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FAVE 5: Hand On Head

Strike a pose

At this day and age where most everyone aims for an Instagrammable photo, finding the right pose is key. Capturing your best angle is not something that should be taken lightly and the rise of influencers who seem to never run out of poses are living proof of this. But since not everyone has the time to formulate their photos prior to taking that shot, we're giving you a pose that could serve as your default. It provides maximum impact, minus the hassle: the head on hand. 

The technique gives a caught-off-guard vibe to your photo, making your features look more relaxed and natural. It also helps make your face the focal point of the image, ensuring a candid yet flattering result. 

Not sure how to work this pose? Let our Clozetters be your guiding example. 

Staring contest

Hand on head Instagram post

(Photo from: KatePauline)


Hand on head Instagram post

(Photo from: Evontmy)

Sassy girl

Hand on head Instagram post

(Photo from: camilleinsnaps)

Stand out

Hand on head Instagram post

(Photo from: cforcassan)

Lovin' looks

Hand on head Instagram post

(Photo from: axdelwen)

(Cover photo from: Evontmy)

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