with makeup artists, stylists and designers is one of the most creative exchanges I get to have as a hairdresser. So it's really so hard to pick just one because I get to work with the most amazing people. For example, working with Carolina Herrera has been great; she's an icon and a very lovely person. Oscar de la Renta was also a very lovely human. Some of the most amazing designers are the nicest, kindest and most relaxed people. So I would say that working with these incredibly smart and successful people are the most memorable moments. 

What is the best runway hair trend that people can try out in their daily lives?

I think a trend that's really relevant this season is letting your hair be itself. It's about not overworking your hair. So whether it's curly or straight, let it be. Don't overdo it. Let it flow and be a little undone. 

What's the main difference between Asian and Caucasian hair?

It's not really about ethnicity but more on the hair type. I've seen soft, skinny hair and also coarse, curly hair on both Asian and Caucasian people. So it's about the individual, what that person needs, how they want it to be done. Whatever your ethnicity is, I'll figure out what to do. Genetically, there is really some difference but making a generalisation wouldn't be accurate because hair still varies from person to person. 

Models with elaborately styled hair are lined up on stage.

How about the weather, does it affect the way to style hair?

Totally! The humidity matters. It affects the method of styling and how to make a hairstyle that lasts a long time. You have to use the right tools. Dyson is really the best and the right one. Here's a tip: in humid environments, if you style your hair but didn't blow dry it 100% then it's always gonna go back to its original form. You have to dry it completely, get all the moisture out. Make sure you use the right products to support it like a lightweight gel. Or you can just always embrace your natural hair and the humidity! 

What is the most ideal achievable hairstyle for Asians? 

Let's talk about different types of hair. Whether you're Asian or not, if you have really soft hair when you shampoo it will be a little larger. Then if you condition the soft hair, it will be smaller. So for soft hair, I say don't use conditioner, only shampoo. And don't put any oils in your hair because it will make it look limp, greasy and flat. Just blow dry your root, and you'll be fine. For those with coarse hair, my advice is to shampoo less and condition a little more. Another tip is if you want to bend your hair or want to create some movement, oils are your enemy. If I put a curl on somebody's hair and then I put some oil in, the curl is gonna break right down. 

Describe your experience with Dyson Supersonic™ in three words.

Beautiful, excellent and exceptional. To me, it's the most intelligent and well-designed machine in the world. It's superlative and I think Dyson has reinvented the wheel. In an industry where nothing's new, they came up with something remarkably new. It's light, quiet, stylish and definitely the best blow dryer in the world.

What are the three hair tools that every woman should have?

I think Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is number one. Then a flat iron because with a multitasking flat iron you can make a bend or straighten hair. Lastly is the Mason Pearson Brush.

What's your best remedy for a bad hair day?

To answer that, I have to know what a bad hair day means for them. For some people, it's when their hair is frizzy, for some if it's flat. In the case of ladies residing in humid places, if your hair looks flat and limp just shampoo it, don't condition it. Then use sprays instead of oils and do a blow dry with Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer and your hair will have more body. Also, my tip is to put dry shampoo on your hair when it's wet so that way it will absorb any oils and use this technique as a support for your styling. 

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

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