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FAVE 5: Show Me The Mini

Mini skirt madness

As the flirtier cousin of the denim trousers and the preppier sister of the shorts, the mini skirt has earned its right as one of the 'casual look' wardrobe staples. Heavily inspired by the space-age and futuristic trend of the '60s but still used a lot in this day and age, it's safe to say that this fashion piece isn't going out of style anytime soon. But how exactly do you ace styling the most daring hemline in fashion history? Leave it to our Clozetters to show you. 

Criss cross

(Photo from: ianstamaria)

Poppin' yellow

(Photo from: BiancaV)

Classy in casuals

(Photo from: iamczari)

Hey there, racer

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)

Bold prints

(Photo from: sodapopp)

(Cover photo from: iamczari)

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