FAVE 5: Into The Horizon | Clozette

One growing trend among travellers is having their photos taken with their backs against the camera. It adds mystery to the subject of the photo while emphasising the focus on the scenery ahead. But most of all, it creates an unspoken invitation between the viewer and the photographer, intriguing us to inquire about the horizon the subject is headed to. So now we ask: what do you infer about these photos from the Community?

Out to the sea

(Photo from: maraalyana)

Daring dunes

(Photo from: CrystalPhuong)



There's no shortage of bizarre fashion trends; the throwback photos of your teenage self is enough evidence of that. Over the years, numerous comical fads have graced people's wardrobes. From bullet bras to visible thongs, wearing strange trends is just part and parcel of living. While most of it is cringe-worthy in hindsight, there are some kooky styles that we're fond of. For example, bell bottoms and babydoll dresses are really fashionable when worn the right way. These days we've also been spotting new unusual style trends that actually look quite cool. Only time can tell if we're gonna regret sporting these pieces but as of the moment, here are the weird style trends that you just might end up loving.

Frankenstein dress

These bizarre but really cool dresses feature pattern hybrids. Sometimes even the fabrics will be different, usually with one being velvet and the other in cotton. Even though it looks strange, it works because the two different designs are complementary. In a way, it's just a more minimalistic approach to the patchwork dresses that were previously in vogue. 

Prairie girl

As the saying goes, everything old will be new again. We've seen the comeback of various vintage trends but what we didn't expect is the return of a 19th-century style. Inspired by what people wore in the prairie area during the 1800s, several fashion houses have revived the style and made it less frumpy but more 'ruffly'. It's whimsical, stylish and surprisingly very comfortable.

Extra puffy sleeves

We're no stranger to unique sleeve designs but these puffy ones caught our fancy the most. It seems like a nightmare for petite frames but strangely it looks good on anyone as long as the rest of the dress is well-fitted to the body. If you wanna try this style, we recommend you go for a piece with floral patterns instead of a monochrome one as those with patterns showcase the silhouette better. 


Take comfy fashion to the next level by wearing pyjamas outside the bedroom. If lingerie and bralettes can be on public display then what's so scandalous about walking outside in your sleepwear? But of course, make things a little more polished and presentable before strutting on the streets. For maximum comfort, pair it with your favourite set of sneakers.

Deep V

We're not just talking about tops that reveal deep cleavage, what we're referring to are those dresses with frontal cuts that go all the way down to the navel. This style is usually spotted at beach resorts where it's a popular 'just got out of the pool' outfit. Would you try this glam and daring look?

(Cover photo from: @coach)

Next, find out how you can rock the oversized straw hat trend. 



Women are just like flowers. They have varying forms, colours and sizes — all of which are beautiful. Both make their surroundings bright and alive. Flowers have their petals; women have their personality. So combine them both and you get an amazing masterpiece, like beauty caught in a perfect standstill. Just check out these lovely snaps of belles and blooms from the Community to see what we mean. 

La vie en rose

(Photo from: iamczari)

Basket full o' flowers

(Photo from: lovebellavida)