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With the sweltering heat, we can't help but find ways to keep our cool. We have to do it in style, of course. So we're definitely taking inspiration from how our Community members have been warding off the heat while slaying their outfits through hot hats.

Classic Colour

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Extra Floppy

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Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Canadian-born, Singapore-based Lisa Von Tang’s fashion label, CHI CHI VON TANG, has become somewhat of a local cult name since its inception in 2015. In just two short years, Von Tang's CHI CHI VON TANG has touched the hearts — and wardrobes — of many with its loud and bold statements. The label’s bestselling CHI CHI Warrior Bomber has been seen on global personalities the likes of Mick Jagger, Mr. Mickey, Natalie Imbruglia and Eve. Not too bad at all for a two-year-old fashion label.

The female protagonist behind CHI CHI VON TANG is a warrior and a superheroine — an irrevocable badass who is never afraid to live her own life exactly the way she wants it. It’s not too far off to say that the brand is, in fact, a personal manifesto of its founder and creative director. Keep reading as we talk to Von Tang about her latest anime collection and her personal tip for an instant style-up.

Fill in the blanks: I am a CEO, a designer, and I am __________.

Totally overworked. (Help!)

How did the anime collection come about, and how was it like working with Mujia Liao, a non-fashion animator, on a fashion collection?

The anime collection was about telling the story of 'Who is CHI CHI VON TANG' — and essentially fleshing out the muse of our brand. I wanted to make her out to be a noble, badass superhero who follows her own sense of morality and direction, and has a lion heart. She is of Asian mixed heritage, and straddles east/west cultures. Our brand is playful and contemporary... so the idea of telling her story via anime just jived.

You’re the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay inspired and empowered to make that happen every day?

I have a very low maintenance process of getting ready each morning. Minimal makeup, natural hair, and then I get creative with a statement CHI CHI VON TANG piece. The fastest way to look chic fast is with a statement piece paired with neutral basics, defined brows, and a good shoe.

Share with us five essentials in your Clozette.

I use Clarins Multi-Active day/night creams and love them. I use Chanel Powder Foundation's light but effective coverage. I put it sparingly on any blemishes for an overall natural look. My wardrobe is 75% statement jackets, and most of them are by CHI CHI VON TANG. I love how fast and effective it is — to throw on your favourite old T-shirt, jeans, brogues, and stick a statement jacket on top. Last essential would be modern, statement rings. My favourites are by Saint Laurent and Lanvin.

If you were a comic heroine, what will your story be?

The story I created.

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A new month means new things to try. Here at Clozette, we're no strangers to learning about new products and finding out about new collections. So it's no surprise that we develop a liking for some of them. This month, we're all about simple, clean and refreshing. Here's what our team has eyes on this May.


Creative Director

"The A La Rose perfume is unlike many rose perfumes I’ve tried — it’s feminine without being overpowering. So it’s interesting to see that the perfume now comes in the form of body oil and hair mist, something I can add to my beauty ritual to ensure that my skin and hair are pampered as well. The A La Rose perfume, as well as the body oil and hair mist, can be found at escentials."



"I’ve experienced the goodness of its famed toner, so it’s a no-brainer that I must give the Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque a test-drive. This cooling gel masque contains 150 calendula petals in a single bottle, and works to soothe and hydrate skin in just five minutes – perfect for a pick-me-up!"



"I’ve given up wearing heels years ago, but I’m slowly easing my way back into sporting them. I’m doing baby steps, though, so I’m still veering away from stilettos. So my top pick is anything with chunky heels, and the Liu Jo Akiko sandals definitely caught my eye. It’s sleek with a mixture of edginess and femininity. "


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

"I'm a prescription glasses kind of girl and don't really like wearing contact lenses that much. But once I see something quirky and playful, I can't seem to say no! The designs from the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 collection are just my type of 'bold and artsy' without being tacky, remaining to have that hint of elegance and style."


Features Writer and Community Specialist

"Since the weather in the Philippines is almost always hot, most of my wardrobe consists of clothes with light fabrics. I'm always on the lookout for flowy, pretty dresses and this piece from the Summer Collection of Jessica Spring recently caught my eye. I love the elegant yet casual vibe of the dress. I'll definitely visit their store soon to get this one."


Campaign Executive

“I am all about simplicity when it comes to bags. The DREW Mini Saddle Bag in Cement Pink from Chloé is such a classic beauty. What I love most about it is that it is suitable for any kind of look. Also, its Cement Pink colour and gold accents are flattering for my warm skin tone. I would definitely recommend every girl to have an elegant piece like this in their closet.”

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