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The successful comeback of crop tops is evident in the past months. Not only is it a beachwear staple, it has also made its mark in casual and, to some extent, formal wear. If you're looking for fresh ideas on how to style crop tops, here are some awesome ones from the #Clozette Community

Spaghetti-strapped wrap crop top with a midi skirt

(Photo from: iannicolefrancisco)

Knotted crop top paired with shorts

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We all have days when we already put on an outfit but it just feels like it's not looking right. Whether it's showing off curves that we don't want to be accentuated or it's our confidence that is just not playing to our advantage, there are surefire ways to remedy an unflattering outfit. Ahead, we give you our top stylish tips on acing any look with confidence.

Wide-legged pants give the illusion of slimmer and longer legs

DEREK LAM Belted woven wide-leg pants, USD399 (theoutnet.com)

If you’ve always been envious of model Miranda Kerr’s long and toned gams, you are not alone. Balancing out your torso to your heavy thighs does not get solved without exercise, but by wearing a mid-rise to high-waist pair of wide-leg pants, you elongate and balance out your legs. Wearing heels or wedges with this look won’t hurt for added height.

Minimise your bust with a draped dress

RONALD VAN DER KEMP Asymmetric draped floral-print silk dress USD1,610 (theoutnet.com)

Being blessed with “assets” that many women envy is not always an advantage. Clothes tend to not fit your proportions well, making it hard to come up with an outfit that complements your body shape. Given this, try a dress with a draped décolleté that will keep your bust at ease and not constricted. Remember, a plunging neckline will only draw more attention to your bust, while a too-high neckline can still emphasise your bust’s overall shape. Make sure that the cut of the dress emphasises the curve of your waist, too, to balance out your torso and your lower body. 

Arms not toned? Go for a cut-out blouse

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Cold-shoulder metallic ribbed-knit sweater, USD1,655 (net-a-porter.com)

Not everyone has supermodel-like arms, but that doesn't mean you should skip out on showing off yours. Wear a cut-out blouse with sleeves that fall just a little below your shoulders to inject sexiness into your look, without making you feel conscious about your arms. This will highlight your shoulders more for a chic, subtly sexy look. 

Give your booty a boost with textured bottoms

FOREVER21 Embroidered Lace Shorts, USD8 (forever21.com)

Why go for padded underwear to boost your booty when you can create the same effect au naturel?  Avoid going for tight-hugging bottoms that will further show a flat profile. Instead, if you’ve got nice legs but feel like you need a butt lift, go for a textured pair of shorts like a lace number to create an illusion of a sized up rear. 

Cinch that waist with a wide belt

ALAÏA Leather waist belt, USD733 (net-a-porter.com)

On the road to getting rock hard abs but still not quite there yet? Achieve a similar effect by incorporating a wide belt into your outfit. It gives the illusion of a slimmer waist and an hourglass figure all while making you look more stylish. Imagine an instant tummy tuck without going under the knife!

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